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El Gringo 08-20-2007 08:45 PM

PPS Typhoon
Decided I don't need her

Like new (less than 100 balls through her)
Gloss Black Powdercoat, male Stab, Umb, foregrip


there are a couple of scratches, but nothing deep shown in pics
Scratch on top tube behind feed [IMG][/IMG]
Ram housing scratch [IMG][/IMG]

Brimmy 08-20-2007 10:49 PM

ill take my baby back if your that desprate for money.

Drum 08-20-2007 11:12 PM

Brimmy, the dingo ate your baby...


El Gringo 08-22-2007 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by Brimstone (Post 197747)
ill take my baby back if your that desprate for money.

I was only going to sell things that would have been "easy" to replace.

El Gringo 09-10-2007 06:58 PM

Back on the market

Be Real 09-10-2007 07:12 PM

:DDang that looks sweet.

El Gringo 09-13-2007 05:23 PM

Uppsy daisy

El Gringo 09-18-2007 06:27 PM

Someone buy me:)

El Gringo 10-02-2007 05:19 PM

up. it is OBO

El Gringo 10-31-2007 12:23 AM

Buy me

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