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Yet another Tib8 Review

Tiberius 8: A Look Inside and Outside… and Back Inside!
By: Michael “Meph” Murphy

First introduced to the paintballing public by Tactical Air Guns at the 2005 IAO, that’s when I got my first glimpse of this marker, at the time called the Tac 8. A magazine fed pistol, with paint and 12gram both in the grip. Wow, talk about compact! I wanted one right then and there… only to find out they were not yet available. It was a prototype still. First impression was this is a very solid marker. The grip was composite but the magazine, body, and much of the internals were all metal. Gave a very durable impression, where if I dove and it hit a rock that the marker would still fire no problem. Even had a target range, was only 30 feet but each shot was ball on ball. For a pistol that was pretty darn good. Estimated price at the time looked to be around $300, maybe a little more. For what a package it was that didn’t seem unreasonable to me, especially for a new company with all their sunken costs they need to recoup!
Now Back to the Future, eh Doc! December 2005 they hit the market with the name Tag 8, but due to my budget situation (it’s bloody Christmas time, not exactly when I have money, and besides you don’t buy gifts for yourself or baby Jesus will cry) I had to wait a little while. Eventually contacted Wevo Paintball ( Wevo Paintball ) and ordered myself a set of the now named Tiberius 8. Yeah as you can already see that’s pretty confusing, for a brand new company to host a marker with multi-changing names. But the price for these was $50 less than TAG’s original estimate! I started to wonder if anything was sacrificed to cut costs.
In January USPS brings to me the belated Christmas gift. I just thought of it like I was supposed to get it at Christmas… but USPS lost it temporarily. Nothing I wouldn’t put past them! Or The Hebrew Hammer was a little late saving Christmas… whatever the case. So I am all giddy. Open up the package and get to the center of the tootsipop. After opening the box I was again impressed. My original fear of a plastic magazine or even a plastic body were put to rest. Still almost all metal, still a meaty durable feel. Hey Mikey I think he likes it! It comes with a very nice and descriptive manual, an all purpose allen wrench, and a barrel bag. Though the barrel bag needs to be stretched for it to barely fit over, a very tight fit but it still fits. Definitely needs to be made a bit larger so it can easily slip over for safety reasons.

You might be wondering “How does this thing work inside?” It is a blow-forward design. For easy reference think of the Automag made by AGD. However there is no on/off assembly like the Automag. Instead, more like the Desert Fox by ICD, there is a sear to catch the bolt like a blowback. The design relies on the strength and speed of the bolt return spring to shove the bolt back and get latched by the sear without wasting much excess gas. TAG says the amount of gas saved by an on/off assembly is very minimal, maybe 1 or 2 shots worth at most. I can personally see that it cuts assembly costs and troubleshooting problems, thus making it better all around for the end consumer… me!
Now on to the clip itself. How is it that you can take out the clip and not lose all that CO2? Easy, there is a check-valve built in. This valve will seal once dropped out, preventing loss of the entire 12gram. So after the first 8 shots, pop out the clip, reload with 8 more shots, and pop it back in. Gangsta style! Just don’t shoot it sideways you won’t hit $#!%&@.
When gassing up the clip you need to keep turning the allen wrench after you hear gas hiss. It’ll vent CO2 for a short second as soon as pierced. A little more into the turn and the 12gram will properly seal. Loading paint isn’t too bad when you have all the time in the world to kill, you can load them in 1 by 1 freely if you wish. But on field it’s best to make use of 10 round tubes. Lock the spring feed down and hold back the top ball latch, you can then load 8 rounds from a 10 round tube pretty efficiently and quickly. The other 2 rounds, well, do with them as you wish. Either try and save them for future use or toss them aside.
To chronograph the marker you use the same allen wrench used to lock in that 12gram. The right side of the marker there is a bulge, that is where the regulator is located. This will increase or decrease your velocity. Once you set your desired velocity, say 270fps, you then adjust the safety valve. Right next to the regulator, it is directly back center of the marker. Turn this counter-clockwise until it starts to leak, then turn 1/4 turn clockwise. It is now set. Great safety design, what this did was keep the pressure from building up too much. Because with CO2 on a warm day the pressure can rise even past the regulated stage, and if it does that the marker will increase velocity unknowingly. So thanks to this safety valve being set properly, once velocity reaches approximately 20fps more than starting velocity it’ll bleed off until back to regulated pressure. So at 270fps, if this starts to spike it won’t go past 290fps. A very sound feature, definitely glad to see this on the marker.

