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FloryPB's Freak Boring Service

Little back story as to how I found Andrew: had a freak insert stuck in a poorly bored Phantom barrel (received from previous owner when I bought my Phantom.) Post a thread looking for ideas of how to get it out since I was having no luck. Andrew posted that he could get it out and refinish the barrel so it wouldn't get stuck. Figured if he could do that he can probably bore my stock Phantom barrel (poorly bored one is black, stock one is matching black and blue acid wash.) He agreed to remove the insert, re-bore the botched barrel, and bore my 2nd barrel. Shipped them out, he let me know he got them and that he had succeeded in getting the insert out. Less than a week turn around between shipping both ways and him doing the work.

Phenomenal work. Best bored barrels I've used. Finish is perfectly smooth inside both barrels, no rough patches. Inserts line up perfected (all 8 I have in my SS kit, .682-.697) previous barrels couldn't handle all sizes or some sizes were slightly loose. For the price, communication, and work he does, there is nothing better. Got a few more barrels I plan on sending him in the future.
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I'll add my thoughts and appreciation here for Andrew's work, having just received my phantom barrel back from his shop. Prospective customers should note the following:

1. Excellent communication. Andrew was extremely responsive in PM's, getting back to me before, during, and after the work was performed. VERY thorough comms like this are the mark of a true professional and I have had plenty of transactions for high-end markers that didn't approach the level of this $20 service. Heck, he even sent me pics of the barrel, post bore. Nice!

2. Excellent judgment. If you've seen his thread, you see the actual machine he's using and gain the reassurance that comes with knowing your barrel will be handled expertly. Andrew is up front about what he can NOT do, which I think is important. No games. And if Andrew tells you he can do a job, you end up feeling like "Yes, I can feel confident he can do what he says."

3. Excellent results. At the end of the day, the key question is…is the bore good? And folks, is it ever. I use Aluminum, Stainless, and Ty's Brass for inserts--it's a hodgepodge in my freak case. In every case, the inserts magically float in and out of the barrel--no wiggle or wobble, but also not binding. It's like the insert is carried on a little magic cloud just to its exact right position--down to the micron. Now, maybe I just got lucky, but it seems to me that lots of people asking him to do these bores come back with similar experiences. Oh, and the edges and step are smooth and flawlessly clean.

4. Excellent value. Andrew didn't ask for payment until after the work was done. $20 plus return shipping makes this a very good deal. Also, I was won over by the less than one week turnaround.

One thing I haven't seen so far is a comparison between this service and any of the other freak boring services on this site. I used to have a Phantom with a stock barrel bore done by a fellow who is generally well respected around these parts and who I would have sent this barrel to if I hadn't used this service. I kinda wish I still had that Phantom barrel…I might have tried to do a side by side, although who knows what it would have shown.

I have nothing bad to say about any other freak boring options. That said, if I have another barrel to freak, I'll send it to Andrew again because I don't think you can beat his combination of (1) price, (2) speed, (3) quality results, and (4) the intangible feeling that you're dealing with a consummate perfectionist.
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I think the above poster sums up my experience as well. Had a two piece furious barrel bored and a phantom barrel. Both came back working as they should and customer service was above the bar. I'm especially happy with the furious. I wasn't sure if it could be done and to be honest was surprised when I read his pm that read and showed that the work was done, it was that quick. Very happy with the results and would be happy to recommend doing business with Andrew.

Hopefully I'll update this post in the future with some pics but if curious the pics in beginning of his boring service thread are those of my barrels and they work great.

Sorry for the late review, sometimes I can procrastinate. Unlike Andrew.

Thanks again,
- Mark
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