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spymongoose 02-24-2012 03:01 AM

Full Splash Anno Autococker Body Kit - Red Silver Black
Straight to the gun porn:
It is what it appears to be: a full matching autococker splash body, 45 gripframe, backblock, frontblock, and shroud. Largely this kit is in stellar condition with only minor dings or wear spots with only a few exceptions. The Vert ASA is faded more than the rest of the kit, I have no idea why. The 45 gripframe trigger guard was cut for a double trigger back when that was cool, was later re-welded really well with a replacement bit of aluminum, and there is fading near the welds. The body has wear in the usual spots, where the trigger plate rubs against it and at the rear of the pump arm slot. The body is currently empty. The front block is populated with pnumatics, it seems to be a random assortment. I wont say I am too lazy to swipe them, rather lets say I will just include them as is to the buyer. The volumizer has O-rings and is ready to be put back on the body.

I bought this with some high minded goals of old school glory but havent had the time or inclination to actually do it. It has been in my project drawer too long, time to unhoard it...

Pump it, hoard it,drill it for eyes, let the dog chew on it, I am ready for it to do something more than just sit in my project drawer dreaming of glory days again.

Looking for $120 OBO, shipped anywhere in the 50 states and I will ship elsewhere if you include extra shipping reflective of actual shipping costs. I will entertain trade offers but I prefer cash, preferably paypal cash.

Old school glory awaits you...

NEballer 02-24-2012 10:54 AM

Pm sent

socalpumpballer 02-24-2012 11:13 AM

cocker asa's were made of a different aluminum that didn't hold ano well

great price wish i had the money for it

spymongoose 02-24-2012 11:16 AM

pending to NEballer...

spymongoose 02-24-2012 11:26 AM

Poof and its gone. Congrats to NEballer!

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