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Autococker Parts and Misc. FS/Maybe FT

I am buying a house and need some extra money to put towards furniture. These are parts that I have had sitting and have not used. Some are brand new and never used, while some are used. Add $3 to any order for shipping unless we agree a price that includes shipping. Shipping to Canada can happen, but shipping will be a little more. If you have any questions to ask. Everything is OBO.

Prices start at the top left and go from there.

1) Dust black FreeFlow stamped slider in excellent condition (has set screws, but no internals) - $50 SOLD
2) ANS/PPS QEVs (bought and never used) - $18 for the pair shipped
3) Dust black Benchmark slider (bottom adjustment screw added to frame and that portion is raw, pre98 trigger plate not included) - $35 SOLD
4) Dark grey to silver E1 Frame w/eye and E1 1.06 (price is higher as this isnt a standard color, but open to offers) - $95 SOLD
5) Black shocktech snatch style beavertail (has wear from, what seems to be, back block) - $22 SOLD
6) 2 BM/Ergo regulator top extensions in nickel (BRAND NEW) - $8 each SOLD
7) Polished clear 05/06 ego feedneck (excellent condition/new) - $10 SOLD
8) Black polished MP4 ram (never cycled only mounted/new) - $35 SOLD
9) Chrome ANS LPR (got it with a front block assembly and never used it, good shape) - $12
10) Gunmetal 2K+ ANS front block (very little wear around edges) - $8
11) KAPP stanless 2K+ LPC excellent condition) - $20 SOLD
12) Polished clear WGP twist lock feedneck (excellent conidition) - $12 SOLD

1) Black CCM on/off (BRAND NEW...NEWEST STYLE) - $32 shipped
2) Blue/black Hybrid ego/ebalde grips (does not have cutout for clapper noid on eblade. NEW) - $13 shipped
3) Unknown metal pre2k bolt similar to JAM bolt - $18
4) Black Hybrid Paw ebalde eye cover (good condition) - $20 SOLD
5) Red, black, 2 chrome shocktech bombs (black has no barbs, red is in excellent condition, chrome has scratches and very slight peeling around barbs. There are two shafts out of the four) - $40 shipped for all SOLD
6) Dust black jcurt EZ grip hitman plate (NEW) - $15 shipped SOLD
7) Black KAPP 2k back block (wear around bolt pin hole and threads hold strong)- $10
8) 2k5 black front block (has very little wear on edges...good condition) - $10 SOLD
9) Polished clear E2 samuria trigger (excellent shape, could pass as new) - $30
10) PHAT flame drop and on/off (good condition with no flaking/peeling) - $12
11) Black SLIK back block (mark near bottom and bump where the pump arm threads, good condition) - $22
12) Grey/black Hybrid ego/ebalde grips (does not have cutout for clapper noid on eblade. NEW) - $15 shipped
13) Black ergo reg (has a small scratch here and there and a gouge near a fitting hole. Unknown working condition) - $15 SOLD
14) Dust black Angel ring trigger (BRAND NEW, never used. Unsure on what Angel it can be used on) - $10 shipped
15) Blue CP Angel IR3 buttons (bought LCD button, but were sent the IR3 on mistake. Brand new) - $10 shipped each

Titanium Karni body kit. There are marks around where the ball detent goes that someone did when removing the detent. There are marks near the feedneck, but unless you look they aren't that noticeable since the body is the titanium color. I am unsure if the reg works or not, but last time I put air into it it didnt leak. The only parts needed to make this thing work are a ram/lpr, board, noids, sear/spring, macro/fittings, interior frame screws, and eye (if you want to use one). I will include the eye cover and cover screw. This will come with the red E1 screen cover. The noid cover was purchased directly from pbgateway new and has not been mounted. I can include an E1 1.06 board for an extra $12. I do have zerob/e2 boards, but do not know the versions off the top of my head and I would add one for around an extra $50-$70 (depending on version).

Body (feedneck, fb, bb, bolt/pin) - $170 SOLD
Rest of it for $95 OBO

1)Pre2k body. Comes as pictured with lower internals. Has marks a vasa, a small mark on corner of fb, and light marks on sight rail (last owner mounted something to it) - $35 obo
2)Karnivor ICS with spring (NEW, comes as pictured, trying to recoup what was put into buying it) - $65
3)AKA full length pump arm (looks to have been shaved down slightly so it would not touch body near issues) - $15 SOLD
4)Black CP flame drop (missing anno on rail portion but will be hidden when on/off is mounted) - $16
5)Blue CP flame drop (has small knick on opposite side on a flame) - $16

1)Chrome/nickel hybrid "iron cross" eye cover (can see the only issue with it in the picture, right under the B and R) - $25 shipped
2)Chrome trigger pants (used, has very small place where chrome flaked) - $20 SOLD
3)Polished clear NDZ on/off (has one long scratch that can only be seen at certain angles) - $15
4)Two dust black black magic regs (left one has small knicks here and there, right on has a decent amount more. Unknown working condition) - $35 for both SOLD
5) Almost complete yellow karnivor "conversion" (comes as shown, all parts are used and have some knicks here and there. Threads on pump arm and noid cover are fine, doses not have screen cover) - $70

All prices are OBO unless otherwise stated. If you want more pictures let me know and I can get them for you.

I know nothing about these things except they are probably for an A5 and I dont own one...$28 SOLD

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Bump...updated thread and lowered some prices. Need some more stuff sold, so make an offer
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Lowered prices some more. Don't be afraid to make some offers
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Where did all the Cockers go???

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