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F/S Parting Out WGP AutoCocker Parts Lot/Individual F/S

I am looking to part out a host of WGP Autocockers that have recently come into my possession.

Parts can be purchased either by LOT or by Individual Part. I will to the best of my ability give a description of each part available. I am willing to accept offers. All sales are final. PayPal is my preferred method of payment. Items will be shipped by me via USPS mail with tracking details. Reasonable Offers will be entertained. I have not put prices on any of the items as of yet. I have a good general knowledge of the going rate for parts. Honestly I'd rather the parts go to good use. Feel free to message me or email me if their are parts you would like. I'm more than willing to combine and package items together for you.

LOT 1:

Dye Hinge frame (complete) $20
Planet Eclipse “BLADE” mechanical hinge frame (Complete) (SOLD)
STO Autococker Body w/ Front Block, ASA, FBM Clamp Feed and Back Block (SOLD)
Shocktech Nickle 3-way and rod (SOLD)
Right Feed Autococker body $30
(2) Stock 2k+ Bolts $5 each
Sledgehammer – Nickle $5
(2) Stock WGP Valve bodies, cup seals, springs, and locating screws $7 each
(2) Hammer, IVG, Spring sets $7 each
(2) Nickle beavertails $5 each
(1) WGP Drop forward w/ Duckbill ASA (SOLD)
(1) Shocktech drop (# 2 I believe) and ASA $3 each
(2) KAPP Sharkgill Chrome back blocks for 2K+ (one new in box, one used) $5.00 for New One(USED ONE SOLD)
RED ANS ( I believe) venture bolt $5 each
WGP Autococker Pump Arm $5 each
WGP Cocking rod $3 each
FBM 15 degree ASA – Gloss Black (new) $7 each
OTP? KANER? 2 pc barrel (12”) $10
Ram and Rod (SOLD)


Chrome Sharkgill Shroud (SOLD)
Red Vertical 2K body, 15 Degree ASA, Back Block, and Stock Front Block $30
System X Blue Drop and ASA $5
Shocktech Red Drop (# 1 I believe) $3each
Blue Lightening CP Drop $5 each
Blue Hinge Frame (Complete) $15
Black Hinge frame (Complete) $15
Composite Pre 99 frame (Complete) (SOLD)
CCI 12 Grame Quick Change (NEW – Gloss Black) $10
15 Degree ASA – Nickle $5
WGP STO Chrome cocking rod $3
MADDMANN Valve $25
Stock WGP Valve body, cup seal, spring, locating screw $5
(1) Hammer, Spring, IVG - BRASS $7
(1) Hammer, Spring, IVG - Stainless $7
Right Feed Body with Front Block and ASA (SOLD)
(2) WGP Actuating rods and couplers (SOLD)
Stock WGP Cocking Rod $2
E-1 Blade frame (Chrome with Chrome solenoid cover) – complete (SOLD)
Red (unknown brand) end cocking rod $3

Lot 3

E-1 Blade frame (Black with Black solenoid cover) – complete (SOLD)
Shocktech Beavertail $3
WGP Orracle Reg – chrome (SOLD)
ANS Phase 2 reg (Black/Chrome) $15
WGP Inline Reg (SOLD)
Stock Sledgehammer – black $3
Stock 3 way - brass (SOLD)
Stock ram- brass (SOLD)
ANS Ram and rod $10
Palmer Mini rock – chrome (SOLD)
WGP Tickler – nickel $15
IVG, Hammer, Spring set (Stainless) $7
4 pc Smart Parts Freak Junior with AA Front and New style Freak front, back and 1 insert $40
(2) Nickle front blocks with front screw $5 each (1 - SOLD)

I am always willing to entertain offers. I would really like to move the parts quickly. I will be listing more soon.

I am willing to sell the entirely of everything that is left for $250..No Lowballs..No Negotiations. Prices per parts are negotiable for combining orders.

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Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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palmer's reg, dye swing frame, OTP barrel, and a cocking solenoid please. PM me

edit: and evil grips.
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Originally Posted by YeloSno View Post
palmer's reg, dye swing frame, OTP barrel, and a cocking solenoid please. PM me

edit: and evil grips.
LIke $2.00 for the grips - Rest PM'ed. Thinking about the Noid question.
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Pm sent for

Black sto body
Eclipse frame
Both e1 setups !
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Please post prices for all items for sale.
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please pm me the prices on the sto body and the red 2k body w/ the goodies when you get around to putting the prices up. thanks
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I am interested in the Freak set and the chrome drop/asa, and maybe the black ans reg once I see prices.
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I am interested in A LOT of these things. I need prices.
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Welcome to M.CB. Good Luck with your sale.

Originally Posted by BST Trade Rules
2) State a price
Sale ads must state a specific price. No auctions or fishing for competing offers will be tolerated. Be advised that moderators may issue warnings or infractions when a user ad is deemed to be a veiled attempt at fishing for a price or otherwise violates the B/S/T rules.
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