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Pirates of the Carribean III, At the end of the world

Just got back from the theatre. Without giving too much away, the plot is VERY complicated. It doesn't pick up exactly where it left off, there's a tiny gap. Also, see the second again, because a lot relies on your knowledge of it. My girlfriend and I were constantly reminding each other of what had happened.

The plot doesn't explain a lot, the pirates are gathering to see how to deal with the fact that they are being forced out by the authorities, but there's a lot of politics and stuff they just leave out. It's not too bad to interpret for yourself, but it could be easier.

Cast wise, everyone's there, including Keith Richards. From what I hear he was supposed to be in the second one but couldn't make the filming sessions. Although I had heard, or thought I had heard it was Mick Jagger that was supposed to appear. If you don't know, the role was for Jack Sparrow's dad, who I think Mick's onstage movements would translate better into (that same swaying walk or something)...

There are too many of what my film class called "jerry bruckheimer moments", those over the top cheesy to the max moments full of romance, invigorating speeches, or character revealing BS action scenes. Don't know what I am talking about? Ever see Team America World Police?
"Promise me you will never die"
"you know I can't promise that"
"promise me you will never die, and I will make love to your right now"
"I promise, I will never die"
*cut to puppet love scene

Or the end of Lord of the Rings III, where legolas slides down the elephant trunk, and some chick kills some guy and says something about feminine power or something. You know what I mean. There's wayyy too many of these moments, for even a jerry bruckheimer film.

Also, the jokes get too old. Not enough new stuff The lasso'ed a couple of sea turtles line pops up at least twice, maybe three times. And the rum, as usual, is always gone.

That's not to say it doesn't have its funny moments, there's quite a few. But there's one that just drags on entirely too long. The funny point is made about 2-3 minutes into what seems to be a 10 minute segment.

Overall, worth it if you like big screens and decent cinematography, decent. Fun, but don't wait in lines or go out of your way to see it. Do see it, even if its just netflix, to finish up the storylines and tie up the ends nicely.

In the previews, there's a preview for Live Free or Die Hard, and Bruce willis starts to say "Yippee kai yay mutha****a"... SWEET.
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I am going to go see that movie watch the Die Hard preview! Die hard and lethal weapon are just great.

Rush hour is a good series now too.
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It was always supposed to be Keith Richards because that is who Johny Depp said he modeled Jack Sparow after.

I will hopfuly get out to see it next week. Thanks for the heads up for rewatching 2. I will rent it before going to see it.
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Im waiting for transformers and res evil 3.

Thank you for the pirates review, I am still on the fence about seeing it though. The second one killed my thoughts of the third. For me redemption will be hard especially as it is a bruckheimer flick.

Oh yeah rambo 4 is coming out soon too.
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When all the captains meet on that little sandbar for that showdown, they play the theme from once upon a time in the west. Anybody who's seen that movie will get chills from that theme.
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My review

No one eats as well as Will Turner does.

Overall, a great movie.
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the only trailer guaranteed to be on every Pirates print is Ratatouille as it comes attached to the head of reel #1. Any and everything else will have been put on it by the staff at the theater so it will vary (in fact because we have three prints of it and three different people assembled them, we actually have three different trailer packs on our prints)
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I thought it was pretty good, sometimes the cheesy humor and lame jokes were a bit much, but hey in essence it is a kids movie. And Kira Knightley... mmmmm.

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Okay so I saw it at a cinema/grill. I really didnt care too much for it, thank god for the beers. I did enjoy my chili cheese fries, bacon cheeseburger and of course the frothy beverages.
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I thought it was pretty darn good, not sure it needed to be almost 3 hours long though... still I left feeling satisfied.
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