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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Gorham Maine

Field Name:Field51
Location:363 Mosher Rd Gorham, Maine 04038
BYOP: (Yes)
Play Style: (Woodsball) (the field is divided into three areas 1 open woods, 2 field with village, and 3 thick woods (The jungle))
Local Tournaments: (No) (We are going to try starting SPPL style team games)
Rating: (-) Stars (I'm the owner I'll leave this up to the rest of you to decide)

Web Site - Field 51 Woodsball Paintball
This field is just starting up and could use any support you could give.

June 23rd 2007 - Customer Appreciation Day. See web site for details.
Customer Appreciation Day

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Join Date: Jul 2006

field name: extreme paintball
location: waterbury, ct
byop: no
play style: mostly woodsball with 2 air/speedball fields
local tournaments: yes speedball (small and free) big games too
rating: 2-3 (depends on the day and kind of play)
website:* -- Paintball to the Extreme

the staff is really good compared to a lot of the other fields i've played. the field is based a lot around birthday parties and private games. fields can be really muddy on days after it rains because it sits on a lake. big games are usually 200-300 strong. very laid back and few to no "agg kids" even on tournament days.
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Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Finally back from Iraq and freezing my butt off in Wisconsin

Field Name:Zinger's Paintball
Location: Tomahawk Wisconsin
BYOP: Field Paint only -- RPS, Marbs, Field brand paint $55-$75/case
Play Style: 3-4 woodsball fields, SupAir filed, Xball Field
Local Tournaments: Yes - trophies and free lunch usually
Rating: 3 Stars

Zinger's Paintball Web Site

This is my home field. Good folks, decent place to play, HPA and Co2
My Feedback:
Paintball Forum : PBNation : Ebay : AO : MCB : PHog
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Salem OR

field name: Filthy Town
location: Lincoln City (acutally about 11 miles S.E.)
byop: Usually
play style: Woodsball
local tournaments: No
rating: 4.5
website: None currently

Its a new field that is continously being built upon with both dense jungle, and open grass land with a small town that keeps on growing. During summers when the river level drops, there is a beach that is used for amfibious assults. Typically its Bring your own paint, Co2, and Air but at the larger games paint and Co2 (sometimes air) is availible at rock bottom prices. The entire field is nicely overgrown, grass about 5', large leafy plants can practicly eat you, creek running though, deep mud in areas, and lots of nettles . Some stuctures in the jungle including multiple story buildings, tree forts, ladders, bridges. Occaisonal night games to where you can be 3' from the enemy and not know they are even there.

I give a 4.5 only because I would like to see a few more buildings.
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Lyman, South Carolina

Planet Paintball

Field Name:Planet Paintball

Location:Moore South Carolina

BYOP: Field Paint Only

Play Style: Large Wooded Area, Sup'Air Ball, Spool Field, 2 Hyperball Fields and a City Style Scenario Field

Local Tournaments: Coming Fall 2007

Rating: 4 Stars

Planet Paintball is located off Hwy. 290 in Moore, SC. This is in Upstate South Carolina. Planet loves private groups and can cater to any of their needs. Planet has a pro shop with most everything you need to play. Group prices start at $30 per person and include field fee, gun, mask, all day air and 500 rounds of paint. Walk-on's are $10 field fee, $5 all day air. Planet offers ION gun upgrades for $10. They also offer HPA and hopper upgrades for your personal gun. Paint prices range form $35 to $55 depending on what you want. Paint is sold by case, 1/2 case and bag.

Hours: Friday nights by reservation
Saturdays 10 to 5
Sundays noon to 5

Planet Paintball will be starting night games in the city field beginning late July. Call for reservations.

You can contact Planet Paintball @ 864-525-3200
or e-mail us at or
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: New Boston, NH
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Fan of EMR
I'll be adding everything as I can folks... thank you for the updates for sure!!!
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Kansas City, MO

Field Name: Paintball Outpost
Location: Springfield, MO
Play Style: Both
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 4 Stars

Field Name: Paint Games Plus
Location: Springfield, MO
Play Style: Woods/Indoor Reball
Local Tournaments: Occasionally
Rating: 2 Stars

Field Name: Battle Creek Paintball
Location: Kingdom City, MO
Play Style: Woods/Urban Trailer Field/Speedball
Local Tournaments: Yes
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Field Name: Smak Zone Paintball
Location: Patterson, MO
BYOP: Yes - With a fee
Play Style: Woods
Local Tournaments: No
Rating: 5 Stars

Field Name: Paint Games Plus North
Location: Holden, MO
Play Style: Woods/Urban/Speedball
Local Tournaments: Occasionally
Rating: 4 Stars
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Best MCB Thread EVER!

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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Mountains of East TN
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Field Name: The Alternative Sport
Location:Blountville/ Kingsport, TN
Play Style: Woodsball, Speedball,
Local Tournaments:Local 3 and 5 man, Top Gun, CFOA 5 man and X BALL, Scenarios
Rating: Its my own field so not fair for me to rate it. Several of our players are members here.
Web: The Alternative Sport

MCB Feedback

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Join Date: Mar 2007

Field Name: GRC Paintball
Location: 5907 Van Allen Road Belfast, NY 14711
Play Style: Woodsball, Speedball
Local Tournaments:Tournaments nearly every weekend for all skill levels, Scenarios courtesy of Bounty Hunters Paintball Productions
Rating: This is a great field, Rob is a player himself and runs a field that reflects that. I've been there for scenarios, tournaments, and even to help out as a ref. This is a top notch field.
Web: GRC Paintball
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Belmont NH

Field Name: Whaleback Mountain
Location:exit 16 off of RT. 89 in Enfield, NH
BYOP: Special Days Only
Play Style: Speedball
Local Tournaments: yes every Friday night starting at 6
Rating: 3 Stars

This is the first year this Field has been open. They are just starting out. It has one Speedball field and one "assault" style field. They are mostly unknown as for there is little money to put into the fields. The speedball field is changed weekly.
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