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Tippmann Pro/Carbine review

Here's my review, also over at

Period of Product Use:
More than 5 years

Recommended Upgrades:
  • Either polish the barrel or get an aftermarket barrel. A-5 barrels have the same threading
  • Rear velocity adjuster (RVA)

  • Reliability
  • Easy/inexpensive to maintain
  • Great for "do it yourself" paintball hobbyists
  • no chops

  • Design of trigger/sear are simple, unrefined
  • Biggest problem can be inconsistent FPS on CO2


My pro/carbine now seems like an antique compared to the electro-markers that rec-ballers show up with today. I started balling again after almost 3 years and I got a lot of comments about my pro/carbine, mainly of the "what the heck is that" variety. Compared to the $199 electros you see on the field today, this marker is becoming the equivalent of a Civil War musket.

On the other hand, it appears that the milsim markers being produced enmasse today are direct descendants of the pro/carbine. A lot of custom milsim markers are being built today that use the pro/carbine as their base. The rifle-like appearance of the marker will be appealing to woods-ballers. The fore-grip is obviously a holdover from the pump days of paintball, and many pro/carbine owners cut off the foregrip (the so-called "combat feed" mod) in favor of a vertical ASA.

Other than barrels and a vertical adapter, there are not very many "drop-in" upgrades for this marker. However, the pro/carbine's simple design means there's actually a lot that you can do to improve this marker, all of which will be "do it yourself" projects in the garage. I've had a lot of fun working on my pro/carbine, and I've learned a lot about how markers work generally.

Another comment that my pro/carbine receives frequently at fields is that it is accurate... I have no point of comparison. At ranges of about 50-60 ft, it's relatively easy for me to hit a small (loader-sized) target, and I have been able to get eliminations snap-shooting at that range.

I credit any accuracy to the combination of the Palmer Stabilizer and Lapco Bigshot 12" barrel. The inside of the stock barrel looks awful by comparison to any aftermarket barrel. I have tried other barrels, including a TASO Eliminator 10", a CMI Tru-flight 16", and a Bigshot 8.5" (edit: which only fits with the combat feed mod). For the price, the Lapco Bigshot 12" seems to give the best results for this marker and is now widely available for the A-5 (edit: the A-5 has the same threads, but the barrel also has to fit in the plastic foregrip and be able to screw all the way into the receiver; some A-5 barrels are too wide or too long at the receiver end)

The internals of the pro/carbine are worth noting. I believe the CVX valve is still in use today, which speaks to its quality. However, the weakest aspect of the pro/carbine is the trigger/sear combination, which is unrefined compared to Tippmann's current line of markers. The stock trigger spring is heavy and the sear spring is very noisy (loud pinging sound that echos in the tank). The side-to-side trigger play is pronounced and the trigger pull is very long. All of these issues can be reduced through DIY modifications.

However, even with polished internals, lightened springs, and reduced trigger pull/play, it is difficult (if not impossible) to get the pro/carbine past a 7bps cycle rate. If you look on the web, you'll find people who have adapted e-grips for pro/carbines that cycle at 20bps.

Over the years, the most frustrating, recurrent problem as been FPS consistency. The stock velocity adjuster is imprecise, choking off airflow. An expansion chamber did not seem to improve performance noticeably. I haven't broken in my palmers stabilizer yet, so I don't know how much is will help FPS consistency when combined with anti-siphoned CO2 performance. Another alternative is HPA, which the P/C can run without modification.

I've had paint break in the barrel (I was using a CMU Tru-flight, and I believe that the paint was too large for the barrel). But, it should be nearly impossible to chop paint with this marker due to the low cycle rate.


I think that it is now safe to say that the pro/carbine is a woods-ball/milsim marker. If you go to a tourney-style field with this marker, you're a believer in the "player, not the marker" attitude. I have done everything I can to make my pro/carbine at home on today's small fields, and I think it will serve me as a rec-ball marker for as long as I am playing.

By today's standards, this marker is better than average for similarly priced products.

If you're a devoted pro/carbine owner looking for upgrade ideas, these sites are great resources:

Pro/Carbine Owner's Group
Matt's Pro/Carbine Page

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hello , my name is fattie
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i too had one. it was great
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My first marker was a Pro/Carbine. It always performed admirably. I'm hoping to accquire another one eventually. Great review.
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I prefer the Pro-Lite myself, but yes...those pre-98 Tippmanns were something else.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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Originally Posted by Phantom Power View Post
My first marker was a Pro/Carbine. It always performed admirably. I'm hoping to accquire another one eventually. Great review.
Thanks. It seems like they are coming up on eBay a lot.

Another advantage to the pro/carbine is that replacement parts are widely available for it due to the similarities in its design to past and present Tippmann markers. Moreover, the tippmann pro/carbine is now being sold as a pepperball marker, and all the parts seem to be interchangeable. So, it is a marker that could see field use for many years to come.
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
I prefer the Pro-Lite myself.
I'm just curious, what do you prefer about the pro-lite? I believe that two key differences between the markers are:

- different valve design

- air on the pro-lite is routed through the grip. If I recall from the one I used as a rental, a part of the metal air hose also functions as the trigger guard.

Of course, it could just be a personal preference for no particular reason...
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I love mine. I can pull it out of the trunk anytime, anywhere and it works.
Everytime I loan it, I'm asked if I'd sell it.
My wife keeps asking me why I need more markers?..........why does she do that?

WTB..... SMG clip catcher, SMG internal air line.
WTB .... Oct/88 APG.Got it, Thanks Dan

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Fan of EMR
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I'm a big fan of my 68 Carbine. Great shooter, 99.99% reliable (the other .01% was at Castle, where it caught the curse for the first game...never had a problem before or since!)
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I love carbines to death, but for one single thing:

The trigger.

So I fixed it. Ask Big Daddy T. It's a bit longer of a throw than a pneumag, but I used stock cocker pneus anyways. I need to refine the design a bit further, but it's pretty nice.

They're excellent guns, about as simple as you could make a tippmann design, and Easy as hell to modify however you like. I had a M-4 telescpoing stock adapter and RVA made up for my personal carbine before M-4 stocks on Tippmanns was Cool.

Properly tuned and polished, you can get +/- 0 FPS on Co2 with consistant paint. (I've done it every time I go to the chrono, don't ask me how, I suspect that the carbine receiver/barrel I have are magical.)
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Originally Posted by Tohri View Post
Properly tuned and polished, you can get +/- 0 FPS on Co2 with consistant paint. (I've done it every time I go to the chrono, don't ask me how, I suspect that the carbine receiver/barrel I have are magical.)

My P/C with stabilizer, spring kit, lightened hammer, rva,Dye 12" barrel,x-chamber, and anti-siphon has hit +/-0 over the chrono on two occasions, and no-one believes me. This thing fired SOOO well at EMR last summer with the marbs. I had some amazing shots, it was such a blast.I put a lot of thought into how I set it up, and I'm thrilled with the results.

And one thing I've noticed is they're not picky about paint. They seem to do all right with anything.

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Originally Posted by lurchness monster View Post
Lets show them the MCB way of playing this game. We'll show up late, miss the first game or two, talk about and fondle each others markers, have lunch, talk about where we will play next, play a game or two, and go home complaining how tired we are after playing all day. Should be a lot of fun.
Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
he doesn't manage a business, and he should have planned it out better or had some experience in what he was doing before taking pre-orders. the worst part is simply that he took the money and did not refund it... which is fraud.

My Feedback:
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