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yea, that is the jist of the concept. but if you are heasetant find an event that they are going to be at and get a 'loaner' for the day. they will take your license and then give you the kit when done return the kit get your license... no obligation.
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I've been using the python barrel kit for a while now, and I'm not so sure anymore if it does anything for open-bolt markers... It definitely works well with my Cocker because it prevents roll outs.

Some people on MCB have argued that the python kit is too short to make a difference on open-bolt markers, and that the control bore needs to be 6-8"... I don't know what to think anymore.

But, if you use the stock barrel with the python kit, it wouldn't hurt to polish the bore of the stock barrel with mother's mag or something similar.

Also, it seems like a lot of the tourney players have barrel kits, but over-bore by quite a bit to be able to shoot any paint and avoid breaking paint in the barrel. What's the point of having a kit if you're only going to use the .696" bore/insert?
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i think the whole barrel length and bore length issue is rather funny. IMO unless you a lot of money to buy expensive equipment and more time to study the whole physics thing, the argument is fairly mute. every system has its strong and weak points. I like my freak and i happened to buy it before i knew about the python and basicaly that and the fact that the freak only needs a new back (given a fair $$) then over 2/3 of the system can swap between guns. this is what sold it for me (less barrels due to gun whore in training status)

boring is an art that many tourney kiddies dont take the time to learn, much like aiming.
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12 to 14" is all you need unless you'll be doing some tournament stuff and then the 16 can come in handy for pushing in the sides of the blowup dolls so you can stay more in cover while shooting out of the indent you made.

Odd and unpopular though it sounds if you shoot decent middle grade paint from a recognized brand and from fresh stock the stock barrel will shoot as nice as anything else. I've shot my stock pilot with the stock barrel, a CP barrel and a Lapco barrel and they all shot very close to the same with the Lapco having maybe a very slight advantage. Or I may have been holding the gun a little steadier. Bottom line is that all three barrels were able to put my decent quality paint into an dinner plate sized spot about 70 to 80 feet from me. And that's about as good as you can expect from paintball.
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On my spyder pilot ACS I use an old All American in 14" length. It works great in every condition I have used it in and was reasonably priced

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I'll add my .02 cents......
Sized bores do two things (if you match them to your paint)!
Prevent roll-out in closed bolt guns (pumps, cockers, etc)
And will improve shot count some. Your not sending air around ball since it is sealed better than in larger barrel BUT if it is too tight it will take more air to force it down the barrel.
As far as hitting what your aiming at.....get a nice Smooth and Clean barrel. I have seen stock barrels after some love that shot better than high end kits.
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I'll add one more thing to crash's list

Barrel kits can also help with low velocity. I've had several times where a single bore barrel was so large and the paint so small that I couldn't get the velocity over 240-250 even with the velocity adjuster cranked all the way in and I had added two washers as shims, with a red spring.
I got a barrel kit sized for the ball and didn't have velocity issues after that.
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