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Selling all my gear. Take a look

Hey fellow paintballers, Im James aka scuba aka countdown(m98). Before we get started, I will tell you right now I dont have a feedback page but I will do everything I can to accommodate you as the customer. All of my feedback was under but that was like 6-7 years ago. All of my guns were cared for in the highest regard and are still in the exact condition that I received them in. Look forward to doing some business with you all. Sorry about not getting the actual pictures in the post, I haven't done this in a long time.

A few guidelines:
1) Any price agreed upon includes the cost of shipping.
2) Prices are negotiable but I wont settle for anything ridiculous.
3) Ill accept paypal only
4) The only one I will part out is the spare parts cocker.
5) If you buy more than one item I will give a discount.
6) I have a very busy work schedule so please be patient for responses

Thanks Everyone!

Custom Automag w/ Xvalve and Level 10

It rips, its light, its sexy, and its deadly. ***SOLD***

Custom matching grips
CP Micro drop + On/Off
AGD Double Trigger
Stiffi Switch Barrel
Unknown 2-piece scepter type barrel
5 Extra detents
Alternate tensioned springs for Lvl10

Spare Parts Autococker (Pre-98)

Looks a bit ugly but its got some rare stuff on it and works like a charm. ***PENDING***

***Willing to part out***

Jacko Infiniti Barrel
AKALMP Lightning Bolt
CCM Beaver Tail
CP On/Off
Palmer Stabilizer
White Wolf Airsmithing Pump kit
2 Extra Trigger frames
Dye Grips

Like New 08 PMR Ultralite

I pampered this gun from the start. Very well maintained and shoots beautifully. No macroline unfortunately. $315 OBO

Dye Ultralite Trigger Frame
Blade Trigger (cant remember the manufacturer but it rips)
CCM Feed Neck
Aluminum Back Bolt Cover
Aluminum Eye Covers
O-Ring Replacement kit
Stock Barrel and ASA
Original Box and Owners Manual
Dye Slick Lube

Automag 68 Classic

Old beat up tried and true 68 Classic. I like the old school-ness of this gun a lot. ***SOLD***

Dye Boomstick
CCM Micro drop On/Off Combo

Powerlyte Cranium Reloader B (Red)

Built it myself, untested. Dont have any batteries for it. The Board and motor are brand new. Wires to motor may need a litte more Solder.

$25 OBO

Hybrid Technologies Halo B (Black)

Been using it for years. Missing the screw for the battery cover. This hopper has not failed me one time.

$45 OBO

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payment sent.. its mine....
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So can I ask what the custom automag went for? I may hate myself for missing this.
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Up... Buy my PMR!
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