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I like to watch. ^_^
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2013 Milsig Paradigm Pro

So I haven't seen very many reviews for this marker. I have one and absolutely love it. I have turned it into a dedicated sniper rig. I decided to steal my reviews from the ACES forum and place them here for everyones enjoyment/criticism. Enjoy! ^_^

So, today in the mail, one of multiple packages came for me, including the first of 2 project sniper rigs. May I present to you my Milsig Paradigm Pro in Desert Tan....

I know, I know. Pick your jaws up. I know its super sexy. lol.

Now to some seriousness. This is a preliminary review, as I have not fired this marker yet. That should occur this weekend. Let me first say that this thing is solid! I have not felt a marker that is this sturdy in my hands before. I personally think that it is even sturdier than any Tippmann out there. It's that well built. The tank screwed in with relative ease, and the marker as a whole comes to the eye very nicely.

As you can see, I have the HHA Optimizer on there, but took it off, as I am waiting for my riser and scope rings from Hawke to come in (should be sometime tomorrow.) I placed my face with mask on the marker, and it feels as though my eye will line up very well and with relative ease to the scope once its mounted on. That is a very good thing, considering that there are markers out there where its rather difficult to bring up to aim due to the nature of the stock and general layout of the marker. (BTW, I wear a VForce Grillz mask.)

The grip is very comfortable and does not hurt the hand as you hold it and move positions. I like the fore grip that came with the marker, but I prefer the Magpul AFG2 fore grip, as it fits my hand and shooting style a bit better. That is why it is on the marker in the picture. The barrel is very sturdy, and looks and feels well made. I have heard nothing but good things about the Marksman barrels, and this barrel meets those expectations and more in terms of build quality. The magazine release is easy to operate and doesn't require you to move your hand very far from the trigger to the operator. The magazines slide in and out with relative ease and are very stable inside the mag well. This is an all around, very well built marker. It is a bit heavier than most milsim markers out there, but as a sniper platform, heavy isn't an issue, especially considering that I am still young and well built from military service.

One thing I didn't realize was how long the magazines for the FSRs are. I believe I need to get a longer bi-pod, seeing as with the magazine in and bi-pod fully extended, they are roughly the same length. This can be an issue when shooting prone on the ground and I must elevate the marker to get a shot off. The magazine would end up being a pivot point, and that is no bueno.

Overall, I am very impressed with this marker at first glance. It is sturdy, well built, and Milsig seems to have fixed problems that were an issue with their previous K series. I am very excited to see what this thing can do once my scope is mounted and I can take it out to do some field tests and accuracy shooting. Expect a full write up with results and information sometime next week. I don't have a video camera aside from my phone, so I don't know how video will work, but I will take as many pictures of the range set up, target results, etc. as needed to post up here.

Nessy out. ^_^
"Sniping's a good job, mate! It's challenging work, out-of-doors... I guarantee you'll not go hungry, 'cause at the end of the day, as long as there are two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead."

-The Sniper
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I like to watch. ^_^
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February 9, 2013

So I got to test fire the Paradigm Pro today. Weather conditions were as follows:

Mostly sunny
47 F
Wind blowing E/SE at approximately 12 mph
Ranges fired: 20 and 30 yards

Targets used were Redhead 12" Bulls eye targets that can be found at any Bass Pro. Whats nice about these targets is that they show hits more clearly, as there is a neon yellow behind the black overlay, so the shots show more clearly. This is especially useful when shooting the FSRs. You can easily see point of impact even through the running paint.

Here she is, completely set up and tested. This is more than likely the set up I will be using at games down the road. It is a very simple set up with not many bells as whistles, but it works:

Hawke XB1 SR crossbow scope
HHA Optimizer
Caldwell 9"-13" adjustable bi pod
Marksman 14" barrel

Some may notice that I did not use a riser or an APR under my HHA Optimizer. I felt as though that since I am using a scope that is specifically made for the ranges and speeds I am shooting, there is no need to raise it up. I know that I will have to use hold over at ranges outside of 60 yards, but I am perfectly fine with that, in order to keep my profile as low as possible. All shots in this review were made with my VForce Grillz on, and I had absolutely no problem whatsoever bringing my eye to sight. Plenty of eye relief and the Optimizer brings up the scope just high enough where I can comfortable rest my cheek on the stock and zero in on the target. I am really happy about that. ^_^

Now its time for what everyone has been waiting for, my preliminary review. First off, let me say that this thing is loud. Maybe it was because I was firing from my dining room out of my back door and the sound echoed. I will have to test that again when I can get to a place I can shoot further ranges. Hopefully it was just my location, and the marker itself won't be as loud as it was during this round of testing.

