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usagi_tetsu 07-01-2011 12:12 AM

Usagi's "Get me some T2 lovin'" sale
It's time for the wife and I to upgrade to some real pump markers, and if you're gonna go, go big. So we want customized CCM T2s, one for each of us, but as you know, that gets expensive real quick. So here I am, cleaning out the closet, making physical room in the collection as well as getting the money together to purchase them.

Cash is king, preferably via PayPal, though I will take checks or USPS money orders (won't ship until the funds clear into my bank account, but I will take those forms of payment). Trades are not really what I'm looking for, not even T2s, as the wife and I know what we want and are looking to buy brand new direct from CCM. All offers on prices will be considered, though I reserve the right to punk you out if I think it's too much of a lowball.

All prices in this FS thread include shipping costs to the US. I will ship to Canada, but that will cost you more, so PM me before you send payment so I can adjust fire accordingly. I will combine shipping on these items, as well as the items in my other FS threads (see my sig file down below for linkages), and again I ask you to PM me to get the total before sending payment.

Click on the thumbnail to get bigger pictures.

SOLD SOLD SOLDFirst up is a Torque loader, in working condition, comes with box and instruction sheet. It worked just as advertised, but since I don't play short speedball sessions, it was just too loud for my tastes. $20 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLDNext up is the venerable MacDev Matchstik barrel kit, in the ever popular autococker threading. Comes with 3 fronts (12", 14" and 16" lengths) and 4 backs (.685", .687", .689" and .693"), as well as the lovely, zippered carrying case you see in the pic. $50 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLDThis is a v2 or v3 (definitely not a v1, but not sure which of the others it is) Invert Mini, gloss black. Comes with box (not the fancy case, but still a good box to store it in), stock barrel, owner's manual, barrel blocking device (works as good as a barrel sock and doesn't mar the barrel), and repair and parts kit. Bought this used and the wife and I used it for one day of play, found out we don't like the stock trigger or the kick. Still in great condition, though the gloss ano does show fingerprints all too well. If you're looking for the tiniest electroflinger on the market that will get a lot of ramping use, this is the marker for you. Asking $200 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

PARTLY SOLDSanchez Machine SM-1 autococker barrel kits. This a conglomeration of 2 kits of one of the best made barrel kits, ever. The sizer screws into the back (the silver things) as well as the marker, and the front screws into the back. The best thing about these kits are that the fronts are counter-threaded, so that when you're unscrewing the whole barrel (lefty loose-y), the front is actually tightening itself onto the back more. The sizers are also counter-threaded where they join the back. The entire batch comes with 2 backs, 4 fronts (10", 12", 14" and 16"), 1 barrel tool, 3 sizer cases, and 11 sizers (.679", .683", .686", .689"x2, .691"x2, .693"x2, .695" and .696"). SOLD SOLD SOLDI will sell one back, 2 fronts and 6 sizers of your choice, 2 cases and the barrel tool for $80SOLD SOLD SOLD, and the remaining bits (1 back, 2 fronts, 5 sizers and 1 case, no barrel tool) for $75. Or you can take it all off my hands for $140 shipped. If it gets to the point where I have sizers or fronts left over, for whatever reason, then I will be willing to part, but otherwise this is being sold as stated. SOLD SOLD SOLD10" and 12" fronts, and the .679", .683, 1x.689", 1x.691", and 1x.693" sizers are SOLD SOLD SOLD. The $75 option is still available. SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLDThis is a custom-built Angel-threaded Warpfeed/Q-loader feedneck. It was made by Acid Customs for a project of mine that never got completed. It is raw, un-ano'd aluminum, and run through the media to get a good dust finish on whatever final ano it will be given. Comes with the plastic powerfeed plug and a collar to adjust it between the different sized Q-loader and Warpfeed hoses, whichever you want to hook up. Custom piece, custom price unfortunately - $50 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Classic Automag Powerfeed left (hopper is on the left side when viewed from behind the marker) body, complete with powerfeed plug. $35 shipped.

