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Exclamation Cyborg RX Issues

Currently my Cyborg RX is not firing, there is no leaking, the eyes work fine, batteries are fine, but for some reason it is not getting air, it's almost as if it's getting blocked somewhere, when I turn on the asa it airs up fine, but pulling the trigger eyes on or eyes off it does nothing..
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sounds like a solenoid to me
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Here is the check list that I go through at the shop for high end electros:

Change the battery to a fresh one (I know it sounds silly..... but you don't know how many times it works)
Check the HP reg with a reg tester to see if you are getting pressure into the gun
Make sure that the board is registering your trigger pulls (I had an Ego that gave me nothing but headaches till I checked to make sure that the board was registering the trigger pulls. Turns out one of the set screws had drifted and was preventing the micro-switch from working. After I loc-tited the setscrews on the trigger the gun works amazingly now)
I don't know how to check the LPR but I could see if that has been played with that it might also create the same problem (if there is no pressure going to the ram)

That is all I can think of off the top of my head that is an easy fix.
Then again it could be the solenoid if all this doesn't work
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Also... if the marker is getting air, check your board settings, make sure the MROF isn't set to 0, and see what the dwell is set to. Best bet would be to reset the board to factory settings just in case.
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