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Tankless Invasion TKL-01 Nerf Launcher

Finally got around to fooling around with the TKL-01 I got for Christmas & writing something about it. The short version is the TKL's performance is not as good as a Metadyne, but at $150 cheaper than the Metadyne rifle version, I think the tradeoff is about even.

First Impressions:
The TKL is bigger than I expected. The lack of an air tank is nice, but the integrated nailgun fuel cartridge is almost as big as the 13ci HPA tank I use on my Metadyne. The layout still makes it more compact than my Metadyne arrangement, but by removing the stock and using a remote, the Metadyne could be a tighter package. Aside from taking off the foregrip, the TKL is as small as it can get. It does come with accessory mounting rails on the top and bottom. The foregrip is attached to the bottom rail and wiggles a little, but is otherwise comfy.

Also, despite being longer overall than the Metadyne body & barrel, the TKL effective barrel length is just barely shorter than the Metadyne. Given the benefit the 4" barrel extensions provide to the Metadyne in muzzle velocity and therefore range, I suspect an aftermarket barrel extension for the TKL would also help performance.

Mine also came with a barrel insert and five 'shotgun shells' designed to fire 5 paintballs in one shot. Since I don't know any field that allows something like this, I have not bothered to test it.

Finally, I found it interesting that the TKL came packaged with no instructions at all.

Loading the fuel cell is easy, and allegedly you'll be able to get 1200 shots from a single Paslode Framing Fuel Cell (nail gun fuel cartridge). I got a pack of 2 for about $15 at Home Depot. I don't know how long it will take me to take 2400 cannon shots, and I don't expect to keep track, but it seems like enough for me.

Loading and firing a Nerf is even easier: just stuff one down the barrel, aim, and pull the trigger. I don't have actual measurements and was just eyeballing it, but the TKL range is shorter than the Metadyne. However, it will still definitely put your Nerf far enough downrange to take out tanks or bunkers. Frankly, my Nerfs don't fly consistently enough to take full advantage of the Metadyne's range anyway, so I don't expect this will affect me much in actual game situations. There also seems to be no way to adjust the velocity.

After each shot, the TKL uses a little internal fan to clear the exhaust from the barrel. I noticed that if I didn't allow enough time for the barrel to clear and stuffed a new Nerf in too quickly, the next shot would not fire. I had to pull the Nerf back out, blow out the barrel to get fresh air in, and try again. I assume the fuel/air mix needs to be right for the igniter to work, and if you just keep pulling the trigger, it will dump more fuel in, but the Nerf prevents more fresh air from getting in, so it just won't shoot. It does make a cute little fireball if you shoot without anything in the barrel.

I assume this is part of why the effective barrel is so short - there is a stop inside to prevent the Nerf from going too far back in the barrel. That allows extra room for air and combustion.

Important note: the safety does not work at all. Not only can you still fire with it in either position, even if you take out the batteries so the igniter is disabled, the trigger will still depress the fuel valve and dispense a shot of fuel. Without fuel but with the batteries in, you can still hear the igniter click and the fan spinning. By contrast, the Metadyne safety just falls out...

All in all, I am happy I got it. I haven't had a chance to use it in a game yet, but I expect I will still prefer the Metadyne. However, if you must choose one or the other and cash is tight, the TKL is a worthwhile consideration.
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Oh no.
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I have been looking at these launchers for a few months now. If you have a way to make a video that would be great. I would love to see some player footage of this thing in action. How do you plan on carrying it? I was thinking about just slinging it on my back when not in use since I'll be running around with my pistol when not shooting tanks/forts.

I look forward to a review once you have had a chance to get out and play.

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how do you adjust the velocity on it?
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This is the first I've heard of this thing. Interesting that it uses combustion. I'd really like to see the scattergun rounds.

[edit] Actually, here's a demo of the scatter shot. They REALLY scatter, and they look like they have decent velocity.

Not sure what's up with the presenter in the vid...he really puts the "simpl" in milsimpl.
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.

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listening to that guy talk makes me want to stab myself in the ears with a screw-driver

thanks russc


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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
listening to that guy talk makes me want to stab myself in the ears with a screw-driver

thanks russc

YEah its like hes fighting a hardcore stutter or has a little something loose in the head, couldnt finish the video because of him.
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kinda been wanting one of these since I first saw the company post when it was in the making. Im still extremely skeptical about the shot count though.. nor do I think anybody is very going to waste the time to attempt a efficiency test on it. For price though I think it'd be a great system to have incase u ever need to be a demo. Small enough to just slap a sling on and put it on your back. I like the fact it has no hoses and doesnt have a tank hanging off it.
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Sweet! I want to see this in a tank canon
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