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tiny 03-03-2011 03:10 AM

Spring Cleaning Sale! New Stuff at Top!
Ninja 50/4500 and 45/4500 $150 each

Gloss Red Trigger Shoe $7

NDZ Rail with On/Off ASA $40

Duckslide one Piece feed $75
Aluminum phantom feed caps (raw/polished) $30 each

Brand new 13 ci ninja tank, never been filled or played with $70

Old Spyder (I think?) Trigger frame, surprisingly walkable trigger $20

Ion/Luxe/Nxt threaded All American barrel back $40

Old Rain cover, looks to be home made, works extremely well $50 (don't really want to sell it)

Never used, youth small empire/invert gloves $25

Original Stainless Dye Boomstick Back, Autococker threads, unused $75

Shocker NXT/Ion/Ion XE Q-lock and Trinity Lever lock feednecks $25 each

Black NXT Ion/Ion XE Q-lock feedneck, missing the small piece that joins the lever together, comes with the parts pictures $15

Clear .45 Dye grips $20

(3) Smart Parts collapsible transpods $15

BT Pro Pants and BT Pro Jersey set Both XXXL $120 for the pair

JT Bag, $20

Rifle bags, have pouches to fit barrel fronts/backs, tools, etc $15 each

14" Deadly Winds Barrel (NXT/Ion/Luxe threaded) $80

Phantom Parts:
Back Bottle ASA $15

Olive Racing $60
White Techno $60
Navy Techno $65
Red Pro Strap $40
Blue Prostrap $40
Olive Pro Strap $30
Olive Crossfire $15
Grey Crossfire $20
Grey Prostraps $15
Stock Straps $10
Tribals $15
Vintage Brass Eagle by JT $45

Black Frames $15
Blue Frames $20
Black Frames $20
Gold Frames w/Sheridan strap and soft ears $75
Black Flex Bottoms $30
Red Flex 8 bottoms, ears trimmed, top bar cut $30
White Flex 8 bottoms, top bar cut $45
Olive or Black Flex 7 Hard bottoms $20
JT Proteus 2 Chameleon LE Bottoms, Gold/Green with proteus strap $30

Used Lenses and Ears also available for sale if purchasing something else: $10 for ears, $5-$15 for lenses.

Autococker threaded Dye ultralite barrel, 14", blue tip, dust silver back $60

NXe small tank cover in digi camo (fits 45, 48, 49, and 50 ci tanks) $25

BT MOLLE Bottle Pouch $15

Bossman AK47 mag well for Tippmann 98 custom $45 shipped:

Spyder threaded progressive barrels, 14" and 16" $25 each or $40 for the pair.

14" Phantom threaded Lapco Microshot $50

This is a DMC body that has had the composite pieces removed. It comes with eye covers, integrated on/off knob, LPR, LPR cap, and detents. $100

Assorted Shocker SFT parts, $30

Raw Centerflag Grip frames, 2 are autococker and 1 is an unknown. $40 each

System X Autococker grip frame, $25

2006 Cyborg grips $10

Venom Wear Real Tree Mesh, attach to your favorite headband and voila! You can no longer be found amongst common north american foliage! $20

Spyder Aggressor XT $75

45ci Dye rhino cover $20

Dye Ultralite barrel back, gloss red ion/shocker/impulse/nxt threading $40
Proto Ultralite barrel, silver back and silver 12" front, autococker threading $40 (Interchangeable with ultalite backs/fronts)

400 or so 10 round tubes with green caps, as many as you want $0.25 each (I am firm on the price and must also charge exact shipping)

PMI 4+1 Pack, holds 4 pods and a tank $20

Splatgear 4+1 Pack, holds 4 pods and a tank $20

Viewloader 2 pod pouch and belt $10

Prostar Sports Professional Products 4+1 pack (Holds 4 pods on the left and a tank on the right, made in the USA) $20

JT Expandable velcro pod pack, comes with 6 sleeves, one of which is torn, $35

1 Tiberius Hard case $15

Brass Eagle Raptor, I believe it to be complete but am not familiar with it at all. $50

Brass Eagle Eradicator, I believe it is complete but have no idea $40

Tiberius Tactical Rails $20 each

Box of Halo B; enough parts for 2 loaders, only the grey shells are included as the pink ones have been sold. The internals do not work perfectly, the motors don't seem to spin properly and may need to be replaced. $40 for the grey shells and 2 sets of internals.