I went and aired her up, and the first few shots came out hot around 335 fps, as expected. In fact, the first 5 shots out of the marker only deviated about +/- 5 fps, which really caught my attention early on. It did have its jumps once I adjusted the regulator, but what marker doesn't? After firing rounds and adjusting the chrono (they weren't joking. You have to fire test shots after adjusting to reset the reg, which ate up some of my FSRs.), I finally got it consistent. These were the final 6 shots once I got the chrono set:


Overall, a deviation of +/-4 fps. That is very impressive. Not as good as Chicago's or Trinity's SR1s, but impressive none the less.

My first grouping was 20 yards, standing, without zeroing the scope. Here are the results:

A very good grouping. Granted, while I was firing this, the wind was not blowing very hard. As my tests went on, the wind played a big part in the trajectory and it can be seen in my later results as it got colder and windier.

My second group was prone on bipod from 30 yards. Again, the wind wasnt blowing very hard, so the grouping was rather good.

Most rounds were sporadic, but all stayed within the 12" ring of the target.

3rd grouping was when the wind really started picking up, and I had to start holding over the scope to get the rounds on target. I'm not too good at judging the amount of holdover needed, and it shows in this grouping.

As you can see, it was a pain to fight the wind and get adjusted. First shot was high, next 4 were low because I over compensated. The last 5 were pretty close to center, and I use these as a relative gauge of the ability of the marker. Not a bad grouping, but could be better and a little more consistent.

The last grouping was probably my best, and I will tell you why. While the first 3 or 4 rounds were again, human error on my part due to wind adjustment, the last 6 were all in a roughly 3" x 3" grouping. I wasn't expecting this marker to have groups like that, especially in the wind.

As you can see, the last 6 were a very nice group. Now, all rounds hit the round target, and there were no misses, but the groupings were rather impressive, especially for such a rough test. I have 500 more FSRs coming sometime next week. Unfortunately, I wont be able to run any tests, seeing as I will be in California to spend time with my girlfriend for Valentine's Day, but rest assured that I will perform more tests at more ranges as soon as I get back.

Overall, the marker fired very nicely. The trigger pull was a bit hard, but very consistent, which I like a lot. I loved seeing the rounds fly to the target through the scope.

Tear down was a breeze. I saw the Hustle Paintball video of how to tear it down, but the video does not do the marker justice as to how easy it is to tear down, clean, and lube. I tore it down, cleaned, lubed, and put everything back together in 10 minutes, and that was only because I had to take off the HHA Optimizer. (the dial of the optimizer hangs down and blocks 2 of the Allen screws used to pull the HEAT core out). Everything slid back into place relatively easy and putting it together with the push pins was a snap.

The Marksman barrel is no joke. I have to do some research as to the bore size of it (I believe it is .688, but don't quote me on that) This barrel is spot on. It put paint exactly where the cross hairs were lined up. I am very confident that with the Hawke XB1 and this barrel, I can get very good groupings all the way out to 80 yards or more (as long as the wind behaves itself the next time I go out ^_^)
"Sniping's a good job, mate! It's challenging work, out-of-doors... I guarantee you'll not go hungry, 'cause at the end of the day, as long as there are two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead."

-The Sniper
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I like to watch. ^_^
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A review of my friend WhiteFeather who used it during Road to No Ends Scenario at Adventure Beach Paintball in Myrtle Beach, SC in late February.

OK. So Nessy was so nice as to inform me yesterday that I owed him a write up on the performance of the Paradigm Pro that I used at Myrtle Beach. UGH! I have been so busy over the last few weeks since that game that I all but forgot about it. I didn't actually forget. Other things just took precedence. Anyway, I have carved out some time to present you all with the following:

It was a cool and raining early morning upon arrival at Adventure Beach Paintball. Having departed Virginia at West Point around 2200 put us on site at 0430 Friday morning. We commenced to popping up a few tents and strapping the generator down to make a basic camp site. With power flowing to the War Wagon and lighting up and running we decided that the rest was best left for later in the day, after we had gotten some well deserved rest.

