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Review of Real Deal Paintball in Kemptville ON.

Review of Real Deal Paintball in Kemptville Ontario.

I decided to go check out Real Deal Paintball in Kemptville, they were advertising a “Shoot the Refs” day and I could not pass up the opportunity to shoot MCB’s very own PAINTBALLGUY 3. Well I don’t know if I shot him or not, but I got surrendered in an attempted bunker maneuver Over all I had a decent day there.

This was my second time playing this field, the first time was a Friday evening game and I was unable to get a good look at the entire field. This time however I was able to play all the fields and get a really good feel for the place. Below is hopefully a fair assessment of what I experienced there today.

The field is very easy to find. Just off highway 416 it is very clearly marked with a big sign and a good sized parking lot.

Frontage: There was a sign in hut where one paid, could buy paint, and rent gear if needed. They also had a canteen where one could buy an assortment of snacks, drinks and even hot(?) and cold meals.
The Fields themselves were farther back, (more on this later)

Prices: Standard for the Ottawa area, being a gun owner I paid $20 which included my green fees, air and lunch (more on that later). I believe the standard rental fee was around $50 for a full day, lunch, rentals and 500 paintballs.
Paint prices were $10 for a pod of 140 (I really liked this option as a pumper because I didn’t need any more than that.

Paint: The paint was fresh which was good, but there was a lack of choice. I know it is hard to justify keeping different grades of paint when some sells and some doesn’t but as a pumper, being forced to use field grade paint…something a little better could have gone a long way. At least the paint they did have was fresh and fairly consistent. I didn’t get any barrel breaks and the paint was breaking pretty good on target so really things were not that bad, I am just being winy.

The field had HPA only, which for most people is fine, but it does limit those people who like CO2.

Days events: I will start with the most important thing. Safety! Dana, the owner and self proclaimed ‘Safety Nazi’, gave a very good safety brief to everyone there. It was very simple, and VERY clear as to what the rules were as well as the consequences for violating them. I found this very good as it ensured that everyone there was on the same page. All the staff were present for the safety brief as well, I liked this too because it means that all the staff were also singing off the same song sheet.

The Staff! Dana, The staff and the Refs were all fantastic. Well trained, friendly and courteous. This all made for a very smooth, friendly and fun atmosphere for the day. They were very easy to talk to, answered all kinds of questions, and very thorough in explaining the games and the boundaries. Because of this they very easily gained the respect of all the players there which I find important as it ensures that the rules are followed and people don’t question or talk back. Thanks guys and great job!

After signing in and getting paint/equipment all the players walked en-mass to the play area, this was a bit of a hike from the parking lot…but at least we only had to do it once there and back. The field has an old deuce and a half that they use to haul paint, air, lunch, gear, people…to and from the parking lot and the field. Not the perfect set up and it could and probably has led to complaints but if you can’t hike a half km down a gravel road…how are you going to play paintball?

The playing area itself is good mix of woodsball and open fields. Real Deal has built a number of good sized buildings in one of the fields and made a village. It is a lot of fun to play in and none of the buildings were impenetrable so one always had to keep themselves aware of their surroundings or risk getting flanked. The only down side I found in the village was the buildings were a little farther apart than most people would like to sprint, because of this a lot of the renters tended to camp and try to shoot at each other from way out of range. A few more smaller bunkers would solve that. But if you use a light pump or pistol and are willing to make the mad dash can sure make some pretty crazy moves and really have a fun time in there.

The woodsball has some nice terrain features, a ridge, rock out crops, lots of trees and brush bunkers. I had a slightly harder time with a pump as I could not rely on firepower to put a ball through the branches, but that was my self imposed disadvantage. I did hear a lot of the rentals claiming how much fun it was and I would say that with a semi I would most certainly have had a real blast! I think it would be great to leave one field completely woodsball for Old School sake and then build up the other fields. I would really liked to see some more of it cleared out and more hard bunkers put in. We played what became an attack/ defend game where all the players (about 35-40) took on the field refs (7 of them?) That game was fun, and could become a regular game in those woods with the addition of a castle like structure.

We played a variety of games, pure elimination, capture the flag, attack/defend and respawn. The refs had walkies and were in constant communication with each other as well as the home base. The rules and objectives of the game were clearly laid out before every starting whistle. And the refs even took the time to explain some basic tactics and ideas for those who had not played there before. I found the days play to be Very well organized with little down time and little repetitiveness. One of my favorite things was the use of both the woods and the village field. Trying to storm the village from the tree line was intense!

Pictures! Pure Genius! One of the refs had a camera and would take pictures of the players which would then be uploaded to Facebook with the date (see below, can you spot me?). This way players could go back and see themselves in action!! What a simple and Fantastic idea! It gives renters a memento and a reminder to come back again at some future date. It is such a simple idea that is so easy to implement that I am suppressed more fields don’t do this. All in all I think Real Deal Paintball makes for a renters Haven! I saw smiles on everyone’s face and everyone was swapping stories. I don’t think anyone left the field without having a really fun day.

Over view:
I will give Real Deal Paintball a high 7 out of 10. They are a newer field with a lot of potential. Talking to Dana, it seems he really wants to build the business and he is doing a lot to promote the field and the game. There are always themed games going on, and he has even run day camps for kids.
Dana tells me he wants to expand the fields, I would suggest that right now build up what is already there. Bigger is not always better, and with a little bit of work the current fields will go from good to phenomenal!

Good Job guys Keep up the good work I will be back.

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if you like them so much why don't you marry them?


nice review.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
if you like them so much why don't you marry them?


nice review.
Too ugly for my liking!

I just want to add that a case is $90, not $100.
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Great review.
Unfortunately "want" and "need" are two very different things...


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Also insect repellent! Very important for Real Deal.
My Feedback

Gearcave Clearout!

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great review. glad to hear they take action shots at the field.
the only other place I know in town that does that is Commando, i think Daves wife does it but I cant bring myself to spend 40$ on 500 round.. no matter how glamorous the fields are. This is one field i want to try soon. We are very lucky here in ottawa, in less than 2 hours drive we have 10 ish paintball fields accessible, which is amazing.

Featuring Death!!

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Originally Posted by PAINTBALL GUY 3 View Post
Too ugly for my liking!

I just want to add that a case is $90, not $100.
Thanks for that. Edited the review to reflect it.
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I concur on the photos/facebook thing. My "home" field (XPX paintball) does this and it's pretty popular. While their photo quality has been slipping (lately they look like stills taken from video) I still enjoy some of the random shots I find. Most often I don't even know a picture was taken so it's a cool surprise.

Nice review!
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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
You aren't being whiny.

Being a stock class shooter, I rely on ONE BALL flying straight and true, breaking on target, every time.
Recreational grade paint isn't consistent enough to do that. Tournament-grade paint is.

I understand "field paint only" for insurance purposes; it avoids players getting injured by two year old, crusty Walmart rubberized paint.

Offer me good paint (OXP sells Valken Redemption) and I'll buy a bag.

If it isn't an insurance issue, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to pay the entry fee, let you KEEP the bag of paint you were going to give me and use 250 of my own, fresh, high-end paintballs. (I go through about 250 shots a day)

For comparison, OXP allows gun owners to use their own paint.

This one is a deal breaker for me and I hope Dana is on the forum, reading this.
i would really like that too!
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Just got back from Real Deal. Had fun, only 2 complaints would be the amount of time between games and the woods fields were very confusing and had little solid cover. Other than that I had a great day. The staff was very nice and safety was not an issue. The owner of the field even gave me a ride out to the field from staging in his personal car. Thanks Real Deal!
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