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Review on Oregon Hydrographics

It's finally done. I thought it looked great once it was together. Still have a little tweaking to do, but it's ready to shoot. Thanks to Oregon Hydrographics for an excellent Job.

Price is quoted by number of parts you send. It is best to contact Mike and also EMAIL him a picture of what you want done. There has been a confusion to the price I paid. My Price is not a standard price. It was based on the number of parts that I sent in.

Another important thing to know is this. Mike does not take guns apart, nor assemble them. That is totaly on the person who owns the gun. DURA Coat cannot be used for a finish. Mike is still working with a local guy to figure out how to use Dura Coat for a permanent coating

This process doesnot remove any anodizing. The gun parts are scuffed with sand paper then it is cleaned to remove all impurities, then the base coat is applied. From base coat to cure time is a 24hr window.
For information on the dipping process, please see videos.

YouTube - a camouflage paint stock
YouTube - Wassertransferdruck by Sturm Exclusive

As you can see in the videos,what Mike has explained to me,it's just water pressure pushing up on the part as it's pushed down or at an angle.The film is coated with the activator that sticks to the base coat.
All holes are plugged up before dipping.

Oregon Hydrographics

In my opinion the only prep work needed is the gun getting painted with the adhesive paint. Your gun doesn't need to be anodized,just send Raw parts. They are unique patterns and cost less than a custom anodizing job. That multi color parts gun you have laying around can now get one even coat of film on it. Great patterns for milsim guns. Can get team guns in same pattern. Don't like it after a while,drop it in paint thinner, scrub it off and get a new cover. Doesn't change you tolerences no matter how many times you change out the design.

Well you can't get an acid wash if that's your flavor. If you don't want your gun painted or scuffed,then this isn't for you. No fades,unless there is film that I haven't seen yet.

Middle of the road feelings:
A whole gun cost about the same price a single color anodized gun. However you really get more. Take a camo pattern for instance. A custom anodizing or dura coat would cost a few hundred. There is no buffing prep or bead blasting. Dura coat still requires cleaning and scuffing as well as a base coat,just like hydrographing. There is not a limit on what a tray can hold,but as with all of these methods,there is a charge for extra parts. Hey you have to set limits at some point.

My feelings
It's something new. It's good for the sport and it's a cheaper alternative. If you think your going to have this in a week,because you have a tourney in a week,it's not happening. I've let Mike know about issues such as this. I think a 10 day turn around time is perfect. That 10 days DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TO HIM OR YOU GETTING IT BACK. That 10 days is his time alloted to do the job. I really hope that Mike does well. I hope that this becomes yet another choice that players have in the sport.

My experiance so far has been a good one. I have been on the phone with the owner Mike Cole several time. Yes I have been bugging him and checking progress and asking questions. He's a real nice guy and I imagine this will turn out well for him in the future. He has answered all my questions,talked with me about the process that my marker will be going thru.
He is very new to paintball,so he's understanding that all paintball guns aren't the same. So sending a picture to him and discussing the gun on the phone would be a great courtesy to him.
I think I'm the first Sniper/Auto Cocker he's done.
I know there is a guy from Oregon on this board who is having some team work done as well. So if he has trouble with my Sniper, or any other marker,could you please help him out with all the differences of the guns..

I think this will be a good thing for many in the future. You will actually have the option of anodizing or Hydrographic covering. Compared to some prices on camo anodizing, this seems like a better alternative.

How this came to be:
I was going to use another company on the East Coast. However I dragged my feet once again contemplating this process. Then Oregon Hydrographics pops up out of nowhere on MCB. Figured it was only a State away and with in driving distance if I wanted to deliver this personally. I did think about this for a while.
I noticed no one on MCB was going to take the chance, so I figured why not. Well after a few emails and some calls I was comfortable with my desicion to send out my gun. Money is tight all around,so I have to get as many BANGS FOR MY BUCKS as I can.
I also asked about Skull patterns and Mike directed me to a site that carried what I needed. The pattern was originolly for his partners riding gear (Tell him thanks for bitting the bullet on the skulls).I really appreciate him giving up the graphic for me.

There was one snag. I had a two piece barrel. Neither one of use knew which was the top of the barrel. This was important for the joining seam on the Freak Tip I sent. The seam has to be to the bottom of the barrel. So had to pack up the Freak Back and get it off to him. So a small delay on the base coat.
This is important information to know. Even if you are just sending in a barrel.

Pictures of freshly dipped gun:

Received the first set of pictures today. I did not receive any with what a base coat looks like on the parts. However if you look at the videos you can see what the actual process is. Base coate doesnot determine the color of white items. Here are the pictures of a freshly dipped gun:

The Frame:

The Barrel:

The Body:

These parts are waiting for a clear coat. I asked Mike to spray it down with the shiney stuff. You actually get a choice of coating type. From dull to shiney.
Note how all holes are plugged and that the decal, even adheared to the inside of trigger frame. Another point of critique is the seam on the barrel. I'm really going to look at that. I'll post UP CLOSE PICTURES of everything. So far Iam very impressed with the service that I have received from Oregon Hydrographics.