Nature calls at 0830 the same day. I can't hold it any longer and it just won't let me go back to sleep. Meh, no biggie I suppose. I was used to making it through several days of BS on little to no sleep. Ti's the life of a military man I suppose. Having handled my business, I roused my traveling companion and told him that the rain was letting up, we ought to set up the rest of the camp while we had a reprieve from Mother Nature pissing on our fun! He gave me the finger and rolled over. I figured that meant for me to give him another 20-30 before trying again. LOL.

I knew where our forces would start. Dislocated and without an actual command post, we had a hospital zone to regen at until such time that we acquired enough field position to establish a CP elsewhere. With this in mind I decided to set out and see what changes might have been implemented on the field since my last visit here a year ago. Not much had changed other than the ridiculous amount of growth that was apparently left unattended to for the last 360+ days. No matter though, I could already see how this was going to play to my advantage. I pulled my drag bag out, unfurled, and unzipped. I gathered as much as I could from the ground and the trees. My woodland ghillie was going to need to be supplemented in order to blend more effectively. Traveling throughout the field I noted all the good firing lanes and best tracks for travel and movement. I knew these would play greatly to my advantages as the initial fury died off after game -on.

I returned to camp to find my companion finally out of the bunk. I gave him the rundown of what I saw and where we would be most effective. He nodded and went, "OK". (He was a first time sniper running my T9.1). I giggled and carried on. We got the remaining portions of the camp set up and went out for breakfast. The rest of the team was still 3-4 hours out. As we devoured our grub the rain decided that it was going to make another appearance. Unfortunately, the rain also decided that it was going to stay with us for the remainder of the day, through the night and into the next day (game day).

Team arrival went down as was expected and many greetings had by all. The remaining portions of camp were set and we decided to make a night out with friends for dinner and a few laughs. What wasn't so funny was what would come the next day.

As all players prepared to hit the field Saturday morning, the clouds continued to pour water on the venue. My team was rather frustrated with the conditions but decided that they weren't going to play in the rain and the mud that was plaguing the field. To make matters worse, one of our fellow teams was at the helm as the general and yet another team from our neck of the woods decided that they weren't going to play either. I actually couldn't believe what I was hearing. But, I wasn't going to let that stop me or get me down. My partner felt the same way.

Note: The spelling of the locations may seem to be full of typos. They are not. That was how they were spelled on the player's map.

DAY 1:
Lo and behold, the rain decides that it is going to cease just 10 minutes before game on. Although my team and all the other fair weather players had already made tracks for their hotels. Knowing our side was already at a 3:1 disadvantage I decided that it would b best for me and my noob to hold back and let the grunts do their thing to establish a skirmish line as the bird banger went off. As this situation unfolded I led my partner into the Pine Needle Forrest to split the 2 trails that would take the infantry men to The Fortress. Noob took the right side of the split and I took the left. We buggered in and crawled into a good position facing The Fortress, belly crawling for about 30 yards through the thick brush. Along the way we noted the OpFor's attempt to flank our position from the left but soon realized that the enemy was met by our own troops. We were safe for now and chose to engage the OpFor holding at the Fortress. Shooting through the brush proved difficult. But, we were able to score a few kills at 30-35 yds to help thin the numbers our ground pounders were facing. For the shots that I was able to get through the Paradigm Pro was right on the money. In the clearing, our targets hid behind spools, pallets, and concrete culvert piping. Our targets didn't give more than a head or a head and marker to aim at for any given shot. We eliminated at least 2 guys each through all that mess before our left flank started to fall apart. Inevitably, OpFor closed our position and bled into the forest. We turned to engage but only managed one certain kill before we ourselves were taken out.

Respawning was a tough situation as we realized our falling flank was the cause for our immediate elimination once we tried to push back into Pine Needle Forrest. Our second reentry met with different strategy. I took my compatriot with me to our rear most position along the tape line from our respawn location. We were safe for the time being but with no target and no objective. I radioed into HQ for directive. They told us to just go do our thing. So that was exactly what we did.

