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Hobbes 10-14-2012 02:40 PM

Worr Gas Adjustable Nitro Tank - 70/4500
For sale/trade is a Worr Gas adjustable 70/4500 Nitro tank. The hydro date is 11-03, so it will need a hydro test. It doesn't say if it's a 3 year or 5 year hydro, but the 4500 PSI tanks typically are. There are some marks here adn there and some discoloration on the tank, but it should pass hydro just fine. I have no idea of if the regulator is working or not, this tank is un-tested. I believe the pressure range is between 0-1500 PSI.

I'm asking $35 shipped, and I will look at trades. I'm looking for Intimidator parts, Sterling/Raptor barrels, and an Autococker slider frame.

Hobbes 10-15-2012 10:50 AM

Since I didn't take any pictures of the top of the tank, I should add that this is a rail mount reg, no special attachments or funky drop forwards required.

Matt DRown 10-16-2012 07:43 PM

free up, it's 5 years after it gets hydro'd

HydroLab's American Paintball Tank Hydro tester.

Hobbes 10-19-2012 03:11 PM


Hobbes 10-24-2012 09:04 PM


Hobbes 10-29-2012 05:30 PM


Hobbes 11-06-2012 12:03 AM


Hobbes 11-08-2012 01:26 PM


Hobbes 12-13-2012 02:00 PM

Still got it!

Emagger 12-14-2012 12:29 AM

would you part the reg for 15 shipped?

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