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Thumbs up A few semis: Rt Classic Mag, Badger, Trilogy, and a few blow forwards...

Prices don't include shipping which will be through usps and all packages will be insured unless they are under 75 dollars.
You can pm me here or email me at
As always I am interested in all kinds of trades, especially Blazers, Mags and anything else mechanical.

First off are Two blow forwards:
1. Classic RT Mag. Bought this one a few months and swapped the frame off it and threw the body/parts/ect in a box.
This last weekend I converted a classic mag frame to work on it and rebuilt the valve and it shoot great. Frame conversion is very clean and the gun is in all around good shape beside a couple of dings on the rail which I have captured in the pictures. Shoots well with now leaks but I didn't get a chrono reading. I can take a chrono reading if buyer would like me to. Also, rt mags are only meant to be shot on hpa.
I would like to get 200 plus shipping. Sold!
2. Next up is a Badger serial number 9508282 which means it was made in August of 1995 and was the 282nd badger made although I did have a few duplicate serial numbers.
I seem to have misplaced my chrono sheet I recorded for my Badgers but I will get results in a few days if an interested buyer wants numbers.
As with all the badgers I have sold and will sell this one is in rough shape and has seen many games/year/decades of use but still cycles fine. The main orings on the on/off are the same as on a mag and I have rebuilt several badgers valves using these same rings. The frame on this badger is raw, the barrel/breech is black and the back portion is dark green but it does have a longer barrel. The paint on these is just powercoat.
Here are a couple of shots of the internal breakdown:
The seller I bought these from told me there is no velocity adjustment for them and they they are made to always operate under 300 fps. For the most part he is correct although sometimes off a fresh tank they shoot hot (VERY HOT!) so as with any gun, a chrono is always in order. I have used a few as loaners in a few of my past games and they work well even after all the use they have seen but for the most part should just be part of a collection since badger are endangered.
Also, here is a summary of Perentie paintball and the badger:
I would like 150 plus shipping on this badger. Sold

3. I am also selling this trilogy for a friend. It cycles and shoots fine but has a few minor scratches which can be seen in the pictures.
Looking to get 65 without the barrel or drop, 75 with either the drop or barrel or 85 with both the drop and barrel.

Don’t think it cycles right. Has a dent in the end of the smart parts ventri barrel but since the barrel is flared out at the end it won’t affect shooting anyways.
Looking for 25 -Pending

5. Blue F4 Illustrator
Don’t know anything about this F4 either but again I am assuming it doesn’t work.
It will come with the stock barrel. Looking for 25

As for trade, looking to expand my loaner fleet of classic mags. I can also use a pump mag rail.

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the storm

I'll take that storm off your hands....
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Ooooooooooh. A badger. I've never seen one for sale before. I read about them a while back when I saw the gold plated double badger. Wish I had some extra money for that one.

/wishing I could start a Old/Rare collection
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tippmann 98 c pro with flatline ill trade you for the clasic automag
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Badger, Storm and Rt are all sold. Trilogy and F4 are still available.
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Has my RT shipped yet? I think your pm box might be full...
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