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KPCS 11-06-2011 08:25 PM

I need help ......
As most of you know my web site has been under constrution for some time now after being hacked like 4 or 5 time's we are about to get this done.
What I need help with is I need photos of the markers I have done or custom work I have done.
I have taken some photos of work I have done but the web guy say it needs to be on a white back ground which I did not do. I'm not a photograther ( I'll be luck if I can find my camera ) at all.

So if I did a marker for you or did work for you, can you take some photo's of them on a white back ground and send them to me or post them here please.

E-mail is

Thank you for your help.

Ken W

MrBig 11-06-2011 09:45 PM

I some up here some where on a white background. Not sure how quality they are, but I will look for you.

Edit: not good pics, but

C_losjoker 11-09-2011 02:36 PM


Did see this till now. How soon you need them? I will take pics of my ditto in both styles.

KPCS 11-09-2011 08:37 PM

When ever you can. No big rush or anything .... yet ....

Ken W

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