Three viewloader Evolution II hoppers. They do not seem to be working, 1 is beat up and held together with tape, the other is cosmetically in good shape. The third is not pictured and has smoke shells, a home made speed feed , and also has tape on the battery door. $40 for all three loaders.

Gravity hopper $5

JT Mask $20

Tippmann front grip, home made hopper speed feed, and plastic hopper elbow $5 for the front grip, $2 for the others

Viewloader Evolution II Y-Board $15

Killa Products head band $10

Ion firing can and donut $30

Silver 2 Piece Autococker Barrel 14" tip and 0.689 back $30

Phantom Vertical ASA $16 for the Vert ASA, the hardline is gone.

Phantom Pump Arm $5 (Pump Handle sold, arm only)

4 Pod Molle MARPAT Shingle, $20

Tiberius drop leg Pistol Holster $20

Tiberius single mag pouch $20

Shooting systems triple mag pouch, attaches to molle with use of MALICE clips which will be included. Comfortably fits 3 tiberius mags $15

Killa Products magnetic detents and Gloss black eye covers for the Ego5/6. Brand new and have never been installed on a gun: $40

Red JT 45-48 ci tank cover $10

Remote Line ASA Adaptor $15

14" Spyder threaded Freak barrel with All American Tip and choice of insert (0.693 or 0.691) $75
Take the second insert for $5 more with barrel purchase
Spyder barrel to autococker threading adaptor $15

Parabolic Feed Plug $5
Random Aftermarket Barrel $10

JT Bubble Jersey XL $30

UTG MOLLE Vest with (2) triple mag shingles secured via MALICE clips, they comfortably hold Tiberius mags $60

Warsensor Double 50 round pod pouches/Grenade pouches $10 each

(2) 100 round pod pouches and (3) 50 round pod pouches/Grenade pouches $10 each

MALICE clips, (4) long clips per pouch, $10 each

tiny 03-03-2011 03:11 AM

more stuff will go here

mouscacha 03-03-2011 03:31 AM

pm'd on one piece

tiny 03-03-2011 06:59 AM

Well, there goes the duckslide one piece feed. That thing lasted all of 21 minutes.

Rich 03-03-2011 08:16 AM

I'll take the following:
Cyborg trigger/pins
Neoprene Cover
Phantom trigger assembly.
If you have a set of phantom internals I would take those too

RifleMan WI 03-03-2011 01:00 PM

how much for the cyborg body?

KoolKarter 03-03-2011 01:32 PM

how old is the sandana?

Wulf 03-03-2011 02:19 PM

PM sent.

hagg 03-03-2011 02:53 PM

pming on chrono

tiny 03-03-2011 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by Rich (Post 1718550)
I'll take the following:
Cyborg trigger/pins
Neoprene Cover
Phantom trigger assembly.
If you have a set of phantom internals I would take those too

They're yours, dropping you a PM


Originally Posted by RifleMan WI (Post 1718851)
how much for the cyborg body?

Woops, thought I had a price there. I'd be asking $45.


Originally Posted by KoolKarter (Post 1718894)
how old is the sandana?

I'm not sure, it's also not a full Sandanna. It's just the mesh component, you would need to stitch it onto a head band. I purchased it some time in the 90s I believe but removed the mesh in favor of using it as a headband. The mesh itself is brand new.


Originally Posted by Z1K (Post 1718961)
PM sent.



Originally Posted by hagg (Post 1719003)
pming on chrono


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