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Blus 04-11-2013 07:17 PM

Hammer 7 Velocity Adjustment
Hello everyone,

I am new to paintball, and the hammer 7 is the first paintball marker I've owned. I was hoping to get some information about adjusting the velocity.

Does anyone know roughly how many turns are required to increase the velocity to 300 fps? I tightened the adjuster all the way in (for a baseline), and then I turned it about 30 times total and can't get past 240 fps. It started at 180 fps and then went to 215ish after 7 turns. I then did 10 more and got to 240 and it wouldn't chrono any higher. My tanks air pressure was over 2000 psi, and I checked the cup seal and it seemed fine (I'm no expert though).

Sorry for being a noob, and thanks for any help.

1shot 04-11-2013 08:04 PM

Your tank pressure was @ 2000psi but what is your tank regulator putting out? A lot of newer tank regulators run at lower pressures because that is all most of the newer guns need. Try some CO2 it may solve your problem. Look up or ask a local paint ball store what you tank is putting out. You probably need at least 800psi output.

1shot 04-11-2013 08:24 PM

By the way I commend you for chosing a pump as your first gun. If you didn't know yet the gun farts when you pump it hard. either don't pump the Hammer hard or back out the pump rod. Some days are very tough playing pump. Stick with it and remember to not be to serious and have fun. It will teach you to think and out maneuver your opponent instead of hosing them down with paint. Best advice I can give is stay calm, keep moving, get close and smile.

Blus 04-13-2013 08:58 PM

Thanks for the input. I purchased a Guardian 13/3000 aluminum tank. The website says it outputs a consistent 800 PSI. I'll test this a bit more and see what happens. I'll have to try chronoing it again.

I noticed that farting for the first time today (thanks for the tip on pumping it hard). I'll make sure to back off in the future.

The pump just seems so elegant, and the magazine only capability is pretty cool too. I find a it more challenging having to manage my ammo, and I definitely lack the firepower in some occasions, but it adds another layer of realism.

1shot 04-15-2013 01:14 PM

Also check your cup seal. I just took mine apart and found it backed out. This tightens the spring lowering velocity. Be carful handling cup seals, try to keep it clean. I try not to tuch the flat end that makes the seal. I put a tiny amount of blue lock tight on the cup seal threads to hold it in place. If you do this be very carful to keep it off the flat end of the seal.

1shot 04-15-2013 01:40 PM

I would also recommend using blue lock tight on the brass bolt that holds the barrel sleeve adapter in place. Also an easy trick to puting the pump handle screws back in is to push a swab style squeegee down the barrel and use it to push the bolt back slightly. This gives you much better acksess to the bolt an you won't strip any screws trying to put them back in. When reassembling the marker connect the bolt and hammer (don't forget the hammer main spring) and install the 3 parts as one. It will be much less difficult to install the valve assembly/ASA when you aren't fighting the hamer main spring. Sorry for all the unsalisated advice, don't mean to offend. Just some tips that I hope someone will find usefull.

Blus 04-15-2013 09:07 PM

No problem! The tips are quite handy.

longhornjake 05-29-2013 01:57 AM

Also having velocity issues
I want to jump in here too to not start another thread about the same thing.

I used my Ninja 13/3k tank, the 22/3K tank also with a Ninja reg at "HPA", and also tried a DXS 50/45K - all were filled with 3k psi via my scuba tank shortly before testing. I refilled the tanks yesterday and tried again today with the 13ci and 50ci.

The best velocities using paint (Draxxus gold) and my axe barrel (it was cocker threaded by alpha) never topped 260 between both days...actually, I only had one 260 today with most of the shots never getting above 240-245.

I switched to 12gms first using a bucket changer, then an ASA dropout changer and was getting shots that were really all over the place with the first mags worth on each 319 and 320 respectively and most of the first 9 shots with each type of 12gm adapter over 300. The shots then came down to the upper 290s and eventually had a few in the 250-270s before they dropped into the 100s and then stopped.

I live in Deep South Texas along the border and the outdoor temp was about 95-98 but dropped a few more degrees as it was nearing sunset with a nice 75-80% humidity. I would rather rely on the compressed air tanks, but yesterday, I had already tried turning it up all the way. Any additional suggestions? Thanks in advance!

nerdcore 05-29-2013 11:06 AM

longhorn - funky. I'd say check your cup seal like 1shot mentioned in post #5, but shooting hot with the 12grams is bizarre. Well, check it anyway to be safe.

spydrmn22 05-29-2013 01:51 PM

Longhorn you were getting higher velocities with 12gm because there co2 and output around the 800 psi mark which this gun needs to function properly. Low velocity from compressed air is common because most tanks don't put out above 800 more like the 450-600 range. Like 1shot said try using co2 if you can't get a compressed air tank that YOU know is putting out 800 psi to chrono to see the difference. Don't forget the 12gms will give you roughly 10-15 good shots then begin to drop off because of the volume the 12gm holds.

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