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I love the carbon fiber, looks better than any other carbon fiber barrel out there atm, well, in my opinion

I get a feeling they'll release a carbon fiber tip next year as their "improvement" over the previous year...

Only thing I don't like is the shape the back of the barrel has, how the aluminum part gets narrower toward the threading insted of keeping a constant radius, which could make it look funny on some guns (like cockers, where the recieving end has the same diameter as the old boomsticks and such, giving a nice smooth line from barrel to body)
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that barrel looks great . nice pics and very nice guns you have .
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nice! That would look great on my karni.
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Great review man
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Originally Posted by janordy View Post

I just wanted to use this emicon
HAHAHA I do it too its ok..

nice review, but i dont think i could drop that cash on it.
Originally Posted by John Wayne View Post
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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
nice review, but i dont think i could drop that cash on it.
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I picked up a cf boomstick as well. Mine doesn't have the issues with the logos on the sides of the barrel, so I think you just got one that fits too tight.
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I am sure that the aluminum does not run the entire length of the back. The threads are aluminum because CF isn't appropriate for barrel threads and stainless is heavier than is desirable. CF is hardly appropriate for any portion of a barrel really. Unless of course the carbon fiber really is purely cosmetic (which is practically is anyways)

I would really love a stainless sleeved aluminum dye utlralite. I'd love to see any aluminum barrel with a full length stainless sleeve.

Disappointed in the made in Taiwan. Not that things can't be quality from there, but 150 dollars for heavy duty mass production translates into..not happening.
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I remain unimpressed with this. 150 with quality control issues and only one bore size.
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the one i have shoots great. couldn't justify it being worth 150. there are other barrels like furious that i would take over the cf boomy.
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