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TheAznInvazn - 550 For Fighters Paracord Products

Y'know. It's nice to find out that there are still good people out there doing things because they feel a need to give a helping hand when it's needed. And that's exactly the premise 550 for Fighters was founded on. Quality products that help people and animals when they need it most, and I don't know about you, but if I have the opportunity to purchase something I need anyways, I'd rather buy from a small operation that gives back. And 550 does just that, with 10-25% of proceeds (NOT profits) from certain products going to not one, but one of THREE charities; Operation Homefront, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and The American Veterinary Medical Foundation.

That said, onto the review.

The leash was woven very intricately with the purpose of adding some stretch to absorb the shock involved with walking some of the more.... exuberant canines out there. Like mine, this is Shadow. Say Hi, Shadow... now he seems to enjoy long walks on the beach; dragging his owners in the sand, long walks on the sidewalk; ripping his owners' arms off, and quiet walks in the woods; off leash because his owners are mangled in a tub of peroxide and iodine. So any kind of relief is easily welcomed to someone in our situation. And the nice thing is, for quick lunges from our furry friend, it actually works, with the leash having about 2" of stretch over the 4' length we received. And I assume it may work out to a bit more if Shadow has his way. I will suggest though, that if you have a dog with the tendency to run to the end of the leash, order something at least 6' long. That way he has a little more freedom when he needs it. For the next model I order (there will be another!) I'll also be requesting a second handle about two and a half feet from the main one, on a 7' leash, to give some leeway.

The leash is more than pleasing to the eye. And does exactly what it's designed to do. Help you reel in your rambunctious mutt before he mauls a stranger to death with love and licks.. so leashy things. As you can see as well, the pattern isn't limited to solid colours as well.

Shipping was a breeze as well, from the US to Canada there's always the Customs issue, but it was easily recieved within a week and a half or so from when we'd hammered out the details. My only gripe is that the weave wear on your hand a bit if the dog pulls a lot but that's more of an issue with the pups training than it is with the product itself. The price is right where it needs to be as well, and is very competitive to other leashes out there (at least North of the border) with the base price we discussed being right around the $20-25 mark, keep in mind though, that may be subject to change due to options like length, handles, colours and what not.

All in all I am very happy with the product and more than glad to say I'll happily buy again. Keep in mind though, he does custom work as well.

Maybe I need a new tank cover to match my gun....

Thanks for the read guys, if you have any critiques or criticisms let me know, as this is my first review.
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