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Autocockers, Parts, most NEW, some Revvy Parts

Ok, I am cleaning house and here is what I found, I started collect parts and really how many parts does one guy need.
If you have any questions or offers please pm me after posting here, enjoy:

Autococker Bolts NEW
From Top Left going down:

1-3 Taso Quick Pull Bolts $20 shipped
4-5 WGP Derlin bolts $15 Shipped

TOP RIGHT going down:
6.WGP Hybrid bolt $$20 shipped
7.Blue Bolt and back block $25 shipped
8-9. Chris Cole Free Flow Bolts $30 shipped
10-12.WGP Bolt Pins $5 shipped

USED Autocker Parts
From top left going down
2k+ Mini Cocker block $15 Shipped
Back Block $7 Shipped
99 STO Front Block w screw $15 Shipped
99 Autocker front block $7 Shipped
Cooper T Under spin bolt $25 Shipped
Silver Taso Bolt $7 Shipped
Chrome Front Block $8 Shipped
Stock Vertical $8 Shipped
Derlin Bolt $7 Shipped
Chrome Vertical $9 Shipped
Cocking Rods $4 Shipped


Autocker DYE BoomStick (1-16" 1-14") $49shipped each
Lapco Cocker Barrel $25 shipped

USED Autocker Parts - have not been tested
From top left going down
1-3,5 Palmer Rock LPR $15 Shipped
4.Palmer BRASS Rock LPR $20 Shipped
5-6.99 LPC Chambers $7 Shipped
7-8 Ball detents $4 Shipped
9.Brass Trigger shoe $4 Shipped
10. ACI volcity adjuster $12 Shipped
11.96 AC Hammer $4 Shipped

TOP RIGHT Going Down
12.Stock Brass LPR $20 Shipped
13.STOCK Sledgehammer LPR $7 Shipped
14.CCM LPR Parts $7 Shipped
15.other lpr $5 Shipped
16. DYE 3 way $30 Shipped
17. Stock brass 3 way $6 Shipped
18.Chrome 3 way $7 Shipped
19-21 Brass Clippard Rams $12 Shipped
22-23 99 Front Block Screw $4 Shipped
24.Pro Team FX Ball Detent $25 Shipped
25.ANS Ram $14 Shipped
26-27 Stock Brass Ram $10 Shipped

New Cocker LPR's
Black or Chrome Palmer LPR $39 Shipped
KAPP LPR $25 Shipped
WGP Tickler LPR Blue $30 Shipped
Shockteck OD LPR $30 Shipped
Eclpise LPR $50 Shipped- SOLD

New Beaver Tails $17.00 Shipped

Pump Arms,cocking rod,3way rod new (mini or full) $15 shipped each
Omega EVA $12 shipped
ANS Jam Nut $12 shipped
Hammer Kit $20 shipped
SHocktech Hammer $20 shipped
Omega Hammer $15 shipped
VErtical $15 shipped

Green, Purple 3 Way $18 shipped
MP4 Ram $30 shipped
Palmers QuickSwitch $40 shipped
WGP 3way shaft $10 shipped

Trigger Shoes $4.50 Shipped
Besales Roller Sear $45.00 shipped
Omega Trigger Kit $25 shipped
45 Frame $30 shipped

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How many trigger shoes do you have and colors? I'd be interested in them all.
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pmed you on CC
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Would you take $18 shipped for the dye three way?

Let me know

Everything you could ever need or want in one thread!


Originally Posted by bigchuck707 View Post
if it's newer than 2005, weighs less than 3lbs and shoots at a faster rate than 5 balls per second is impossible to sell on here...
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pm'ed you
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Interested in the chrome Rock LPR (#5, picture #6) PM'd.
The Medic:
That's my reasoning as well. Taking ammunition off of the dead is a proud and noble art.
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My feedback:

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Pm you for your new Green wgp delrin bolt.
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money sent for the MP4 ram
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On top of the World...
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