We traveled light and cautiously into the Abiss, through the Owl's Den, and on into Mithgarr far to the North. We met no resistance what so ever until we came to the road that split Mithgarr from the Hidden Forrest. Across the road way, The Trail of Dragons, we saw several figures moving through the foliage. Engaging them would have been fruitless so I advised my understudy to dig in and sit tight. Unbeknownst to us we were followed at distance by a few of our own troops that were about 50 yards to our right side, directly in line with the OpFor traveling through Hidden Forrest. Once the paint started to fly we would make our move. Engagement was furious between our troops and theirs, but it gave us the distraction we needed to cross the road with minimal threat of detection.

Once we made our crossing we got low and made ourselves ready to support the troops to our right. I came through the middle of the woods and my partner made way left keeping back 20 or so yards. We crept into a good position where we had the most targets in view and shortened our range to target to around 30 yards. I took aim, I fired! "Tango down", came the report from my partner. A small adjustment, aim, fire! Again, "Tango down". I heard the report from my T9.1 followed by the cursing and complaining of a player just 30 feet from left side. An OpFor we had missed on our initial observation entering the area had emerged from some reeds as he tried to flank me. However, My buddy got him first. As my sphincter loosened a bit I gave him a radio report, "Tango down.....bitch!" We had a quick laugh but got right back to business as we crawled a bit more forward. Our troops were starting to break through across the road and into The Hidden Forrest. Though, it wouldn't last long. Respawning troops of the opposition began to flood the area and push our men back. One silly guy decided he was going to try and flank me again but he assumed that we might have moved up further than we actually had. As his head popped up from the reeds he took a good look around and thought he was in the clear. He was wrong! As he stood up and stepped up to a tree I shifted to my weak hand and "off" eye to minimize my movement. At 20 yds, how could I miss? I didn't miss, a the shot cracked home on the side of his mask he let out one hell of a shocked yell. However, what I had missed in just a few simple seconds was the other guys in front of him that had moved up and spread out wide. Once my shot went off they spun around to find me. My partner took down 2 but was overrun 2 more as was I. Eliminated once more, we stood up and bagged our markers to start our walk to the dead zone. The guy that eliminated me said that the ghillie was really effective. He had no idea where I was until he spotted my boots. As I looked down I realized that the muddy conditions of the field had caused the skirt of the ghillie suit around my feet to become clumpy and caked and not providing the most effective cover as it should have. Live and learn, eh?

Our closest dead zone was right behind us. We met there with some of the ground pounders we were supporting in the last skirmish. As a netted area we unmasked and fired up a few smokes as we discussed what to do next. We noted that the guys who took us out were making way across the road and into Mithgarr. It wouldn't be long before they were onto of our temporary HQ and giving our boys some serious troubles. We all agreed that we should finish up and reenter the game ASAP. Donning masks once more, we left the hospital zone of DZ 2 and made way back up toward the Owl's Den through Mithgarr. It didn't take long for us to catch the OpFor ahead of us. Easy pickings for the grounders as we snipers covered the rear and trailed behind. Radio with HQ told us that they were already engaged with a few of the OpFor that were ahead. We would catch them soon enough. Maybe it was too soon?

