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Viper Paintball 05-12-2012 12:06 AM

Friday night pump and pistol games at LL5 sponsored by CCM!
We are excited to announce that again this year there will be special pump and pistol games on CPX's most famous and incredible field, Bedlam, on Friday night from 6pm until 10pm. These games are offered at no extra charge. If you are registered for LL5 you are welcomed to join in. You must be using a pistol with standard magazines or a non-assisted pump (full .68 inch manual pump stroke for every shot)

These games will be brought to you by CCM, manufacturers of the most high-quality and desirable pump paintball markers in the world.

Anyone wishing to play must be checked in and have received their player badge. When you check in to play the pump and pistol games you will be entered into a drawing to receive a special LL5 edition CCM S6.5 from the great folks at CCM!
(Sorry for the distortion. Fisheye lens)

Everyone who plays a few rounds of the FREE pump and pistol games (sponsored by CCM) on Friday night will get a ticket. Saturday at the opening ceremonies we will draw a number and that person will win this awesome marker.

But that doesn't mean you run out there with a pistol and act like you're playing, get a ticket, and run away. This marker is a prize for people who actually PLAY pump and/or the refs will be watching. After you've played a few games they will give you a ticket.This prize is intended to go to a pump/pistol player who will APPRECIATE it and treasure it, not someone who is only going through the motions and will put it up on Ebay next month. So if you want to win this marker don't just show up for a up to PLAY. ;)

Deadmeat99 05-12-2012 12:12 AM


smartballer91 05-13-2012 11:10 AM

SWEET! Pump play ftw

PistolRogue 05-14-2012 11:54 AM

The Zeus is itching for some Bedlam play :D

Acidpaintball 05-14-2012 12:12 PM

:( I dont have a pump at the moment.

TheePsycho 05-14-2012 02:12 PM

I'm sure someone could borrow you one.

Acidpaintball 05-14-2012 03:19 PM

I have one on order from dukie. *evil grin* But it will be done mid to late august.
Guess I could always use one of my 8.1's. Its just pump only i think would be more enjoyable.

JOESPUD27 05-14-2012 07:51 PM

Thanks CCM for doing this another year. Last year was a ton of fun.


jarhead_18 05-14-2012 08:52 PM

This is so awesome! I literally had to choose between a CCM s6.5 and this trip to LLV. I chose to come play. My plane lands in Chicago at 5:45 pm. I better hustle down to Joliet. I see a sweet CCM gun in my future, one way or the other.

Does anyone know if there will there be someone set up friday night to reassemble HPA tanks?

Ferak 05-14-2012 11:04 PM

Can we register and check in on site friday?

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