SOLD SOLD SOLDClassic Automag rail with twistlock locker thingy. $20 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Automag Classic/MiniMag manual and warranty card. Free to the first person who buys something else and asks for these.

Automag Classic valve tourney lock, in a fashionable chrome. $5 shipped.

11" AGD Automag Crown Point twistlock barrel, comes with o-rings and nubbin. Good for right and powerfeed left bodies. $25 shipped.

SOLD SOLD SOLD10" stainless steel twistlock Automag barrel, unknown manufacturer, model, or brand. No o-rings or nubbin. $15 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

Did you ever notice how many regulators you accrue the longer you are in paintball? I remember when most stock regs were utter crap and were to be replaced immediately, if not sooner (and usually before the crap barrel). But nowadays, most stock regs are decent, so these will just have to find new homes and projects elsewhere.

SOLD SOLD SOLDAKA Sidewinder regulator, old style, think it's a medium length (4.25" from stem to stern), never used. Bought brand new for a project that never got finished. $50 shipped (remember, this is $75 + shipping when bought new from AKA, so this is a deal).SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

This is an old style MacDev regulator, think it's a Gladiator. I've never used it, but as these were rock solid back in the day, I have no doubt you won't get any problems from it. And yes, I'll leave the straight macroline connector on it. $25 shipped.

Tippmann regulator (think these were manufactured for Tippmann by PE) that was a real dog and pretty beat up. I'm not honestly sure if this works or not, so I'm selling it for the price of shipping if you want to mess with it - $5 shipped.

SOLD SOLD SOLDSledgehammer LP regulator with Twister kit for Autocockers. What a great LP reg for your pump clacker, and a looker in chrome. $25 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLDSmart Parts Ion stock regulator I got in a deal and never used or tested, no idea if it works or not. Does come with the elbow macroline adapter. Asking $5 shipped (again, basically the price of shipping).SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLDSmart Parts twist knob on/off ASA with minidrop rail, straight macroline connector and chunk of macroline. $10 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD SOLDTippmann ProCarbine powerfeed left feed neck, withOUT APP Atomic elbow (lifetime warranty there, kids!) and hose clamps, and powerfeed plug. Don't like the stock feed on that ProCarb/ProLite? Switch it out for this classic piece. $40 shipped. SOLD THE ATOMIC ELBOW, KNOCKED $10 OFF OF PRICE. AND NOW THE WHOLE THING IS SOLD SOLD SOLD

Rear velocity adjuster for Tippmann Model 98 Customs (might also fit the classic M98's, but not 100% sure). $10 shipped.

PARTLY SOLDTwo APP Atomic elbows with hose clamps and and a 1" elbow, unknown manufacturer. These APP Atomics are awesome elbows, and they come with a lifetime warranty, so you'll never buy another elbow again. Ever. $5 each, or two for $8, or all three for $10, shipped. The APP elbows have been SOLD SOLD SOLD, but the 1" elbow is still available. SOLD SOLD

Got a bunch of drop forwards and ASAs that I've picked up over the years with other deals and just don't have a use for. So here's hoping that they can find homes with folks who have a use for them.
1 - This is rail drop and straight ASA that some kid effed up and tried to fix with epoxy or JB weld or something. If you're looking for a cheap ASA and drop to practice your airsmithing skills on, this is great. $5 shipped by itself, or free if you purchase something else.
2 & 10 - basic long spoon drops with straight ASAs. $7 shipped each.
3 - basic drop, a little taller to accommodate bigger tanks. ASA has port out the front. $7 shipped.
4 & 5 - classic NitroDuck Megareg drops. If you've got one of these classic regs on your tank, these are the drops you need to secure it to your marker. $10 shipped each.
6 - straight ASA with a chunk of black-wrapped steel braid hose. $7 shipped.
7 - side mount ASA with short drop. ASA has front port. $10 shipped.
9 - Dead-on blue drop with straight ASA. One of the ports on this ASA has been cross-threaded and needs to be re-threaded. $7 shipped.
8 - 2 straight ASAs and an older Tippmann angled ASA. $5 shipped for all three or any one free with other purchase.
11 - a long, 3-port on/off ASA in a full-surround dovetail rail mount. $7 shipped.
12 - CP flame drop with on/off dovetail ASA. Pretty beat up, but still functional. $7 shipped.

