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LilShank 11-12-2011 02:24 PM

V-Force Grill Lenses - Dual Pane
Hello everyone,

The recent introduction of the dual pane lenses from V-Force seemed to spark new interests in the line of masks for some people. I personally have been using V-Force products since I started playing, all the way back to my first Vantage mask. I would recommend their masks to everyone and anyone who asked me about them. I don't know if that makes me biased or not, that's for you to decide. :)

As soon as the rumors were confirmed about the lenses, I went to my local shop and had them on the lookout for them. When I went in to check on the order, I saw V-Force Armor masks being unpacked, coming from the factory with dual pane lenses. I was told "give me a week, I'll have some lenses for you."

The very next week, as I went to peruse the selection of fine paintball goods offered to the public, I inquired again about the lenses. The owner went to the back room, and came back with a neatly packaged lens, marked dual pane, from V-Force. Oh joyous day!

Last night was the first night I got to try out the lenses, and of course with all the pros, there comes at least one con...


Installation was as simple as changing the lenses on your V-Force mask. :) If anyone needs step by step for that, I'd be happy to write one with pictures.

Immediate changes

The first thing I noticed is that these lenses do not seem to have the outer coating like the single pane lenses, which means no more flaking after wiping them down the first time you take a hit to the lens. :D That, for me, was one of my pet peeves of the older lenses, the coating would flake and cause anything from minor annoyances to loss of vision in a peripheral, or even to the front. These lenses do not seem to have that issue.


The dual pane lenses almost seem clearer than the regular lenses, perhaps due to a lack of coating, or maybe it's just because I've been using the same flaky lens all season, and I'm not used to being able to see everything :)

Do They Work?

Last night, checking the temperature before we started playing, the thermometer read 38 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time we were done, the temperature had dropped 2 degrees. I did not have a single fogging issue with my lenses, and thanks to FogDoc, nor with my glasses. With the old lenses, I had fogging issues usually a couple of minutes into the game, with near complete loss of visibility after about 5 minutes in this weather.

Now the Bad...

I loved my V-Force masks because they had plenty of room between the lenses at my face that I could comfortably wear my glasses. The second pane doesn't take up much room, but it is enough that the outer frame of my glasses sits against the inner pane. Not uncomfortably by any means, just enough to notice. I had the same problem with the i4 mask, and if it's enough to be a bother, a Profiler mask with the dual pane lenses would probably be just roomy enough :) My solution is probably going to be to get some lower profile glasses, I'm due for a new pair anyways. :D


Overall, I think it was a step in the right direction for V-Force to introduce the dual pane line, and I think that these lenses will eventually phase out the older style lenses, especially after they start coming from the factory with the newer lenses. I believe that it's just what was needed to bring the V-Force line back into focus for the player, new or experienced, who may be looking for a good quality mask, with great anti-fog lenses. :)

Preacher 11-12-2011 02:43 PM

I loved the V-Force line, but have found that they do not ship as consistently (to Canada) as the used to. The store's orders have been taking longer to fill and we have to wait on back-orders much more than in the past. There product has always been excellent, but the company has gone down hill these past few years.

I am excited to see them get thermal lenses though. Masks like E-Vent were some the best for slower fogging and I attribute that success to the thermal lens. I can't wait to try these out in the field.

LilShank 11-12-2011 02:57 PM

Which is odd for a company based in Canada... :huh:

Our field gets weekly shipments of paint from Draxxus, and has been consistently getting new V-Force products every couple weeks or so.

Hamer101 11-12-2011 07:07 PM

I'm looking forward to any updates as you field test them more. If I didn't just buy my yearly set of lenses for my Profilers I would already own thermals...

JKR 11-12-2011 09:10 PM

Just bought some Grills and have the new thermals to put in them. Looking forward to trying it out!

BlueDragonX 11-12-2011 09:44 PM

Got pictures? How are the new lenses constructed?

DoC19K 11-12-2011 10:48 PM

I used the lenses at a game a couple weekends ago and it was muggy but I never once had an issue with them. Installation was easy, just like any other lens with the Grill. Image was clear as hell. I never once had a fogging issue and otherwise with the stock lens I am sure I would have fogged up.

TheYoda 11-13-2011 01:58 AM

Got these for my Grills and Profiler.
Had stopped using the Grills due to fogging issues, but with the new thermal lens I have no issues.
Had less of a problem with Profilers fogging, but I expect to have absolutely no issues now that these also have the new lens.

cheapchi 11-13-2011 10:20 AM

As far as I'm concerned, the double paned thermal lens removes the only negative for the Grills. Looking forward to my own field test soon.

LilShank 11-15-2011 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by BlueDragonX (Post 2082574)
Got pictures? How are the new lenses constructed?

I'll upload some pics tonight (the work computer doesn't like me trying to upload photos anywhere :( )

As far as construction, it looks just like a JT lens IMO, the main, large pane (which seems to be the same as a single pane, just without the coating) and the inner pane, with a piece of foam glued between them (though the foam seems to be denser than the JT lenses.)

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