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If anyone knows how to post the video from imageshack to this thread that would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd reccomend just putting it on you tube... and then you can embed it or just give us the link
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sell your body, prostitution is an easy way to supplement gun whoring.
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Video of Stuffy's Pirate with improved sound quality, but video quality sucks! You can barely see me nailing that post from 70ft away. Oh well.

YouTube - MAH00045.MP4
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starts off small at first
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AWESOME VID!!!! The gun looks even better in your hands too. Man I'm jelous.
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This is a simple, but very effective mod I used to keep the RVA screw from moving around while playing. It turned out to be super easy with no drilling or tapping required. Any trigger group with the holes for a rocker safety already in place should be usable for this mod if you have an RVA. At the very most, you might have to drill and tap the existing 6/32" hole a little more so it is all the way through to the RVA screw. In my case, this was not necessary. The thumb screw I picked up at Home Depot. It worked out perfect, other than the fact I had to file a little clearance room for the head of screw inside the biggie. If you don't have the space in your stock for the head of the screw you could drill and tap that 6/32" hole for an 8/32" set screw and use one of the set screws used for a Phantom. This would allow it to be recessed. Below is a pic of the thumb screw and a small video explaining the above process. Enjoy and God Bless!

Thumb Screw from Home Depot

Demo Video
YouTube - MAH00046.MP4
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Beautiful marker. I'm hoping to get some cash scraped together for him to do mine.
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I'm commissioning Stuffy to help me out with my De Lisle project. Hopefully it turns out half as awesome as your Pirate Sheridan.

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