Clear coated parts:

More updated pictures. Mike sent me these pictures today. I like it. The first picture shown is the barrel seam. It's on the bottom of the barrel so it will never be seen. I'd probably really have to look for this. However since it is a close up you can see it. I know as I post this on various sites there will me be some 14 yr old pro who knows everything saying " you wouldn't get a seam if it was anodized". I also told Mike to expect this type of comment. If your worried about a seam,then this isn't for you.

Next is a front half body shot. Basically to show the "no seam visual". I think the chrome brings it out. Can't wait to get the other chrome parts on.

Next is a full body shot.

Here is a picture with the barrel sock. It has 1000d Cordura under it. I think Mom out did herself on this one. Ignore the upside down body,Wife took the picture and I'm still in San Diego. So I'm talking her thru bulk up loading on photo bucket and set ups lol.

So let's finish this review up. Now that I have had a chance to actually look at this, I really like it more than when I saw the pictures.
It is very shiney and coated well.

The pictures show like a chocolate swirl, or something out of a Horror movie effect in the bolt are. That is ment in a good way. I liked how the Skulls blend in with each other.This is where it all came together. It gives it that Psyco look.
This gun was extensivly milled. So just trying to get everything perfect was hard enough. The swirl/Phsyco look gives it Character.

The body was actually masked in half. No choice in the matter. I knew that going in. I'm sure the WAVE milling was a challange all it's own.

I'm including pictures of the gun bottom ,top, and side views. I'm also including pictures of the frame. I want you to see how everything is covered.

Have to actually post this as an update. Frame completed.

CustomSkullGunwithSPDGrips.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well the last of the parts arrived. It includes the Front block,the SC feed tube and a CCI quick change. They were all done very nice. I can't think of any thing else to have done. Now I just need to get the other parts and put it all back together.

Feed Tube:
Here is a side view with the site slot. This is the side that was seamed:

180 view:

Front Block:
I'll show several views of this. There are alot of holes on this part. Not one bit of paint or graphic was found in any hole.
However the most important area is the side view of the graphic. Let's be honest, the front will be covered by pneunatics and the back won't even be seen:

Front view:

Rear view:

Left side:

Right side:

CCI quick change:
This came out real nice. Yes I know there is still Red showing, but you just don't want to paint on threads. This part will never be seen,since it screws into the ASA and the Bucket changer.

Non seam side:

This is the side with the seam:

Finally Together:

Well we have come to the end of this review. I'm personally happy it's done lol. For the price of a single color Splash ano, I was able to get something I liked. It also fit my personality. This is a great process. I hope someone doesn't ruin it by trying to trash Or. Hyd. on the internet if their item doesn't arrive on time due to a Holiday. However there are those people out there.

These are very nice people that are providing us a unique service. Once again paintball has a new flavor
I'm positive we will see alot of more personalized guns out on the fields with this product spread across them

Now the question is, would I use them again. Well I have a body ready for some covering if that means anything .

Was I happy with the work? Yes I was.
I think it gives the players more options than just anodizing. It's new and the process can only get better and popular with more paintball guns being done.
So give Mike Cole a call and get a price for your next project.


26 Dec 2010

So Mike Cole and the crew at Oregon Hydrographics have done it once again. They have made the POW/MIA gun come to life with this beautiful "Shadow Barb Wire" Pattern. This pattern will also be going on the Team SP1 as soon as we get it. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. Being prior service this is something that is "Near and Dear to my Heart".

So without wasting anymore time,here is the finished product:

Chosen pattern:

Shop pictures:

Final assembly pictures:

Oregon Hydrographics also sponsors Team Black Rain. We really appreciate all the help they have given us over the season and into our next. They give our guns the unique look that we want as a team and help us stand out on and off the field. The work as usual is quality and that's all we expect.

This will by far not be a "Trailer Queen" this will be one of our main guns for the 2011 season. No use in building one if you are not going to play with it. I can always have it recovered again.


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Price? How long has it been gone? Must see those pictures!!!!

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im debating of letting him work on one of my pump mags, his work looks awesome

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Photo update.
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Dude... That is Awesome... seriously gives my some ideas for my next project. I was not thinking that you get things that detailed...

Was the gun bare aluminum or did you have it done a base ano color?

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Very nice!
How durable is that stuff vs a typical anodize/powdercoat/plating job?
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Dang that thing is good looking.
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The body was bare aluminum. The freak tip and frame were anodized,and still are. I will be posting more pics this week. Mike is going to email me some pictures of an item getting scuffed up and then primered. He didn't take any while my gun was going thru this process.
I'm told thid stuff is very strong. It's going to get clear coated today.
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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
I'm told thid stuff is very strong. It's going to get clear coated today.
What kinda clear? If you can get this kinda pattern with the solidity of a clear duracoat, you have got one fine lookin, sturdy marker!
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