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Anonym 05-02-2007 09:14 AM

FS: Misc Parts (APGs, LAPCO, Carter, Cocker Parts, Old Pods/Loaders, Masks, Etc)
Ok guys. I'm cleaning out all my miscellaneous gear which has some great quality and vintage stuff! Prices include shipping (USPS first class) and reasonable offers will be considered. Please post here before PMing or emailing (AnonymJDH "at" Now for the goods:

1. Rat Attack 12gm Changer ~ Original Rat Attack changer in excellent condition. You know what this is! Asking $35 shipped. SOLD to ChefDave

2. Rare Lapco Fluted (light) BRASS hammer (Middle in Pic)~ Yup, you've all raved over the stainless hammers, the brass one is identical and pretty rare! Great performance from Nelson-based guns with this one! Asking $40 shipped.

3. Lapco Jet Set (complete)(Left in Pic) ~ Full LAPCO Jet Set w/ #6 Lapco power tube, Lapco valve seat, Urethane o-ring, and a NW Black Magic cupseal. All is used but in great shape except the cupseal, which is new/unused. Does not include springs. Asking $40 shipped. Remember, these are the thicker based powertubes w/ larger threads to reduce breaking!

4. Carter #4 Power Tube (3 ramped inlets) and new NW Black Magic Cupseal (Right in Pic). Asking $20 shipped. SOLD to SpyMongoose

Universal/Misc Parts
4. BOA UniReg Cover ~ as seen on the Evo MiniCocker in the mechanical section HERE. It's black and slips over the AA UniReg or like regulators. This is dust black and is in decent shape w/ minor shelf wear. It's held on to the regulator via setscrew and adds length to the regulator making for a fine foregrip. Asking $20 shipped.

5. DYE Econo Grips ~ basic black wrap-arounds in like-new condition. Asking $10 shipped.

6. Raised Sight Rail ~ Slips over most sight rails and adds about 2" in height. Has about 3" in length for most sights. Used, held on via setscrew. Black annodized. *Decided to Keep*

7. MuzzleBrakes ~ Black annodized muzzlebrakes made by TASO, held on via setscrew. I have a 1" for Nelson/Bull barrels and a 7/8" for Sheridan/Brass barrels. Both are in like new condition. Asking $8 shipped/each.

8. Stow-Away Bottomline Block ~ basic black annodized bottomline block for old stow-away grips. Asking $15 shipped.
9. VL Groovy Grips ~ Like New condition. Fits Sheridan and non-45 WGP/AGD frames. Asking $10 shipped. SOLD to NastyNate!

9.1 Front Sights ~ For 1-in barrels. Held on by a setscrew on the bottom. I believe these are TASO made. They are a nice gray color. Asking $10 shipped/ea. One SOLD to superhighquality!

9.2 ACI Tank On/Off assembly for remotes, etc. Excellent condition. Asking $10 shipped. PENDING to scphantom!

9.3 Blazer single trigger, rod, and adapter plate that allows sheridan frames to be mounted on Typhoon bodies. Adapter plate came with a 45 frame I ordered for a stroker and was intended to let me use the frame on my Typhoon. Asking $10 shipped for all.

10. Sandanna Head Wrap ~ in the rare skull camo design. Hardly used and looks fine. Asking $25 shipped for this rarity since the pants/jersey sets are selling for well over a hundred lately! Measures 30"x25"x25" SOLD to justplyn

11. Pre-2K Cocker Bolts ~ Evolution Charger w/ Delrin bolt pin (no orings) for $20 shipped or a high-flow WGP (like on STOs) w/out pin for $10 shipped. Both SOLD to Grendel!

12. Cocker Trigger Plates (Stock) ~ A pre-97 and a post-97. Asking $5/ea. Also a stock Sheridan sear for $3. Pre-97 Plate SOLD to paintballwannab and Sear is SOLD to tymcneer

13. Complete Front Block Assembly for Pre-2K Autocockers. Comes complete w/ banjo bolt, Belsales Angry switch and actuator rod, stock WGP ram & pump rod, and PPS Rock LPR w/ knob. Rock leaks but can be repaired easily or sent to PPS for warranty work (free). Rock has a few scratches, but everything is mostly in good shape. Asking $30 shipped. SOLD to tedaut

14. VL200 (old style) w/ VL90 body ~ VL200 is like new while the VL100 has seen many years of use. Can swap pieces if the VL100 is preferred. Asking $20 shipped for both. I will also include a newer VL200 that needs a lid. Sold Locally

