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Board for Tactical Drone

I bought a tactical drone several years ago and snapped the battery prongs off the board. I cannot resolder them on. Any advice on other boards I can drop in there? I own several other older cyborgs - can I use one of those boards? Any advice on where to pick up a cheap board? I am not excited about going to Virtue and buying a new $150 board for a $300 gun. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Any reason a UTB isn't an option? Might have to get creative placing the membrane pad, but it would likely work.
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If it uses the same board as a drone dx you can just buy a new one from macdev. I think they are around $90.
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Pretty sure the oled board for the Clone will work as well.
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We can install the Drone or GTi boards but it depends on the solenoid in your Tactical Drone. The early Tactical Drones had a 4w solenoid which requires a 1000uF Capacitor in line with the battery the later models had the same solenoid as the Drone.

You can contact MacDev and send them a picture of your solenoid to find out which one you have.

You will lose the select fire with either board and the Pressure gauge on the GTi Board only works with the GT and GTi markers.

I was looking at upgrading to the GTi board till I found out mine has the 4w solenoid.

Hope this helps.
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Best bet would be the DX board, $80 direct from MacDev. That board does have a capacitor, but I would still double check with MacDev just to be sure it is backwards compatible to the Tactical Drone. Call MacDev USA and they'll get you squared away - their customer service has been great to deal with!


Best of luck!
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