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Delrin Bolt Q

I recently tried to use a Hittmann Delrin bolt in my girlfriend's Spyder Victor II. I noticed that the velocity dropped about 25-30 fps and I could not get it up to 275-280 fps. Based on my sparse knowledge of delrin bolts, aren't they supposed to cause an increase in velocity, thus allowing you to reduce spring tension and get better efficiency?
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Well, not knowing what the configuration was like before and after, I can make some assumptions..

Delrin bolts reduce your cycling mass (bolt/hammer) giving you less recoil. With the same springs installed, you're hitting the valve with less mass, so it should stay open slightly less resulting in a velocity drop.

They'd give you an increase if the friction of the delrin bolt was less than what you were using before, causing less reduction in force due to drag. From the delrin Spyder bolts I've seen, they tend to be smoother, but have more surface area as they aren't riding on o-rings like the metal bolts (I believe Hitmann bolts don't use o-rings, right?), which might be slowing your cycling mass down even more.

If you're running a standard high-pressure Spyder, you really NEED a spring kit for optimum tuning. The stock springs are not very tolerant of configuration changes of any kind.
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