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beachcomber 05-14-2012 04:00 PM

Beachcomber's never ending clearout sale! New stuff! 6/29/12
This is gonna take a while folks! (The sale that is) Everything listed MUST go!
Due to an injury at work, I'm not going to be able to participate in the sport the way I used to...maybe not at all.. Tough cookie to chew after 30+ years. (sigh)

So we're all on the same page here, a few rules of my own. (I'm sure the admins won't mind)

1. Payment by paypal, USD only. No exceptions...unless you're local and prefer to deal in cash. ( Charleston, SC ) Brothers of the Great White North, please take note!

2. prices as listed include shipping, tracking and insurance to the lower 48 ONLY. Offers Lower than listed, brothers of the great white north,...we'll need to negotiate that via PM. Not to fret, I am very reasonable and easy to deal with. Sorry..No over-seas shipping.

3. To conserve bandwidth, as items sell, I will remove them from the post and replace them with a new item.

4. All PM's for items will be taken in the order they were received by time.
Please post then PM. Please do not negotiate on the boards, I would greatly appreciate if you would do so by PM.

5. There are many jerseys, patches, t-shirts from over 30 years of play. If you don't see it and are somewhat impatient, send a pm with what you'd like, and I'll see what I have!

6. Not looking for trades, please don't ask. ( Unless you have a functional pressure tester for an '09 Vice! Then we can talk!)

7. Price too high? PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER! Prices are not set in stone. I am willing to negotiate, but please don't low-ball me. A lower offer is fine, Please be reasonable AND don't forget about rule number 2!

8. Please be respectful, and I promise I will do the same.

Now...shall we begin?

Referee Masks!

V-Force Ref mask w/ chin strap and floating throat protector. Lens in "good" shape, not perfect. Foam is in great shape.

Lower 48 price - $30
Canadian - we'll need to discuss shipping.

Extreme Rage Ref mask. Like new! Great foam, lens in "good" condition, not perfect.
Lower 48 price - $30
Canadian - We'll need to discuss shipping

OR...get both for: $50.00
Canada...again...we'll need to discuss shipping

PPS Banner. Shipped rolled, not folded.
Lower 48 price - $35.00
Canadian - We'll need to discuss shipping

(Evil Kitty NOT included...again.....)

Cops 911 photographers vest. Vest is fully adjustable, has beacoup pocketesss, and removable back tag. (which is now faded off)
Can also be used as a ref's vest. Provides great front and back protection when your in close for those action shots!

Lower 48 Price - $45.00
Canadian - We'll need to discuss shipping

Stanky Gun Cradle. Red, with carry bag. Previous owner's call sign
on the cradle with indelible ink.

Lower 48 price - $20
Canadian - We'll need to discuss shipping

NXE Elevation pack. 3+2+2
Like NEW! only used a half dozen times, never been hit.

Price drop AGAIN to $25

NXE Elevation pack 4+3+2

Yup, this one has some miles on it, but still good for another season or two.
One of the +3 sleeves is losing the "tuck" velcro from the pack, Belt is stretched out.
If your a size 40 to 44, this pack will fit nicely and firmly.
I'd classify this as in fair condition, comfy and broken in, but not trashed.


Hoffman Paintball Apparel heavy mesh camo jersey. Excellent shape, no snags, rips, tears or other maladies! Size XL

Hoffman Paintball Apparel heavy mesh camo jersey. Excellent shape, no snags, rips, tears or other maladies! Size XL
NXE Elevation Pants - Size 2xl, 42 to 46 waist. Like new! No holes, tears, rips, stains or any other malady.
SUPER PADDED! GREAT for speedball! Gold and Black w/drawstring legs, vented crotch area. Very comfy. I only wore them like 4 times.
Price drop to $35

My PTI Certified Ref shirt 2xl, and my National Indoor Paintball Championship Ref shirt. (xl?) PTI Shirt well used but in great shape, NIPC shirt is LIKE NEW!

Old school "Diablo" Jersey. Size Large? mebbe XL?

Ref set - NEVER BE MISTAKEN FOR A PLAYER AGAIN!!! Long VENTILATED drawstring ripstop pants, (AND I MEAN VENTILATED! The pants are a mesh RIPSTOP material. Perfect for those scorching hot days!) Reversible, heavy ripstop mesh jersey w/REF on camo'ed side, (flip side is blaze orange like the pants) 2 neckwraps/sock hats and 2 smaller "crying towels". Hoffman Paintball Apparel. Size XL/2XL
PENDING! You could never even tell these have been worn!

Hoppers! First up, Old school USI 200 rnd w/ original rubber cap.
Price drop to $10.00


Pachmayer "TYPE" grips
These are plastic, not rubber! - $5.00
Lonestar grip - $5.00
Wrap around 2 screw TPI's - $5
Old Mag grips? - $5

OR...all four for... PRICE DROP! $12.50

Not sure what the name of this part is, But I know it is a significant internal
For an ATS-85. I seem to remember Rob telling me that if you cycled the gun without the magazine in it, the bolt(?) would bend this spring and either keep the gun from cycling or prevent the magazine from cycling...not sure which. Anywho....NEW PART!
Update: Thanks to GMP, we now know this is an ATS GUIDE PLATE! Thanks GMP!

V-Force old school "blues" both are sized 2XL, but fit more like XL. I wear a size 2X, but my regular shirts are a little baggier. These still fit me, but are not as loose as I prefer.

top photo is a like new jersey. no stains rips tears....etc. $15. I wore this at friday night scenario parties only.
lower photo has a very light stain that my camera wouldn't even pick up. size tag removed by me. I wore this on to play in. no rip tears...etc, only the very light stain.

OR BOTH for...PRICE DROP.. $17.50

MIL SIM PACKAGE: Includes bottom half of ar front grip,tac rail,
remote asa, (may need rebuild, hasn't been used for YEARS!), gun asa port plug w/ quick disconnect set-up. As a package only!



Misc drop forward - $5.00
"Phscyo Mtn." Autococker scope mount - $5.00
Or both for $8.00

Gauges! From L to R, 6k, 5k, and a 1.5k. (1 - 1.5 gauge is SOLD!)
Thread protector not for sale, just there to reference size.
PRICE DROP TO $8.00 each!

CABELLA - Neoprene water proof socks. VERY WARM! Highly suggest wearing wicking socks with these. GREAT for cold weather play!
Size? ummmm...I wear a 9.5/10 boot. Prolly good for size 9 to size 10.5.


Well folks, that's it for now!
Please check back often for updates!

beachcomber 05-15-2012 05:04 PM


beachcomber 05-15-2012 07:29 PM

Empire sleeves and 1 chrono are gone! New item to be added tomorrow!

Thanks Phossy!

OPBN 05-15-2012 09:59 PM

Pming on Xradar chrono.

beachcomber 05-16-2012 12:47 AM

Xradar is sold!

hot_head281 05-16-2012 10:13 AM


Rorschach 05-17-2012 02:53 AM

I will take the jt shinz. Will pm for details.

5d17 05-17-2012 11:48 AM

intrested in the radios

tagroland 05-17-2012 02:45 PM

Widowmaker front w/functional "rain cover"

I'll take it.

Where do I paypal?


beachcomber 05-17-2012 03:03 PM

PM's responded to! Thanks guyz!

Roland, you have a PM.


New stuffz added!

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