Living Legends 5 Living Legends at CPX - 2012

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You can say what you want about whippers at big games, but this shows there are good people out there. been playing for around 20 years and have never had anything but good things to say about paintballers as a whole. Keep representing like this and we will be a recognized sport.

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Originally Posted by Deadmeat99 View Post
Clean barrel, surprising after this weekend.
Ha, not saying they didn't break paint, but they had the good sense to return something as they found it, CLEAN.


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In reality it is not that hard to do the right thing and turn in a found object. I always think that if the roles were reversed would I want to have my stuff returned? The majority of people would do the right thing, but a few make us all think the worst
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I like to believe that paintballers in general are very honest and trust worthy individuals. Great stories guys!!
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There were TWO Tiberius pistols, a TPX, and countless other expensive things turned in to me during the event that were all taken to the pro shop's lost and found. I am always amazed by the percentage of honest people at scenario paintball events.
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I am amazed at the amount of good people (because I do encounter a lot of dicks unfortunately) but I am also amazed at the amount of people that leave expensive equipment around. A barrel bag, couple pods, maybe a pod pack but a whole gun?

Four things I make sure I have gun, phone, wallet, keys. Anything after that is gravy.

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I found a couple of gloves that I just turned into a ref.
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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
lube the shaft and warm the o-ring up in your hand by rubbing it back and forth between hands. then it should go on easier.
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True freakin' sportsmanship. That's the quality I like to see in all MCB'ers.
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It is real sportsmanship... because sportsmanship doesn't stop at the tapeline!

I was so certain that it was all gone for good, too.
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I find marked pods here and there. Usually after everyone is gone.

Found an Indian Springs 50 round pod at Fulda Gap two years ago. I'll take things that have been lying around for a couple days, but not entire guns/bags.

I've found that being nice and doing the right thing pays off more so than stealing.
Just a note for all you would-be thieves out there.
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