Yep, still digging stuff out. This is going to go on for a while.
SOLD SOLD SOLDFinally admitted to myself that the wife and I just aren't going to get into stock class any time soon, if at all, as we're good to be as interested in open class pump play as we are. So out comes the stock class gear for sale, and up first is a never used, good as new Ronin Gear stock class pack (baby toes and fingers in picture not included) - can hold 20 stock class tubes (and comes with the attached cap tubes you see in the pic) and 20 12 grams (comes with 10, a little rough for wear). Pack also has a pouch to hold small items, two separate clips for keyrings, and two fabric tubes for straight-shot squeegies, one vertical on the left, and the other horizontal over the top of the tubes and 12grams. Asking $30 shipped, which is still a deal considering these are still being sold new for $22 plus shipping, and don't come with the tubes or the 12grams.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

In the vein of not going to play SC, here's a 15 pack of Copperhead 12grams. $10 shipped.

Stock class tubes with elastic-cord attached caps. 160 available at last count. Tubes cost $.50 apiece, minimum of 10 per order when ordering alone, with $5 shipping (yes, small sized USPS flat rate box), so minimum of $10 shipped for 10 tubes. 50 HAVE BEEN SOLD, STILL 100+ LEFT.

Redz Comfort Gear 5.4 Comfort Pack, without Comfort Belt. That's right, had a Comfort Belt and a couple of packs to go with it, and sold the other pack and belt off years ago. This was a great pack back when I was playing local tournies as a back player (using a Tippmann Model 98 Custom, no less, and I was deadly!), as it can hold up to nine 150 round pods at a time - 5 in the main holders and 4 in the elastic loops. Again, if you want to use this pack on the field, you will have to purchase a Redz Comfort Belt in your size (they are still available out there, try $35 shipped.

Woodland camo 4+1 pack, only fits 100 round pods. As you can see in the picture, it's old and beat up, and won't hold 150 round pods (does NOT come with pod in picture, only for demonstration purposes), but would be great as a loaner or starter pack for your friends. Holds four 100 round pods and 1 tank, good for a spare tank or running CO2 on remote. $15 shipped (only reason price is that high is I couldn't squeeze it into a small flat rate box).

Another generic pack, this one a 6+1 in black. This one will securely hold a 150 round pod (as seen in the pic; again, does not come with the red pod), six of them in fact, plus a large tank as a spare or a remote. $20 shipped.

This is a head pad in urban camo, made by my favorite online paintball retailer from back in the day, The padding for the top of the head is thick to keep your dome from taking painful shots (and promote bounces, kind of comes with the territories), comes with velcro attachments to secure it to your head, and a strip of terry cloth where your forehead hits it to help keep the sweat out of your eyes. The JT goggles in the 2nd picture are only there for demonstration purposes and are not for sale. $10 shipped.

VL2000 shell with 18v Shredder box - NO INTERNALS. It's just the classic gold, indestructible VL2K shells with the 18v Shredder attachment, complete with screws, lid, and lid spring. Everything is in good shape, including the neck. You provide the guts, and you've got yourself a fantastic looking piece of history. $30 shipped for this classic.

And today's piece de resistance - an Idema Combat Systems vest. I picked this up years ago from Rob "Tyger" Rubin, who used the heck out of it, and even modified it to attach directly to a belt. I never had a chance or the need to use it, so it's mostly been sitting around. Still in surprisingly good shape. Perfect for that old school stock class player, with 6 12 gram holders on the upper left and 7 10-round tube holders (with capless flap over the top of them) just below, and plenty of pouches and pockets for various items. The elastic is starting to crackle from age, but still springs back, and the velcro is still good. For this classic piece, $50 shipped gets it.

