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Harju's Misc Sale! (DM3, DM4/5/c, barrels, air parts, grips, etc)

Prices OBO, offer trades. I like real gun stuff too!

-dm5 body, ccm low rise, bolt kit, lpr, working eyes, working noid, front on/off knob-90
-PMR UL frame with board/trigger/grips etc, works great, comes with box and is in great shape-120
-red cp reg, in great shape-35
-black hyper 2, decent shape-35
-dm/pm lever lock feedneck-20
-DM3/matrix evolve gold bolt kit with red spacer-120
-DM4 Evolve X-94 sleeper kit, custom made back cap that looks stock, bolt kit is fully functional, a pic of it on my STDM4 is shown below-70
-Tadao THump board for dm4/5/c-40
-dm4/5/c wiring harness-15
-nice dye lcd window stickies-15
-STDM5 frame, has been milled down in front and has also been modded to work on a DM3, comes with sling trigger of some sort, cp i think-50

-SOLD DM4/5/c UL frame (currently missing on/off buttons, pad is there, doesn't have trigger adjustment screws either) with stock grips and stock trigger, no board-SOLD!. Add PM5/6 UN1 board below for an additional 25, laser eyes for 10
-PM5/6 UL frame lucky UN1 board with stock chip, takes pm ribbon eyes or wired lucky lasers. 40 with stock dm chip, add 10 for laser eyes.
-DM3/Matrix lucky board that takes dm4/5/c chips-SOLD!
-CP (?) black sling trigger for UL frames-15

DM4/5/C and PM5/6 Parts
-Two of these: Cobalt to black fade DM4 body with front on/off, lpr, solenoid, working eyes, and clamping feedneck. I can include a matrix VAA-75 APIECE, I will part these out ONE SOLD!
-Custom anno DM4 body with clamping feedneck, lpr and black lpr cap, black body on/off-50
-blue to black dm4 frame with random trigger-SOLD
-black dm5 frame with red trigger. trigger has been sanded down on front, and two extra holes in the frame for mounting to an angel-SOLD
-(2) DM4 complete stock bolt kits, one with a black back cap-45 (ONE SOLD, BLACK BACK CAP STILL LEFT)
-evolve X94 sleeper kit, see above for a better description
-DM4 Hybrid back cap in black, plus top hat mod-SOLD
-DM4 Orange carbon fiber bolt-45
-LPR covers (silver and black)-10 apiece
-yellow dm5 trigger, black, yellow, and clear front on/offs for dm4/5/c-10 apiece
-PM5 body with lpr, eye covers, clamping feedneck, and VAA-35
-PM5/6 complete stock bolt kit-45
-PM5/6 bolt pieces and lpr setup-offer

-Cp reg, black with some wear-SOLD, RED ONE AVAILABLE UP ABOVE
-dye hyper 2, some wear-SOLD, BLACK ONE AVAILABLE UP ABOVE
-baked brown SFT reg, non working 2 random non working black regs, and a broken beat up centerflag reg-5 apiece?
-Big drops (dye, centerflag, etc)-5 apiece
-dummy 12g-15
-beat up asa's and rails-5
-nicer rails (eclipse, black randoms, and silver)-10
-duckbills-7.50 apiece
-black dye asa, proto asa, evil asa-15 apiece
-ironmen timmy jewel and timmy lpr-offer
-mask timer (?)
-old school max flow regs, 1 complete 1 for parts-SOLD
-SP micro max flow preset 4500 tank reg, with on/off and rail-30

Grips, offer away, noteables:
-hybrid tanks, app panels, clear dm4/5/c, windowed and unwindowed dm3/matrix grips, angel, stock dm4/5/c, black dm4/5/c lcd

New designz DM3/Matrix feednecks, trinity lpr knobs, and VAAs
-I have all sorts of colors, let me know if interested and in what color/style

-Blue I3 pros, decent shape, soft ears, lenses probably need to be replaced-GONE
-NIB warped army strap, from THE Jake Whitaker-25
-beat up dye 68 ci tank cover-GONE

