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Peacemaker review

I was reading the ditto deuce thread and noticed Ken's complaint about never hearing about his products after they leave him so I'm going to do my best to remedy this. A friend and I went halfers on one and the total came to the majority of two Phantoms and 400 USD plus shipping. You send him parts, he sends you back those parts mashed together into two tubes of excellence. And sex. I have seriously had a lot of sex since I've had this gun. It's that excellent. Women will have sex with you. Men will offer.

Let me start by saying this. The only other double barrel I have used is a PPS Nasty Super Stocker with cram and jam feeds. Great gun, feels good in the hands and is hilarious to use. I giggle every time. But, as it's the only other double barrel platform I've used, it will be getting directly compared to the Peacemaker when I start talking about practical play time.

Another picture to keep your attention spans happy.

Anyone that has seen any work that comes out of the KPCS shop knows that quality isn't something to worry about. It's there. It's put together very well. And in this case I have to congratulate Ken on being incredibly gentle with the anno on this gun. Other than the wear marks that existed before he got the guns (Old pump handle marks, etc.), I didn't find any noticeable scratches or wear. Not an easy thing to do with how comparatively fragile anno is to powdercoat and you're sticking thin tubes into a mill's vice and attacking it with bits. Hats off to you!

Chronographing is easy as pie. Load one chamber at a time and use a velocity adjusting tool. Takes the same amount of time as chronoing two phantoms. Imagine that! The gun is simple to clean as the design leaves the gun easy to take apart and put back together. This is getting repetitious...

Before I lose you guys again...

I want to talk about how this gun plays. I'm done with droning on and on about little features that are really just features of the Phantom itself. It's two Phantoms. On top of each other. Carrying on to the touches that Ken put in and how it actually works when you're getting shot at.

This thing is a dream to shoot. The pump stroke was stiff at first but softened up quickly (oh the innuendo). Paintballs getting jammed between the two bodies is taken care of by a very clever little wire detent that holds the bottom paintball up a little so when the pump arm is moved forward both paintballs find their way into their respective breech. If there is any kind of jam, I've found that just turning the gun slightly sideways (a little twist of the wrist if you will) clears up any problems. I've actually gotten to the point where this is second nature. The phuzzarding that Ken did is done extremely well with no burrs or milling marks in the slots. The pump handle is also built well and fits my hand. Those of you with monster mits might want to mention something if they're having one built as I've heard some complaints about it being a bit small and hard to get a good handle on but I find it fine. I wear a medium glove if it matters that much to you guys. I also like walks on the beach.

Anyway, I've found that due to the weight of the Peacemaker, it is a bit harder to snapshoot with, but that's because I use a normal Phantom most of the time. Anyone that uses an open class gun, semi or hunk of brass will have no problems with the weight. I actually have less trouble using the Nasty in this regard. Not sure why. Probably because the weight is higher above the trigger frame on the Peacemaker or something.

Now, every person that has shot a Palmer's Nasty will tell you, they're a complete pain to reload. The cram and jam on the Nasty Super Stocker isn't bad because there's no plugs or springs to deal with, but you still don't want to do it while there's people bearing down on you. This fundamental problem doesn't exist with the Peacemaker because it's simply one tube with a Phantom gate on it. This one has a ten round tube so you're reloading constantly, but that's part of the fun. That's the scary part, reloading this is actually fun and easy. You're not tripping over plugs dangling from leashes and getting smacked by the paint coming out of your spring feed because you hit the little knob/catch thingy. The ease of reloading makes the Peacemaker edge out other stock class double barrel options for me. (Although, I still wish I had enough cash for a Ditto Deuce when the list was being made.) Although, I have been tracked by people following the trail of empty tubes I left behind when using this gun. Bring lots.

When you pull the trigger on this gun it gives a very satisfying kick. It sends paint flying true and the spread between the two paintballs is usually within 5 inches for any reasonable range. The infamous double gog shot has become a reality with the Peacemaker, which is something I've yet to do with the Nasty. Double pumping this gun makes one hell of a bang when you shoot something solid and I'd feel like a complete A hole for shooting someone with it, but it's possible. Triple pumping (six balls) still has enough velocity to be usefull and surprisingly enough, doesn't break paint all too often. I imagine fists would be thrown if you unleashed that on someone, therefore I highly advise against it. Just scare noobs by shooting bunkers.

I'm incredibly happy that this gun has come to grace me with it's presence. I think it has excellent features and the design is simply excellent. The over-under execution, the little wire detent to prevent pinching paint, the phuzzard conversion to simplify cocking, the pump handle, the bodies being staggered and the simple modifications to the internals to make it all work are all so simple in their design that it's hard to find any real problems. I wouldn't hesitate to get a hold of Ken to get another one built if I had the cash.

All photos taken by Ken before it was sent to me. You've probably all seen them before.

Thanks for reading! And for the rest of you with Ken's work, tell him your gripes and gratitudes.

And for sticking around to read that block of text, here's your reward.
My feedback

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I can't wait to make out with this tomorrow....
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.
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Nice review!
and for you:
Fixed! sorry Kiddys!

Lohman446 -I have absolutely zero interest in "saving" your "sport". Your "sport" has destroyed my game.
cjottawa -Know what would make paintball affordable and get more people involved? SHOOTING LESS. great place to play in K.C. Mo.

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Originally Posted by Instien'spaintball View Post
Nice review!
and for you:

ummm yeah... might want to put a NSFW warning no that...

Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
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Nice review, digging the anno combo.
Damn the girl at end of review is effin hot, but not hot as peacemaker
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Curious as to how the seer works.
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Originally Posted by EPICBYTES View Post
Nice review, digging the anno combo.
Damn the girl at end of review is effin hot, but not hot as peacemaker
Dude, necropost

Originally Posted by Usagi Tetsu
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Originally Posted by Pif View Post
Dude, necropost
an excellent necro-post! The peacemaker is timeless!

Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
Naw, MAr's special. He's like Brad Pitt or George Clooney or something... totally cool to be a little gay for him
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Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
Curious as to how the seer works.
There's a notch in bottom hammer where the sear of the top hammer rests, so when the bottom hammer is released is slides back and trips the top sear and releasing the second hammer, saw a picture of it somewhere in the KPCS section iirc.
My Feedback:

Originally Posted by jincay View Post
Some might find that a turn on, I cater to differing tastes by including a hot chic and a middle aged overweight guy in a mankini.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
an excellent necro-post! The peacemaker is timeless!
I have to agree. This makes me want one rather bad now..... well to play with at the very least. It would be a pain to find time for this and my s6.
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