SOLD SOLD SOLDNext up is a 2005 Proto Matrix, comes with a CP barrel and on/off, and a CCM clamping feedneck. It does not come with the Power Angle, Shocktech drop, and Matchstik barrel in the 4th picture. Asking $125 shipped for this beauty.
Here is how I bought it - SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
Played with it once looking like this - - and took off the Power Angle and drop. No new scratches, marker shoots like a champ.SOLD SOLD SOLD

A bunch of Tippmann "oldies but goldies" right here, get you some old school firepower while you can.
First up is a plastic handled SL-68 I (the metal pump handled one in the photo has been SOLD SOLD SOLD) in real decent shape, as you can see, and comes with the plastic hopper adapter you see in the pic. Asking $50 shipped for this little piece of paintball history.

Next up is SL-68 II in decent shape, and comes with the plastic hopper adapter you see. Asking $50 shipped for this old warhorse.

Here's a .68 Carbine, with a brass hose fitting (I've installed a new o-ring at the join, holds pressure like a champ) and the metal feed elbow. Great old marker ready to rip up your opponents, and can be yours for a mere $50 shipped.

Last for this update, a .68 Special, originally modded by Tippmann from an SMG-60. I haven't had much chance to play around with this old beast, but she does cycle and hold pressure. And comes with the stock pull-through squeegie, how fancy is that? Feedneck, as you can see, is busted and will need some JB Welding love to once again hold a hopper. Yours for $75 shipped.

Bunch of issues of Action Pursuit Games and one issue of FAC3FULL (yeah, yeah, I know it's really Facefull, but they just had to go for the uber-hip spelling on the name). I don't have pictures of them right now, but they're pretty much what you think they are - a stack of dusty magazines. They're in decent condition, but have been read, are banged around a bit, but still fully readable.
FAC3FULL bimonthly issue #19, May 2004
2001 - September and December
2002 - January, February, March, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December
2003 - January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and December
2004 - May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December
2005 - February, March, and April
I'm selling these as I haven't looked at them in years, don't want to move them again, and would like to see them in the hands of someone who wants them. So for the low low price of $3 an issue (includes shipping, which these heavy monsters are going to eat most of the profit of that price, trust me) or $75 shipped for all 35 (again, that would be two heavy media mail boxes, so $75 is very bottom dollar for this lot).

That's it for now, stay tuned as I dig more stuff out of the closet and post it up, right here!

FONZ 07-01-2011 01:02 AM

if the sidewinder works i will take it

usagi_tetsu 07-01-2011 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by FONZ (Post 1899115)
if the sidewinder works i will take it

It is currently pending to someone who PM'd me an hour before you posted here. However, if that deal falls through, it's yours.

Strazak 07-01-2011 07:50 AM

pmd on SM-1 kit

Yomama101 07-01-2011 08:49 AM

PM sent.

u812many 07-01-2011 08:56 AM

- Smart Parts twist knob on/off ASA with minidrop rail, straight macroline connector and chunk of macroline. $10 shipped.
- 2 App Atomic elbows $8 shipped

Sending PM

usagi_tetsu 07-01-2011 10:06 AM

All PMs replied to, everything that is PENDING and SOLD is marked as such. Thanks for looking!

Silver 07-01-2011 12:22 PM

Hey soggy! I will take your torque loader. Shoot me a pm with your paypal :)

Miss ya buddy, hope yall can get some T2s!

usagi_tetsu 07-03-2011 08:51 AM

All items that have been SOLD have now been shipped out. Let's take this thread back to the top, see if anyone is looking for something particular this 4th of July weekend.

And for our brethren north of the US border, I don't have any big plans for the 4th, so feel free to place an order that will be promptly shipped on the 5th when the USPS opens back up.

usagi_tetsu 07-04-2011 01:04 PM

Back to the top. Added more than a few things today, you should really check them out.

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