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MacDev customer service

Absolutely sucks! I have called three days in a row with no answer, emailed twice with no return. And a gun that still doesn't work. I wanted a gun with rails for my own preference. So plz do not mention rails are useless or anything.

This is the worse company i have dealt with so far! They can't return a phone call or establish some office in the US that is capable of returning a damn phone call.

You guys can comment if you want, but this is posted now on the web so all can see.
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From a practical perspective, I'm not sure this needed to be posted in your other thread and have a separate thread with an identical post. I'm assuming all of this relates to your question about the eye malfunction in your Tactical Drone.

But, the same questions need to be answered. Are you calling/emailing MacDev or MacDev USA? My experience has been that contacting them in Australia is a little easier for getting questions answered. Emails are the best way of communicating, rather than phone calls, and they have a system in place that generates an order/support number for you. Have you received one of those?

If you haven't done so, contact MacDev in Australia (via email) and ask them your question. The system will generate you a number, and someone will get to you in the order that it is received.

If you've done those things, it just means that things are running a little slow there, but as long as you have a number you know that your email has been received and is in their system.

The manual for the Tactical Drone can be found online (, and page three identifies the issue you're having as one related to the eyes. See my post in your other thread for possible causes/solutions, and feel free to PM me if I can be of any help.
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