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Bored383 02-27-2013 01:01 AM

USA Crossfire / 'Equalizer' / Taso BE90
I have wanted one of these rare birds since about 2secs after I saw the cover of the November 1987 issue of APG on the news stand. Now many years later I have one. It is quite an interesting paintgun. This will be an added to over time review as I detail my experiences with this bit of paintball forgotten weaponry

First, a couple vids

knowledge of how to post vids courtesy of Dan Bacci

The basics, for those that don't know, and to just cover them anyway:

The USA Crossfire was supposed to revolutionize the sport of paintball. At the time of its introduction the sport itself was scant few years old, and most people were still playing with pumps powered by 12gr CO2 cartridges. Constant Air was just beginning to take hold, but it was definitely pump pump pump for everything. And along came the Crossfire, also known as the 'Equalizer', and later as the BE90. It is a double action paintgun. That is, pulling the trigger performs 2 functions - both cocking and firing the paintgun. The long trigger pull chambers the paintball while cocking the hammer back and then releasing it. Besides that, the Crossfire/BE90 had a 20rnd spring fed magazine - gravity feed or rock-n-cock stock class feed were the norm then - allowing it to fire from any angle. It was powered by dual 12gr CO2 cartridges in the grip giving it a fair number of shots between changes. And it had a break open action to allow fast and easy cleaning of the breach and barrel.

The paintgun itself has some mass to it - 4.5lbs empty. It feels substantial in the hand, partly because the whole frame and body is metal with a wrinkle finish on most of it, some sort of enamel I would assume. Other parts appear to be anodized

Now the BE90 is supposedly the illicit chinese knockoff of the probably never released to the public USA Crossfire - the history of all this needs firming up. For a chinese clone this things feels pretty well constructed and sorted out. There are some subtle details that are funny - like on the trap door on the grip for the 12gr's - it is stamped 'C2O' on the inside.

Speaking of that trap door - a nice design detail is a safety mechanism that will not let you open it up until you have twisted the base to degas the gun. Smart.

Another detail - the spring feed uses a reel spring. The housing is on the left front of the paintgun. To reload you open the trap door at the back of the paintgun and pour in 20 paintballs, then pull the follower bolt straight to the side of the paintgun and retract the follower to the rear, then push the follower bolt back in. I will get pics / vids of this.

The collapsing stock is kind of useless, IMO. Maybe I will change my mind after playing with it. The release is clunky, and the stock is wobbly, and the length of pull would probably be too long for most people (I have gorilla arms)

Anyhow, this is my start to this classic review

Nobody 02-27-2013 01:58 AM

want disassembly pics. where everything is and even a shooting vid with your gorilla arms

Bored383 03-16-2013 11:27 PM

First field report. I found that it has trouble reliably piercing both CO2 capsules - probably an issue with the crosman's being short or something. Anyhow, interesting behavior on working on a single pierced 12gr - crap velocity.

well that is no fun. It was noticed that it was consistently the same position 12gr that was failing to pierce so I built up the base of the cam plunger for it with some duct tape

because duct tape is awesome

and that got both reliably piercing. With both 12grs pierced the gun was shooting around 250-260 with Valken Grafitti. Not bad, I'll take that, and off to the field to play I went

Efficiency. well, in a word it is crap. I was getting 30 usable shots. The drop off was fast after 30shots. Probably time for a more thorough tear down - so I can get pics for nobody.

30 usable shots is still 30 usable shots - I kept on playing. I even scored an elimination with it - gogging a guy on a snap shot at about 20yds.

The detent is mostly reliable. I need to tweak it a little bit more. But even on the couple occasions where it stuck and allowed double or triple feeding the gun fired all the shots out the barrel just fine. It is easy on paint it seems. I will try some ultra evil in it. the detent does a great job of holding the paintball in the chamber. I would de-tension the spring and then lock the follower forward to act as a block to break the gun open to check it was empty since it has no safety. everytime there was always one paintball very well held in place by the detent.

The gun is great for attracting attention, that is for sure. It is incredibly distinct looking. People also seemed surprised at the heft of it

more pics and video coming soon. sorry, no game play video - I don't have any sort of camera rig.

BigOldSkool 03-17-2013 01:10 PM

So it is a fancy metal rapide in operation? Neat....

Still would want one, something about the guns lines I just like since I was a we lad drooling over the manila pages of a TASO catalog

Bored383 03-17-2013 10:50 PM

in essence, yes, it is like a fancy metal rapide. The rapide/gz, the advantage, the be-90, and the barracuda/jaguar all have very similar function. Pulling the trigger moves a bolt forward to chamber paintball while simultaneously cocking the action and releasing whatever manner of hammer / striker they have to fire. The only other double action paintguns I can think of are the Crosman Spotmarker revolver and the AGA both operate differently (and distinctly from each other, despite their shared pellet pistol heritage). The Spotmarker is a straight up revolver, where the AGA is an elevator design.

Bored383 03-19-2013 12:28 AM

Just some BE-90 details with Dan Bacci and BigEvil, courtesy of Dan Bacci - footage from the impromptu MCB vs AO vs the walk ons at Jungle Island this past weekend

Nobody 03-19-2013 06:43 PM

hey i know that guy!

love the muzzle break and the innovative mag. good vid

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