Not wanting to get into an all out fire fight I took my noob directly south and into the Dragon's Den, hoping that we might be able to find good cover and make an approach from the enemies flank to engage. As we entered the area of Dragon's Den we found it unoccupied but the OpFor flag was raised here. That changed immediately! From our rear, 2 walk-on ground pounders enter the area and asked me what was going on. I started to hear marker fire pushing our way as I told them to take up a position in the bunkers and get ready to engage. At that moment a stream of balls goes zinging right past my head as the familiar sound of close marker fire erupted from the surrounding foliage sending me straight on my back and to the ground hard. I yelled for them to engage and radioed my partner to head for the outlying woodlands and take a position with eyes on the flag station. I composed myself and put my hood back up. When I heard marker fire from all around me. I rolled over and poked out from behind the tire stack I was laying next to. There! Just 8 feet in front of me was a bunker made of tarp stretched between 2 trees. I heard the youngsters in our company calling out as they were quickly over run by the invading forces. Then the head of the player behind the tarp popped up! I rolled a bit left and angled the Paradigm Pro sideways at his dome. In retrospect, I kinda felt sorry for the guy as I pulled the trigger and blasted him square in the face! It was like watching the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. He was there, he was shot, then he disappeared. No time to dwell though. I rolled over on my back to be greeted by 3 markers coming over the tires in my direction. Wildly firing i put 2 into one guy as the other 2 lit me up like a Christmas tree in Times Square. So much for that encounter. Down side to that whole thing was that the optics on the marker took a direct hit at close range. Popped the glass out of the cover and filled the lens with thick paint. Clean up was about to go down for sure. I watched as I exited the area for the flag to get flipped. As it did, my buddy pops the guy on the flag. The remaining guys look at me like, "WTF?" I shrugged and backed away. They started to search for another, following the sound trail of the last shot. Then......Boom! Another one bites the dust! I start laughing like a psychopath when the guy that remains tells me to "Shut the f*ck up!". Boom!!! Aaaaand another one gone! I fell over laughing. As the eliminated OpFor leave the area a gaggle of friendlies enters the zone to flip the flag back to our color. My partner calls himself out and gets up from his hide. We do a quick fist bump and walk off field for paint and air. There would be more to tell of this day but it was mostly uneventful. Not too bad for a days work.

Day 2:
Day 2 was met with more trouble than anticipated. At the close of day one, our side had managed to get a foot hold in The Fortress. This was good overall as we were in need of a much better base of operations. Set in the middle of a clearing with surrounding bunkerage, we had a huge berm in the front of us and woodlands to either side of that. The berm had a pond on the other side of it that made long range engagement a reality for anyone stupid enough to attack from that direction. But they tried it nonetheless. We spent the entirety of the second day on base defense posted up on the berm as sharp shooters covering all directions as needed.

As soon as we were met with force it was apparent to me that the shot I had taken in the scope the day before had jostled the optics out of alignment. The zero was screwed! I uncapped the adjustment knobs on the XB1 and tried to make adjustments on the fly as I noted where shots were going squirrely. This would plague me for the remained of the day! I got my fair share of kills for the day, but not without much frustration and a lot of wasted FSRs. On the bright side, I didn't get eliminated once the entire day for this portion of the game. By the time we were in the last 20 or so minutes of the game I was rather confident that I had adjusted the zero back into a 30 yrd range successfully. Little did I know at the time how right I was. My best and longest shot(s) were yet to come.

Final Battle:
For the onset of final battle, our side was starting in the vicinity of the Hidden command post and the OpFor was starting amidst the structures of the town. Bang! Bird banger goes off and the only good tactic I can see is to try and move up the left flank through the woods along the outskirts of the town. This was a short lived plan as the OpFor though that we would likely go there first. They were right and we were quickly pushed away. I backed away from the area to let the ground pounders take on that mess. Instead, I opted to go to the path to the right and do some distance shooting as would become feasible. This was in error to try. From my position so far back, I was constantly yelling at refs to get out of my firing lane. Some would, for a little while, while others ignored me completely. So, unfortunately some of the refs got shot. They weren't pleased. Oh well, I tried to warn them. I decided to move up to a tire stack on the roadway towards town. This also would turn out to be a bad idea. I was poking in and out from cover to take shots as was a guy who moved in behind me. As he was snap shooting, he ducked for cover and accidentally shot me in the back of the head at point blank range. OMG, was I pissed. I gotta give it to the guy though. He was super apologetic. LOL. I retreat to the respawn post and stopped to gather my senses once more when I happened to see a wide opening in the boundary between the woodlands and the town. I moved a bit to the left for a better angle and there I saw a bunker in the distance of the clearing. 2 guys poking in and out from there giving hell to the friendlies on the road at the tire stacks. I popped out the bi-pod and went prone. I was guessing at the range as my range finder was back at base camp. I thought maybe 50 yds? I took the shot lined up on the 3rd reticule down. Being zeroed at 30yds would have put me there if I was reading the scope correctly. However, the shot was a miss. It was way too low and struck the bunker about 2 feet right of intended impact. I wasn't about to start messing with the adjustment screws so I started to wing it. Some quick geometry in my head and I was able to adjust for the drift. I was angling almost all the way down to the top of the line at the bottom of the scope. Deep breath in, slow exhale, hold, squeeze. BOOM! Headshot!! A second shot lands on the second guy's shoulders. The area in that bunker was clear. I moved in and made way to the tree line. There I found a sweet spot to sit in covered by thin trees, baby pines. At this range, 30-40yds, I was shootin' fools left and right. A few times I was taking suppression fire, but that never lasted long. I stayed in it for the duration of the game at that very spot and racked up more kills than I had the entire second day up to final battle. After the game, I went back to the spot where I made the 2 long shots from and measured it with my range finder.........68 yds!

