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Thumbs up Kee Customer Service

I have to say, I'm very impressed with the customer service I've gotten from Kee Action Sports.

3 or 4 times in the recent past I've had to call them about little things and without hesitation they've sent me the parts I needed or otherwise taken care of me.

This last time however they went above and beyond. I had something worth about $100 and was a couple of years old and probably out of warranty. However a problem developed that was clearly a manufacturing defect. I sent the item back and got a shiny new item back today. Outstanding.

I couldn't ask for better customer service. Way to go Kee!
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Yep. KEE is great about that. But folks hate them because they are KEE. Not me...
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I emailed them the other day about the regulator on my axe creeping, and they asked for my address, and today they told me they shipped me a new regulator. I'm impressed.
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I was teching a gun for a friend and noticed his Apex tip ramp was all jacked up. I sent them an email asking to buy a new one and they sent me two for free. Great service.
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Yeah kee definitely has amazing customer service. I sent am axe in for a frame that had a bent from and messed up asa from a bad fall. And kee replaced it all for free which he was not expecting. They are just a great company who stand by their products.
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Bought an older 45/4000 Fuel tank off ebay with what proved to be a beat reg on it. Paid $55 total and had seller ship it straight to Kee vice to me.

Kee called me to ask what was up. I explained the whole true story--i.e. not original owner, etc. Ends up they replaced the reg with a new PE one for free. I paid shipping only...thought that was nice of them.
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I called em one time to check Empire glove sizing, maybe a year or two ago. A real person answered, and let me know they're sized much like adult batting gloves. Helpful lady.
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All hail our corporate paintball overlords!

Seriously though, KEE is great. I was on a silver/gold sponsored team (3 seasons) and they were just awesome.
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Originally Posted by LT. View Post
Yep. KEE is great about that. But folks hate them because they are KEE. Not me...
I dislike them (I won't say hate) because they held my SA17 hostage for two months with virtually zero communication and outright lied to me about the reason why it wasn't finished yet. Then sent it back and it still had the problem I sent it in for.

But, if this is a sign they've righted the ship, or at least started to right it, or that my case was an isolated incident, then good on them.
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I've had very little experience with them, but what I have had was very positive. Great customer support!
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