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Retro review: Daisy Model 800 Point Sight

I'm a fan of unpowered dot sights, so when I got this little gadget in a mystery box from I&I sports I was eager to check it out.

From what I've read, this sight was intended for use with Daisy's various airguns and was released around 1985. Its shape and general design will be familiar to anyone who has experience with the various cheap illuminated LED sights put out by Daisy and Brass Eagle in the 1990s. It's a four-piece plastic construction, with an inner unit containing the lens and objective element which is suspended in the outer mounting housing by adjustable screws, which control your windage and elevation.

What makes this sight kind of neat is that instead of an LED, you're looking at the reflection of a small vinyl sticker with a fluorescent etching on it. This sticker can be swapped out and multiple pattern choices are included on a sticker sheet. The idea is that bright sunlight will make the orange pattern stand out in sharp contrast to its black background, and when you look through the sight a partial reflection of this pattern will be visible in the lens.

In practice, it works quite well... in bright sunlight. I really like the crosshair sticker option and the adjustment knobs work just fine- with a few shots I was able to get my Phantom to go right where the crosshairs met.

The downside is that bright sunlight is absolutely crucial for this sight to be at all function. If I stepped back into the shade of a tree the pattern became extremely dim. Shooting from a dark area into an area with bright sunlight will render the reticule nearly invisible. Armson-type OEGs (which also function on ambient light) and, obviously powered illuminated dot sights do not share this weakness.

So, in conclusion, this is a neat gadget but its dependency on large amount of ambient light keeps it from being a viable option for most paintball situations. I also have some doubts about the durability of this gadget to withstand a paintball strike, so I will probably not subjecting it to an in-game test.

In direct sunlight:

Clouds passing overhead

In shade

For comparison, 32 Degrees "Magnum" OEG sight, also in shade:

BSA Huntsman 30mm red/green/blue dot sight:

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