At the awards ceremony following the game, our general was gracious enough to award my partner and I the Special Services Award for our support roles in his battle. And.....we won the game.

The Paradigm Pro is a great platform. The construction of the marker is solid and the reliability is great. I never broke a single FSR in the thing all weekend. The sound signature is rather impressive in my opinion. This thing is seriously quiet for being an air gun. I can only imagine what a silencer would do to make it even more quiet. Consistency of the rounds at range is a little lacking though. I attribute this to the bore size of the barrel that came with this marker. Given that the .683 LAPCO on my T9.1 is busting FSRs I can only assume that this barrel is considerably larger than that (Nessy help me out here). Anyway, I would like to see a barrel for it that is in the .686 or .687 zone for diameter. I think it would go a long way toward improving the accuracy of the marker. If on the other hand it already has this, I don't know what to tell you all. From 20-30 yds it was spot on. Beyond that, it was a little sloppy. Still though, I enjoyed playing with it.
"Sniping's a good job, mate! It's challenging work, out-of-doors... I guarantee you'll not go hungry, 'cause at the end of the day, as long as there are two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead."

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My final, and most thorough shooting test done on March 30, 2013.

Did some more shooting and testing today. Took it out to a local field and played a few quick games. I have pictures and a full write up coming with results. I took the Para Pro out to 80 yards, and was rather surprised at what I saw. I will post more after I clean up and get some food in me.

On a side note, during play at the local field today, they played Protect the President. The guy who was playing the president talked a little smack to me before the game started, since I was playing on the side of the snipers tasked to take him out. Nothing speaks louder than a mask shot at 72 yards. (and yes, I lasered him with a range finder prior to firing. Took two shots. First was high and made him duck. I made a quick adjustment, and when he popped back up, I got him right in the mask. ^_^)

Review from March 30, written the next day:

So, yesterday, I headed out to a small local field nearby to chrono the Para Pro in after its cleaning to make sure I was where I wanted to be. I made a few adjustments, and I got it to fire ten shots at 283 +/- 2fps. After having everyone at the field ask me all kinds of questions concerning the markers and telling me how awesome they looked (I took my modded TM7 out there as well), the refs approached me and asked me to lead up a sniper team for the Protect the President game they were gonna play. I got 6 guys and we all spread out across the woods. I won't go into too much detail, because I want to get to the meat of my write up, but its was 7 on 35+ and we took out over half of them prior to taking out the president. It was pretty fun and it was a blast having people's jaws drop looking at and handling the Para Pro. Everyone was pretty intimidated. lol.

On to the rest. After playing around a bit, I headed off to the road I shot at last time with full air and 115 FSRs at my disposal. My roommate came along with me and played as my spotter to help me see the target.

To start, I got my .686 back from I replaced the Marksman barrel with my HH Bangstixx barrel and the Flasc Suppressor. Everything else was as same as last time. The weather was partly cloudy. Temp was around 58, and there was very little wind (maybe 3-5 mph, and that's when it picked up.)

Zeroing in at 20 yards

I took 5 shots for the zero to make sure my scope hadn't changed. This is what I got.

I didn't have to make many adjustments. It looked pretty good to me. lol.

I then took it out to 40 yards. I fired 9 rounds at the target. (I was running low on FSRs, so I loaded the magazines less than full to shoot more targets with the TM7 later) Here are the results from the 40 yard shooting.

3 rounds were right on top of each other. All others were still within a 6"x7" grouping. A lot better grouping at 40 yards than with the Marksman barrel.

I then backed it out to 60 yards. This is where my roommate helped out a lot. He called the shots as they hit. Low, high, left, right. It was great and a huge help. He even took some photos of me while I shot so that I could share them with you. ^_^

Adjusting the HHA for 60 yards.

