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Originally Posted by lordkyleofearth View Post

That is the only real picture I have of my old kit, from just before a fall scenario.

Not pictured are the remote air line, ghillie suit, radio/headset, hydration pack, and extra mag. Pretty much everything is in pieces and dumpsters now. I lost 90% of my stuff to a flood back in May. The only things that were spared were my nonfunctional markers (they were up on top shelves waiting for me to get around to working g on them). Fortunately, the AT10 was one of them. I just got it back from having it serviced and I'm in the process of rebuilding my gear bag.
Are you from around Calgary by any chance?
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No, I'm in South Texas. We got something ridiculous like 18” of rain in 24 hours. During a drought, so it was all runoff.
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Where in South Texas? Around Corpus or San Antonio?
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This is the rig I take to the field

My local field has multiple safe zones spread all over the place. I needed something that I could carry all my gear in to go from location to location.

SAR12, Milsig MK3

T8.1 and a bunch of FS rounds

All my Mags

It's crazy how much stuff you can pile in these
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Wow! That bag is equally as awesome as its contents. You have style for sure.

Would you mind posting some more pics of the milsig mk3 in the magfed pic thread?
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Where did you get that gun bag?
My personal stash includes : a Dye DAM, aMilsig Paradigm Pro and a Mk III, an Empire Sniper, an AGD Tac One ripping at 22 BPS, an STO CCM(kit) Pump, and 5 different paintball pistols. I know, I have a problem.
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I am very interested to see more pistol setups!
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Originally Posted by baccummba View Post
I am very interested to see more pistol setups!
Check out te side arm section of the armoury. Lots of pictures there!
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Fn2000 Mag-Fed Ion Paintball Gun

Fn2000 Mag-fed Ion - YouTube
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Here is my current kit, ready for a weekend scenario. The three horizontal pouches and the squeegie sleeve are made from duct tape, for extra cool points.
Sell me your broken ATS magazines and related bits.

Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
I came into this thread looking for paintball advice and now I think I want to be gay. Thanks, MCB.
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