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nerdcore 01-21-2013 01:56 AM

Hammer 7 review
Like all the cool kids, i'm posting a Hammer 7 review. I've got less experience with nelsons than most of you guys, and less technical knowledge, but enjoy the perspective of the "average joe" consumer.

No unboxing preview, that's definitely been done. And only a few photos, unless folks request more.

Cats love the Hammer 7!

H7 in action! (photo courtesy of The Inflicted, i believe)

The setup:

As you can see, i'm using a bottomline. Been used to bottomline setups for just about a decade, it's hard to break the habit. I had an Empire Trracer set up just like this as well, and worked out great. The macroline doesn't get in my way, since the tank needs a longer clearance than the line does. Replaced the stock wrap-around grips with a more comfortable set of wrap-arounds; i tried panels but grip felt too small. Ground down the hard corners on the rear of the frame after testing at home, but the outer rear corners need to be rounded much more - those outer corners bugged me without gloves.

The tank, by the by, is a high output 13/3k w/ butt cap & hawaiian shirt bottle cozy. Aloha!

Barrel shown is an Equation Bizerk w/ .687 insert, but i used the stock barrel when playing (Bizerk was on a loaner).

Did not use the mag in play. I tested the H7 with the mag & z-balls at home, and it worked fine. But since i only have the 1 mag, didn't seem like a worthwhile endeavor to use it on the field just yet. Also, i didn't shoot any of the free FSR's included. Having only 9, i hesitate to waste them, which is idiotic considering that is their sole purpose in life. :p

I had shot some z-balls at home shortly after receiving the H7, at a low velocity (i'm guessing). Did not chrono until saturday, to find out it was set well under 200 fps. Chrono'd to 270-ish and hit the field. Beautiful, sunny day, in the mid 50s F.

Aiming took some getting used to for some reason. Probably because i hadn't played since November or maybe even October. But soon got the hang of it, even hit a few people.

Shot from a new case of Spectrum (field was FPO). Never chopped or broke a ball, despite occasionally double-feeding from what i believe were me half-stroking accidentally, resulting in an extra ball dropping before the bolt passed the feedneck; when fully pumped, it is effectively locked from being pumped again, trust me on that. Those rare double-feeds still resulted in launched balls, with both at reduced velocities. Of course, Spectrum is far from brittle. Next time, i'll try something mid-grade. Had no roll-outs, the second detent worked great.

The Inflicted tried to auto-trigger, but it simply kept the valve open and leaked like a fire hydrant in the ghetto in July. I have no explanation, but he has some conjecture in the News thread.

Used only the Winchester each game, no pods. Topped off before each game. Never ran out of paint, so shot less than 40 each game, played about 10 games. Filled the tank to 3k at the start of the day, and topped off when i reached 2k. A day later, the tank reads 2k again. There's probably a math equation in there somewhere, but it's way too late for word problems right now. Whether the H7 is efficient or not, doesn't seem to matter with me, lol.

Noticed 1-2 random velocity drops near the end of the day, can't really explain. May have happened more than i realized, i only noticed those times. Feel free to make some guesses, i just figured it was the paint's fault somehow.

It's got a pretty hardy pump stroke. The Mods & News threads probably have ideas about that, i'll have to read through them again. Not that i care too much, evidently i had a blast with it all day as-is. Did not notice any farting at all. Guide rod fully screwed in still shows about 3 threads, fyi.

Because i have small arms, the pump handle felt far away after a few games. Cutting it down won't matter, since i grip the back of the handle. What seems to be the issue is the tank - long reg combined with the CP direct mount sticking out a 1/2". I may need a rail/asa combo, so i can scoot the tank forward a tad, or try the back-bottle approach, or get a 3.5 or 4 oz co2 tank. Decisions, decisions.

Earlier today, i disassembled everything for cleaning, and checked the cup seal out of curiosity. Couple people mentioned it loosening on them. It was not loose, but i was able to easily unscrew it. Had a very faint amount of red loctite on the threads, which seemed to do the trick at least for now. Screwed it back on, hand tight. Hope it stays put.

1/22/13 EDIT: Home sick, so some efficiency numbers!

Now, i hadn't lubed anything when i re-assembled. Bad, i know, but no oil around. And no o-rings in the H7 aside from the valve nut seal. Don't worry, i'll lube before an actual play day. I ended up with some sluggish pumping a couple times because of it.

Just a hair under 2,000 psi left in my 13/3k, so gassed up and shot a few Z-Balls. 100 z-balls total (9 from the mag, the rest from a Sportshot), plus maybe half a dozen dry fires. Chrono'd at ~270 on saturday, did not change or check since then so i'm assuming it's still around there today. Used the 10" Equation Bizerk w/ .687 insert.

After shooting, the 13/3k gauge needle now sits on the line just above the 0. So 100+ shots spent about 2,000 psi. With a little math, that results in ~50 shots per 1k psi. So 150 shots off a 13/3k? That sounds about right. :gunsfiring:

4/11/13 EDIT: Couple months ago, second time out with the H7, i had more velocity problems. Couldn't chrono high enough. Cup seal finally came loose, and stayed loose. So i cleaned off the threads & added blue loctite, then let it cure for a few days. Next time out after that, worked fine.

I am noticing some fairly frequent chops, at least once a day of play. I've narrowed it down to 2 problems:
1 - i pull the handle back, not far enough to catch the hammer but far enough to let a ball drop. So nothing happens with the trigger pull. Cock back again, double-feed, and there's the break. Seems to happen in clutch situations, although it doesn't always result in a chop.
2 - ball doesn't fully drop. Another clutch situation mishap, where i'm just chopping the ball rushing the pump handle return.

Both problems may disappear if i do that increasingly-popular guide rod trick, where you unscrew it a little to decrease the stroke length. Couple people say to then loctite it in place, although i swear there's a washer or other type of shim that can drop into the guide rod screw hole - it's not that tiny.

I was trying to avoid swapping out the stock barrel since my main concern with pumps is roll-outs (and dual detents in the H7 prevent it), but i may want to bore match at least, to get a little better efficiency out of this thing. Using a 13/3k is becoming a problem for longer games. I've got other tanks, but i really like the size & weight of the 13 ci.

Swapped the CP direct mount with an Eclipse OOPS asa & rail. Needed to shorten the length a bit. And the OOPS is really nice, glad i got it. No new pics, and i don't think anyone took (or at least posted) pics from the last couple times i played.

I traveled with the H7, on a flight from TN to CA, and it survived the trip by just being in a Redz gun bag and padded with clothes. Guide rod came loose, but otherwise intact.

nerdcore 01-22-2013 12:04 PM

Did an efficiency test, or as much of a test as i am able.

punisher068 01-22-2013 01:08 PM

Nice review,thanks for the efficency test,something Id wondered about

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