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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
Pattent issue; I'm guessin Colin owns it. Lapco's closed.
HUH? LAPCO is still open for business last I heard (who knows for how long though).

Colin had been an employee of LAPCO for some time I think. The Ghost is not patented as far as I know, but I'm pretty sure that the designs/tooling/parts stayed with LAPCO.

WHERE do you come up with some of this stuff splattttttt?
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With Colin gone, he heart is no longer there, it's just that soulless chick who tried to stop Blowfish from selling the Grey Ghost over ebay. With no soul, the company will slowly spiral into worse and worse products and more of a cutthroat corporate attitude, unlike how Colin worked with Mike Casady and others to upgrade the Grey Ghost. Then the company will slowly die.
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CD, I remember during a brief period after the split, that both the forum and Lapco website were gone. I just never went back due to that most people's comments were leaning towards a departure from business as usual.
I'm glad to see that I'm wrong (T/Y). I should have probably done a more extensive follow up on Lapco.
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I have a feeling Lapco will pull an AKA and abandon any new products and just try to stick with what they have after thier founder left. I don't expect to see any new products to come out of Lapco any time soon.
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Indeed, but it would be nice to see them re-release some of there old accesories.(as pervously stated)

O well, to bad I guess.
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Originally Posted by aqua_scummm View Post
The only issue I have with the phantoms, the pump only having 1 rod and thus being slightly wobbly, they don't seem to address. Add to that the fact that phantom comes in more colors, and is cheaper, gives me no reason to get a Ghost.

Too bad too, they are beautiful markers
totally agree
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Just so you know, Painthappy, you will probably need to swap the green/yellow main for a phantom main (either a red or a silver, i forget). When mine came I didnt have a chrono, but on flat ground the ball went about 50' at best, couldnt have been more than 200fps.


(BTW: Mine was 203 lol)
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Crispy: You switched it out for a red main spring.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
we're talking about camping, not being homeless
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so this is basically a lapco model of the phantom correct?
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Originally Posted by hangman015 View Post
so this is basically a lapco model of the phantom correct?
Other way around

red valve green main for NE on the ghost
Originally Posted by Azzy;

I think we are being hit by a tsunami of stupidity.
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