15. TASO Tube ~ basic black 100 round tube with spring lid. Old School! (On Left) Asking $8 shipped. PENDING to scphantom

16. Pursuit Supplies International tube ~ basic 70 round tube w/ spring lid. (On Right) Asking $8 shipped.

17. Nasty Boys 100-rnd Hopper ~ hard black plastic 100-rnd hopper w/ spring lid - INDESTRUCTABLE!!! Lid has Nasty Boys logo and Vista, CA on it. Asking $20 shipped. SOLD to craltal

TANKS & Parts
18. 7oz Buttplates ~ Hard Plastic sinched down w/ 2 screws underneath. These are the solid ones that I believe Tippmann used to market w/ their markers. Not the slip-fit kind! Asking $5/ea shipped or free w/ purchase of a tank below. There's a pic in the hopper photo above.

19. 7oz tanks ~ I have 3x 7oz tanks. Very used, but still usable and look decent! All should be exempt from hydro (DOT-E) and have stamped dates from the late 80s and early 90s. Will include a buttplate if desired. Asking $8/ea shipped. SOLD to tymcneer

20. 16oz tank ~ Silver (unannodized) catalina tank w/ large valve body. This looks great with the gray Evolution MiniCocker I have for sale HERE. Out of hydro, but should pass w/out problem as it's in great shape. Asking $20 shipped since it's a rarity as-is or could be anodized to match your gun!.

21. 14oz tank ~ Black Brass Eagle tank. Works fine and looks great. Asking $12 shipped.

22. Raven Masks ~ first run emerald green in good shape for $25 shipped, or a dark red NVX (thermo?) mask for $30 shipped. NVX is missing one lense clip but works fine. Both have the photochromatic lenses that tint in sunlight.

23. JT Flex 7 IZE ~ used Emerald Green Flex 7 for $25 shipped. Lense is a few years old but in very good shape. I will also send an old orange lense that is decent but has a crack in the thermal film on the inside. SOLD to chplnstone

24. APG Magazines! ~ my entire collection. All of the pre-95s have already been sold, but I have many to choose from. Here's the list:
-5/95, 7/95, 9-12/95
-2-9/96, 11/96
-4/97, 6/97, 10-12/97
-1/99, 5-6/99, 10/99
-2/00, 7/00
-4/01, 6/01, 9-10/01
-1-2/02, 7-9/02, 12/02 7/02 PENDING to Drum
-1-3/03, 5-12/03 (have duplicate 10/03)
-1-4/04, 7-10/04 (have duplicate 1/04)
-1-2/05, 7-9/05
Asking $8/ea for Pre-2K (individual) and $5/ea for post-2k (individual). Will work out a deal for multiples.

I also found the following magazines for sale:

-Sept 89 Paintball Sports Magazine - $6 shipped
-July 01 Paintball Magazine - $4 shipped
-Jan 02 & Feb 02 Paintball-2-Xtremes - $4 shipped/ea
-Sept 01 & Jan 03 P8NT Magazine (issues 10 & 15) - $4 shipped/ea

I don't have internet at home, so weekend/evening responses are slow. Daytime responses are almost immediate as I sit behind a computer all day and will get instant email notices to posts and emails. Please post here to claim an item and follow up with a PM or an Email (AnonymJDH "at" following the post. Thanks again!


justplyn 05-02-2007 11:10 AM

I will take the Sandana. PM me your paypal info.

Anonym 05-02-2007 11:11 AM

PM being sent! Thanks!


RusskiX 05-02-2007 01:02 PM

Can I get pics of the Green Flex IZE to


Anonym 05-02-2007 01:04 PM

Yes, I will have pics up first thing in the morning. Drum beat you via PM by about 5 minutes on this item, so I'll give him first shot at it.


Drum 05-02-2007 02:00 PM

I have more of these masks than I need. Please pass this on to RussIX to consider. I tend to make a knee jerk offer whenever I see an IZE for a good price.

I still want those three mags though. Drop me a line with your price for those shipped when you get a chance. I will be down to needing only one APG issue between 1987-2005.


Anonym 05-02-2007 05:16 PM


PM has been sent.

Thanks for the interest guys!


Anonym 05-03-2007 09:23 AM

I've updated the thread with some requested (& non-requested) pics as well as updating pending and sold items. Up for the morning!


Anonym 05-04-2007 08:24 AM


Stroker_Turbo 05-05-2007 01:23 AM

PM sent!

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