-dm3 volumizers-10 a pair
-dm3 battery connectors-15 apiece
-dm3 eye carriers-15 apiece
-dm3 cp and others/dm4/dm5/dmc/UL frame triggers-offer
-dm3/matrix/dm4/5/c solenoids with proper wiring, screws, and gasket-45 (i have a lot of these)
-lucky UL frame board that takes dm4/5/c chips, with battery connector and stock chip-40, i have upgraded chips as well
-dm4/5/c predator WMD board-45
-lucky Un1 board for dm3/matrix, takes dm4/5/c chips-SOLD
-dye rocket lpr, kapp lpr untested-25 apiece
-trinity lpr bodies-15
-back plates-10 apiece (black, silver, red, blue)
-DAC/LAC dm3 plugs-10 a pair (blue, silver, red, green, black)
-DM4/5/c chips (codex, tadao m3, psp 15, stock etc) offer
-DM3/Matrix NYX speedy 2 chip, code activated discreet ramping, comes with code, this is pretty rare-50 PRICE DROP!
-breech rods and solenoid manifolds-10 apiece
-liquid snatch grips in blue for dm3-10
-stock ion bolt/feedneck/trigger-10
-back plates and dac/lac plugs

-image bolt kits-40
-freeflow blue bolt-15
-aardvark red and blue pieces, offer
-evolve gold top hat, kapp biosleeve, and other bolt parts, offer
-dm3 VAAs in black, led or lcd screws-15
-blind breeches-25
-toxic breech-40
-nyx eye ready breech in blue-30
-breech rods, blue black silver-10 apiece
-feednecks and parts-offer
-autococker seal kit, missing a couple-5
-QEV, no barb-10

-Bodies, all eye ready, can come with or without solenoids, eyes, breeches, etc-offer
-DM3/Matrix lcd and led frames, i have a lot of these, as well as a slideswitch frame, all in black-15 apiece
-dm3/Matrix frame with a magnet! looks like a toxic setup, but it is not a toxic frame...weird-20

-Halo B, halo A SP crosshairs lid (pretty cool), new sparkly yellow shells, works great-45
-dye autococker beavertail in black, some wear-25
-stock rotor piece-5
Cocker barrels
-2 piece 16 inch jt back with cp front, black-30
-proto 689 UL back, 14 inch red proto UL tip
-2 piece 007 barrel, gloss and dust black-25
-14 inch dye stainless barrel, rare and in good shape-45
-2 piece evil pipe, 14 in-25
-14 inch stock trix barrel by cp-25
-12 inch assassins barrel-15
-12 inch OTP matrix stock barrel-25
-12 inch two piece cp barrel, black back blue front-25
-6 inch green unported-15
-3 cp backs in silver, can come with blue or black front-35
-kapp back in black-25
-silver freak back-20
-12 inch dye boomstick, glued-35
-angel dye UL back in black-15
-dye UL back, 684 written on it, but it's unmarked so 689 most likely-20
-twistlock 12 inch progressive-15

-pre 2k cocker body, all internals, reg/asa, bolt and backblock-50
-brass pump rod for pump, drilled for auto trigger-GONE
-stock valve, old unknown condition-5
-extreme rage roller sear and roller trigger-GONE

-dm4/5/c red laser eyes-20
-dm3/matrix lcd 4 pin connector red laser eyes-25
-dm3/matrix TMC 3 pin connector red laser eyes-25
-dm3/matrix NYX 3 pin connector red laser eyes-25
-various dm3/4/5/c wiring harnesses that can be built, let me know what you need

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Could i get another photo of the deadlywind, please?
Or just a solid description of nicks and damage, please.
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thread updated and pmed everyone back, thanks
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PMing for parts
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pm'ed about the purple cci 12g changer. Up for a guy with a metric boatload of stuff to sell!
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Pmed about the tadao 1.1 board
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