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Zeta mag gen 1 to gen 2

Didn't know where else to put this. In the end I'll have a link to the review section for everyone concerning this.

So I have the gen 1 mags, I was an early adopter. I did enjoy the initial concept of the mags and like a lot of early users, had trouble with the springs binding and followers not locking. Even with the reccommended mods/tweaks.

I'd seen some 3rd party suggestions and modifications and was about to drop a couple dollars for tiny bits to get it up to speed. Long story short I contacted Milsig (great customer service by the way, more on that later) and was directed back to Stark Pursuit (which I should have done first since they made them )

Anyway I'm expecting a response back to see what they'll do. In short I wanted gen 2 guts for my mags, I clarified in the email my situation to Stark Pursuit. Hope this goes well.

I'm not starting this as a rant to tattle on them. I'm actually expecting a good result considering how they've handled me in the past. If this goes well for me I advise others to contact them directly as well.


EDIT: that was quick. They're going to send me some parts to upgrade to the gen 2 internals

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gen 2? when did this happen? I guess I have some reading to do. I have one zetamag and I am not really impressed at all with it. I guess maybe there is more hope with these new ones.
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Son of War
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I got the first batch, when they were doing the four pack special. Only one side on one of them worked well. I love the concept, but wasn't too pleased with the product when it hit. Still have them and want it to work so I decided to ask them directly since the first gen issues were so widespread and they were all over Facebook about the gen 2 design.
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Thats good that they are willing to reconcile the issues...i had the same issues with the zetamags and i think i am going to sell mine...i prefer continuous feed over total capacity.
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Yea I think I might just get 8 gen 2 parts for peace of mind.
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I'll let you know if and when the parts show up and all. The rep I emailed with was upfront and asked if I was ok with waiting a bit, and that they'd fulfill my request. I figure since it was new year when I got ahold of them plus any orders and warranty type stuff like mine they're trying to fulfill already, it may be a bit. But I'm hopeful.

So far the Milsig direct team has been helpful to me and stark pursuit is pretty prompt getting back.
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Would you mind doing a review when\if the new parts arrive?
Have a Thompson replica project dependant on these I've put on the back burner since the originals had issues
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I plan on doing that. I'll show the mags before the install too. It's too awesome an idea to fail this hard. I demand performance.

Also, I want to see this Thompson project
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Any update?
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Hey guys, noticed some of you are waiting for some feedback on the upgrade kits. We wanted you to know that we are in the process of manufacturing our new 2nd generation springs and will have the upgrade kits avaliable ASAP. The holidays put some major delays on both manufacturing and shipping but we are back on track and look forward to getting them out to you very soon.
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