The previous stuff is all hogwash and poppycock right? Right! You didn’t even read anything else, you skipped right to here. And I applaud you for making the most of your time in this busy world. Forget the rest lets look into the performance of this little bastard. The good stuff, the meat and potatoes, mom and pop, missionary position stuff that really matters.
First game I got to use the Tiberius 8 was after a 15 hour roadtrip from New York to Georgia to play DEADWOOD, a limited paint Scenario game by 24HourGames. Perfect time to utilize these. Being a limited paint event I actually used 2 Tiberius 8’s as my primaries. With dual leg holsters that held both the marker and an extra clip, so if I’m ever in a pinch I can always reload just a fresh clip instead of monkeying around with loading paint. During the games the Tiberius 8 is not meant for long-range assault. Accuracy is not like shooting a DMfizzle where if one ball misses another 78 following right behind it should be closer if you pray hard enough. Don’t have that advantage of accuracy by volume, needed to use other tactics.
The best tactic that worked for me was being aggressive, getting as close to them as possible. Take advantage of not carrying a giant marker/hopper/tank combo or a massive pack of paint, stay maneuverable and keep low. You’re a smaller, more agile target because of it. And when closer the accuracy is great with this marker. You aim at the target and take a steady double tap it will be ball on ball. I loved what I was getting out of these markers! The best part is that to aim… simply point your arm at what you want to hit. Booyakabooyaka! Had no trouble or hassle on eliminating people when in the open. Just when they wanted to hide behind 1500 trees that it became irritating. Next time my second sidearm is a chainsaw.
During the Final Battle it was pretty warm at the time, about 55 degrees (coming from the 17 HIGH degrees of New York this was Hawaiian tropics for me). I averaged 2 reloads of a magazine at a velocity of 260fps (for kids counting at home that’s 24 shots). Except when able to be conservative I could get about 30 shots per 12gram. And the final battle is where these got to shine. The center objective was cleared out, no trees! YAY!!! If they decided to poke out or run up they got shot. Of course not by just me, I had a couple friends nearby. But again with a clear shot it was as simple as point and shoot. Accuracy at such a close range was great.

What NOT to do! Learned these tricks the hard way. When you’re in a hurry, say for example at the chronograph. You want to save time and paint. You have a tube with 4 paintballs and figure load up those and be on your merry way. Yeah… don’t do that, trust me! Just as soon as I slammed in the mag my foresight kicked in, wish it had kicked in sooner. Bloody ‘ell. Because the spring will jettison the paintballs to the top and crush them!
Our second chapter of what NOT to do! If you plan on using these as a primary marker, even if just for the fun of it. Do not go out with only 1 magazine thinking it’ll all be good. You can try and you might do well yes, but this is from my experience. I had 2 magazines for each pistol and I still felt like I needed one more for each, minimum. When being conservative, and not just ripping on the trigger, it was fine. But at times the battle comes to you and you’re in a pinch. Those 8 rounds go pretty quickly. And when they are only 30 feet in front of you dumping paint on the bunker, it’s not easy to change a 12gram. Much more effective for your game to just dump the spent mag and pop in a fresh one. So I’d recommend that 1 pistol has at least 3 magazines to it (1 in the marker, 2 in the holster) minimum.
Final installment of what NOT to do! Do NOT loan your Tiberius 8 to Bob “Action Bob” Lanstrum, be it you ask him to use it or he forcefully takes it from you. Because he will load the magazine like back in the marines as if it’s an actual pistol. Though it does sound nice at the time, it will bring us to our next subtopic.

This was by far a tedious and most bogus of adventures, right Bill? Right Ted! Being that I have been fixing paintball equipment for a few years I figured I can handle the work, I would take it apart to clean. Originally the idea was to simply take a hose to it and clean out the paint that way. But I wanted to do it the hard way of tearing apart and physically wiping it all away. My bad. These remind me internally of how I would work on my Vector. As in if it is working well… don’t $#!@*&!% touch it! There are parts connected to one another, and they don’t like to let go. Namely the push rod (it connects the trigger to the sear). It held on and wouldn’t let me take the body off without a fight. Next time the original plan will go into place. Find a hose and just spray the paint away. This is one of those markers where you won’t really want to take it apart unless you really really have to. Lots of very tiny parts to lose, so don’t do it over a carpet or outside among grass.

In the end I am impressed with this pistol. I like the feel of the marker, very solid. The balance was great, all the weight in the grip. The efficiency was superb, come summer time I expect to get 40 conservative shots per 12gram. Accuracy was all I could have hoped for, but again best if within first 75 feet. Reloading paint can be fast and easy even in-game, though at times it is best to just have extra magazines to drop in (the enemy doesn’t wait for you to reload). For the entire package this give you I think the Tiberius 8 gets the crown of “King of Pistols.”
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Good review Meph... Thanks!

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That's one of the most interesting reviews I have ever read. Nice job.

-Omega Chief

*darn now I want one*
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Sums it up really nice. Well written and thought out Meph.
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Yeah, but I've decided now to sell one of them. I will keep one, and I bought the holster that holds 3 extra magazines. So instead of trying to fumble around with one in each hand I'll just try to be effective with a single pistol.

Won't look as cool but I'm more worried about doing well on the field now

And I've been eyeballin that Tib8 barrel to give it the silenced Beretta 92 look. Boondock Saints anybody?

The review was nice, but still rough. Had I actually got accepted for the magazine I would've done probably a week worth of editing. To have proper grammar and remove any subtle differences. I tend to write in and out of first and 3rd person, just a tendency I have. Would instead make it one or the other.
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