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Ccm j12

Being one of the lucky 50 to be able to get in on the first run of the J12, I thought that I would do a review of what I thought of this gun for all of you looking to grab one when the second run (and others after that :P).



Here is what came with my gun:

Marker, 14" barrel tip, 7 barrel sizers (.675 - 690), barrel case, barrel sock, allen key set, snazzy CCM patch and assorted washers (common ones that wear out in the gun).

Pretty good load out for any paintball gun on the market and well worth the $800 for the whole sha-bang. For those that think that it needs a case can buy a $2 laptop case from a dollar store. My friends and I have been using them for the last few years and they work really amazingly. Gotta keep that fine gun from getting scratches.

CCM has redone the foam for their boxes so that it can fit all their guns (S6, T2, S6.5, & J12) and keep them safe and sound for when they get into their new owner's hands. It is alot more solid then what they used before. I have never heard of any CCMs damaged in transit from the shop but also working in a hardware store I have seen shipping companies do bad things to boxes. Good job going over and above the bar making sure that we get our custom markers even if the shipping companies dance on the boxes.


This gun is the new evolution on the CCM pump marker and has alot of refinements on the firing system that they perfected with the J2 & S5.

This gun has one of the fastest autotriggers I have ever used (not that CCM autotriggers are slow). I am a big fan of how they re-vamped the way that it operates. Using a linkage to separate and isolate the trigger from the sear is a smart idea on their part. The trigger feels a little stiffer then my T2 but the lack of movement when autotriggering is great. Also not having to replace my trigger because I gouge the snot out of it (I have been through 2 of them). Also everything being internalized makes cleaning the gun a little easier. No little spots to collect paint like under and around the cam.

The ergonomics on the gun are a little different then their normal guns (S6, T2, S6.5).

I lined my J12 and T2 to show how the guns differ. I lined them up by the barrels (both are 14" barrels) to show you where the grip frames line up in relation to one another. The grip frame on the J12 is shorter length and places most of the weight of the marker over your hand. It does make the gun balance a little different then my other guns but it is still comfortable like my T2. I would say that it is like holding my 06 Ego and then switching to my Geo.

Where all the big changes from the S6 to the J12 were in the bottom tube. The bottom tube is physically shorter then the other guns in their stable. They still use their standard CCM valve (why fix something that works well) but it is sprung with a longer and lighter valve spring. The hammer is a larger diameter, heavier, has a built in IVG, and is (again) sprung lighter then other CCMs. They have drilled out the pump rod to make sure there is enough regulated air for the valve to operate "fart free".
One thing that I like from a tech standpoint is that I can take the "front block" off of the gun and gas it up to check for leaks from the valve.

The regulator has been redesigned so that it is built into the gun and is smaller. Don't worry it is a full sized CCM reg on the inside.
They have changed the piston. There is now a oring on the body of the reg that seals the piston. There is no "witch hat" on the piston anymore. The piston looks like it has been polished so there is less friction and it will freely.
It works and works well (nuff said)

One thing I really like is that they made a twist lock bolt. No more bolt pins to lose or bolts to flip.
The closed in bottom tube is nice and fixes the problem of getting paint & dirt in the bottom tube and the gun not shooting right. The hammer is actually cocked by the lower pump rod and this leads to a "smoother" feel in the pump stroke. That rod also activates the autotrigger and is set from the factory to make the gun work.

Even the ASA was changed. CCM has went with a T-rail slot on the frame like Empire and Planet Eclipse. This makes a much more solid connection between the ASA and frame. The way that they lock down the ASA to the frame is a little different. There is a set screw in the frame (accessed by taking the grips off) that locks into one of 3 holes in the ASA. I like T-rail ASAs and have the PE POPS ASA on a few of my other guns in my stable. I find that they are easier to lock down and take all the wiggle out of.

When you buy any marker from CCM, you get their awesome customer service. My original gun had some problems out of the box, took 2 trips to CCM for Rod to go over it and fix, and I have a working gun now. CCM went out of their way to make sure that I was happy with the gun that I got because I had problems with my gun & made sure to include a personalized clamp ring on the feedneck for my troubles. It is the little things that count.
There is a reason that they are regarded as one of the best companies in paintball to deal with.

Overall this gun is well worth the money that you spend on it and you will be happy with your purchase. If you are a tinkerer and like tuning your gun you might be disapointed because there is really nothing to tinker with.
Here's my friend's daughter shooting her dad with my gun :P
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Sounds great, can't wait to get mine.
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Dealing with CCM and with my J12 was nothing short of incredible, as have been all of my dealings with CCM.

It is an incredible new marker design, and everyone can take to heart that if there are niggles with your marker, that they WILL make it right, and very quickly.
I finally decided to start a thread for my Feedback:

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