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Dude.. you laugh, but that's my plan I wanted to keep track of my workout routines and get myself into shape for this attack!

Do it... Do it... LOL
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Wanna try to make Castle if I can, anyone from NH going that wants to carpool?
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what happened to the pink
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I still have to register... hmm..
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Originally Posted by Azzy View Post
I still have to register... hmm..
whatcha waiting for?

I'm scheduled for ACL replacement on March 8th. I'll really be pushing the envelope to be ready for castle. It's really a damned shame that you need both knees to get up that hill

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Hey, if you've got enough insurance, Blue will let you haul a 4-wheeler around. Maybe we can make a little trailer for it and haul our aged and infirmed members to the top of the ridge like a troop carrier.

Otherwise, you can enlist some porters to carry you on a sedan chair. You could probably get away with that on just your waiver and without any extra insurance at all.


Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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