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I've had 4-5 purchases with PBGateway over the last couple years. No issues to report.


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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
Understatement!!! I saw the cops drawing chalk lines around a victim last time i was there.
i'm starting to see why the guy working there tells me buying online from them is easier...
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Gardena isn't all that bad... I live 10 minutes from ANS and I work 10 minutes from Gateway... while it is not the safest area, they seldom harass random people driving down the street.

As for their in store only sales they have had Ultra Evil for something like $30 a box on their annual sale before... people camp out and it is worth it.
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gardena is not that ghetto...people like to throw that word around too easily.
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Originally Posted by Flonominal View Post
gardena is not that ghetto...people like to throw that word around too easily.
I think the proper word should be industrial.
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I too have bought from them online,after placeing the order for a Phantom anti kink hammer and bolt assy, 30mins later i get a call from them about my adress to make sure its correct..Great CS and support.. I just make sure i do my research on the parts i need so im not left looking foolish or just plain stupid when i install them ..Overall great place to shop,great people and great service..A+ in my book..

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Updated the review (finally), and now includes an interaction with Louis Sanchez himself!
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heh the area isnt that bad in the grand scheme of things - just a bit - say - dicey... =)

Marukai Market within 1 mile
3 Hawaiian food places nearby
within 10 minutes of Kings Hawaiian Bakery and Restaraunt

I still miss that they used to have a shop in the Irvine/Santa Ana area some years back /sigh but I still find time to hit the Gardena shop now and then =)

The sales on paint are unreal - still loaded up with Ultra Evil from the last one - Black Friday later this year will probably ding my pocketbook too lol

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I ordered some gear form PB Gateway today, just a bunch of small parts. I ordered at 2:43 EST and at 3:51EST I got an email with tracking info. It took them a grand total of 1:08 to pick and pack my order.
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I've had nothing but great experiences with them to. I live about 30 minutes away, so after placing a few orders (all packed and shipped out lightning fast, btw) I ended up with a part for my Phantom I just wasn't happy with.

I was amazed that they not only carry every part for the Phantom, but have a nice inventory of markers, including Phantoms in popular colors! I've been playing for about 10 years, and finding a storefront that carries Phantom parts is rare, let alone full markers.

Even more surprising, the guy who helped me out was himself a Phantom player, and brought out his resprung 600psi CA Phantom to compare to mine.

The part I wasn't happy with was a Palmer's Stabilizer backbody. It was too long and too heavy for my lightweight marker. He agreed with me, and even though I had already installed it on my marker, he accepted a return without issue.

Can't say enough good things about these guys. Fair prices too.
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