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Arm / Mask Side/Unit Taping discussion and poll

There is a discussion / poll taking place over on the official Living Legends forums, concerning how we should be taped. Viper is demonstrating his player-centric approach to running this event and, he's put up a poll to solicit our opinions.

The three options are:
  • 2" red or blue duct tape on one arm with 12 inch long strips of 1" duct tape attached to goggle strap above each ear for unit .
  • 12" strips of red or blue survey tape attached to goggle strap above each ear with a strip of 1" wide duct tape on the arm for unit.
  • Either way is fine with me
In these options (in case it's not obvious) Your side tape (Horde or Empire) is the red or blue tape, and the 1" wide tape is your unit tape. Unit tape is used by the refs for counting how many folks from a unit are in the right area during a skirmish, defined in the rules as:

Skirmish: Your commander will have a schedule that will list specific times that particular units are to capture specific territories. A large force, the majority of which must be members of the designated unit, must capture the prescribed territory during the prescribed interval. If you have too many players in the skirmish who are not members of the requisite unit your side will forfeit the skirmish. If their skirmish is successful your side will receive 25 points.
If this matters to you, take a moment, head on over, and drop a vote.

I'd only ask that you think about not only how it may affect you but, how it may affect others on your team (like 'stealthy' players like myself).
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Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.
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