Shooting the 60 yard group.

9 rounds at 60 yards. One went low (the first shot) because I got a little jerky with the trigger pull. the rest were pretty much on target. Not a bad grouping and a lot better than with the stock Marksman barrel.

The final grouping of the day was at 80 yards. It took me some time to get the HHA set and to figure out which reticule to use to hit the target consistently. I honestly will consider getting the Killjoy APR to put underneath the HHA, because I strongly believe that anything outside of 70 yards will require more adjustment to effectively use the reticules properly on the scope. It will probably be my next purchase for both the Para Pro and the SAR 12 when it gets in. It is not needed from 60 yards and in, but once you get to 70+ yards, the extra elevation is definitely needed.

Here is the final group of the day. 2 mags at 6 rounds each, total of 12 shots on target. 10 of 12 were 12"x12" and the two that missed were just barely in the red.

I have had long discussions with White Feather about rifled vs. smooth bore and which one would give the most consistent accuracy. I had toyed with getting a CP 16" smooth bore with .685 bore to do some testing with it, but after seeing the groupings I managed with the HH rifled barrel, I think that this barrel will be staying on my marker for the foreseeable future. I love the groupings it gave me, and unless I have total confidence that a smooth bore will give me better results, I think that this barrel combination will be on this marker for a long time. ^_^
"Sniping's a good job, mate! It's challenging work, out-of-doors... I guarantee you'll not go hungry, 'cause at the end of the day, as long as there are two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead."

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That's really awesome. Beautiful setup, very much where the Para shines is as a marksman platform. AFG is nice. That scope setup is also hot, like the Optimizer setup.

Care to elaborate on the exact Barrel setup you have now? And maybe the rest of your setup? It's hard to parse from the wall of text you have now, which is great btw.

I'm running the Para with the stock Marksman Barrel, and I'm having similar results as you were. Good, not perfect, but defintely impressive enough. Your groupings seem really nice the with the new barrel setup tho and if I were to buy a secondary barrel to use, I'm curious what you had the most success with.

I also really am envious of the Adjustable riser setup you have, is the Optimizer definitely worth the price, or would something like the Killjoy be a better initial investment?

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The current barrel I have on there is a Hammerhead Bangstixx barrel with a .686 backer and a Flasc suppressor. Based on the testing I have done, this barrel set up is quieter and more accurate than the stock Marksman barrel. Below is my complete set up that I am running for now.

Hammerhead Bangstixx barrel with .686 backer
Flasc Suppressor
HHA Optimizer
Hawke XB1 crossbow
Caldwell 9-13" adjustable bipod

The set up is quite simple, yet is extremely accurate out to 80 yards. Right now, I have my scope zeroed in at 20 yards, but I plan on extending that out to 40 yards, so when I get the full travel of the Optimizer, I can get it out to 100 yards. I will be doing more elaborate testing at longer ranges once I get home from deployment.

If you are going to get a secondary barrel, I would highly recommend getting a Hammerhead. The Battlestix is probably the shortest you can go with the shroud thats on the marker, and thats 14" with tip. I use the Bangstixx, which is 16" with tip. Currently, with the backer, barrel, and suppressor, my barrel is about 19 inches in total length from receiver to tip. Honestly, you should get the Hammerhead as a primary. It is much better and more accurate. I fire FSRs exclusively, so I got the .686 backer to match the diameter of the FSR as closely as possible.

Each riser is different. The Killjoy gives more range of movement, but it is in larger blocks. The HHA Optimizer adjusts in much finer increments, so it is very precise, but it doesn't have the full range that the Killjoy does. Thats why I am going to adjust my zero to 40 yards. Also, the Killjoy has a higher profile than the Optimizer. I know several people (Trinity on this forum comes to mind) who use the Killjoy and the HHA in tandem, using one for large changes and the other for minute adjustments. I prefer only having one, and I like the lower profile of the Optimizer.

It really comes down to what you plan on using your platform for. Mine is set up specifically for mid to long range eliminations, as well as to be used as long range support for a squad. I have other markers that I will be setting up for extreme long range shooting, as well as forward recon use. You just gotta figure out what works best for you. Happy Hunting! ^_^
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