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Exclamation I once had a shed, It's now structurally impaired, My horde needs new home.

OK so the Haiku for a title should get me some charity. My storage shed has shuffled off the mortal coil, thanks to an old walnut tree and a good wind. Inside was the yard sale, and auction bits of paintball stuff I bought to feed my habit when I was unable to play. There is some junk and some really nice stuff in the pile that currently resides in my kitchen. This is unacceptable to myself and especially to my wife. It has to go. I am breaking rule one in sales I'm telling you I am VERY MOTIVATED TO SELL. Items will be shipped weekly via USPS flat rate boxes. Prices are very OBO on most items, and sorta OBO on the rest. The more you want the better your deal. I am still sorting through this stuff and will be adding items as fast as I can. If you have something you want make an offer. I might have it. I might not but it is worth a shot right?

I'll start with some items that I have that everyone might need and I have literally hundreds of and add more as I sort through the stuff.

Steel braided hoses. I have a tub full of these most are in about 6" lengths but there are some other lengths mixed in there too, I am not going to try to sort through them unless you are willing to pay a bit for my time right now as I have tons of other stuff to get through. $2.50 a piece $5 shipping will cover all I can fit in a small flat rate box. Discount with quantity negotiable.

ASA to standard air fitting adapters. You all know what I mean they have male ASA threads and female air fitting threads. Most need an O-ring replacement some do not. They are black ano. $2.50 a piece $5 shipping will cover all I can fit in a small flat rate box. Will combine with hoses. Quantity discounts negotiable.

Air fitting plugs. $1 each the same $5 shipping and will also combine with any other items You all know how this works.

Nickle plated brass elbows. $1 each ... yada yada yada

some of all in this picture but more in boxes.

NEW 4+3 Player brand packs They are grey and black and will carry, for me anyway nearly a years worth of paint. (OK so I only have about 5 of these) $10 plus $10 shipping and all the yada yada yada from above.

Splatmaster lot $40 shipped PENDING MAYBE

Regs (unknown condition but likely need rebuilds) prices are shipped
Stab tool marked to heck $20
AA Violator $20
stock tribal $15
stock wgp $15 PENDING MAYBE
PPS rock $25
Classic mag valve ans bolt no bumper or on/off assembly $30 1 star matching #s
Gas through grips
green unknown maker $10
Blue ACI $10
Black unknown maker (i have about 10)$10
Black gloss spyder ish with hose and swivel fittings $15

eblade 1.06 with 2 solonoid covers, 1 noid and 3 barbs

One hole wood grips $15
polished KAPP aluma grips $10
WGP? drop $8
MacDev conquest reg. (keeping after all I figured out a good use for it)
Clear CCI sc block modded to fit lightning or superbolt. $10 Not sure how well this will hold up a friend dremeled it together.
BE hopper $8
SP on/off asa extender $10

PTP blue nights micrococker kit $100obo SOLD
Has stock internals
bb in great shape
I have a frontblock with pneumatics and asa and the matching barrel and pf neck as well but they are in another box.

More pictures forthcoming. More items as well but I want to get this ball rolling.

It is not really meaningful at this point but I am looking for the following trades when I get somethings of enough value to warrant the trades. Unless you want the whole box of something which is VERY doable!
Trade list. Other trade offers will be entertained but this is really all I am looking for so keep that in mind.

2K pump kits x3
22/3000 tanks with or without reg
13/3000 tanks with or without reg
dust purple and or gloss green cp on/off and other parts
PPS guns and or cocker barrels
sc brass
sc harnesses
CCI sc feeds green, purple, blue mostly but will consider others.
equation barrels and or inserts
Older 04-06ish scepter barrels and inserts

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If you have ever played speedball, this is your worst nightmare....and it happened to my teammate at the 2003 IAO:

My YouTube Channel with Shocker Turbo Videos:

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Ill take the chrome kapp 10. Sent pm
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pm's replied
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thanks for the ptp
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pmed you about the 22 cu tanks

Created by Shade.
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pmed on reducer!!! maybe a splat?
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so you want $100 for the micrococker kit with the other box of stuff you listed, like the matching barrel, front block and pnues?
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PM'ed re: Eblade and PTP
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Hey also interested n ptp cocker if u can get the rest, have a ninja 13/3000 and a ccm deluxe pump kit available for trade. Lmk ?
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