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Player4real07's Spare Part Collection Sale

I'm trying to empty out my parts box with the items I think I can part, and if you don't like any of the prices feel free to make offers. If you buy several items you may even get a lower price! Please PM and post for the items you want.

Black WGP worr grips - $6 /pair
Black APP Grips from a 2009 SFL - $16
Black or Orange Timer Grips - $7
Black 32 Degrees Grips - $8
Dust Black Shocktech Hing Frame - $40
Dust Black Bob Long Ironmen Single Frame (Has Bob Long Ironmen laser engraving on the back) - sold
E2 Frame with Trigger - $40
Chrome First Gen Shock Tech Swing Frame w/trigger Guard - $25
Ebade Eye Covers w/screw - $5 ea
Large Blue Drop Forward with ASA - $10
Red Shocktech Drop - $11
Blue Shochtech Drop - $11
Blue Shocktech Mini Drop - $15
Dust Blue 05 Ego Drop - $11
Shocktech Chrome Mini Drop - sold
Dust Black Duck Bill ASA w/marcroline fitting - gonzo
Chrome Shocktech ASA - gone
Gloss Black Duck Bill ASA w/ macroline fitting - sold
Gloss Red Bevertail - $7
Red Worr Blade Trigger - $4
Dust Black CCM Feedneck Clamping Ring - $9
Eblade 4-way Solenoid - $22
AKA SCM III LPR's - purchased
Large Milled LPR - gone
Small Chrome WGP LPR - $5
Shocktech Ultralight Gloss Green Front Block - gone
Air America Violator Regulator - sold
WGP Ergo Gloss Black Regulator - gonskis
Mini Autococker Vertical ASA Adapter - $12
2000 WGP Dust Black Back Block - sold
Delrin Pump Handle, Pump Guide, and Return Spring - $20
Chrome Rams - $4 ea
Black Pump Guide - $10
Pull Pin From a 2000 SFL - $5
Full Pump Arms - $8
Mini Pump Arm - $10
Straight Mini Pump Arm for Pump Markers w/autotrigger tapped hole - $14
IVG's - gone
Valve Nuts - gone
Hammers - $6 ea
Rat Valve - $18
WDP Mini Regs - $8 ea
Angel Triggers $5 ea
Wrist Bands $3 ea
16" Dye Boomstick cocker threads - $22
12" JJ Cocker Barrel - $11
Old 12" Chrome Barrel (came with my Westwood) - $33
45/45 tank with 9 months hydro left - $60
Old School Max Flow Regulator - sold
PMI Bottomline Regulator - $25

Add $3 ea for shipping of all small items, barrels and bottomline regs will be $8, and the tank will be $12. I will discount shipping on multiple items but just be fair with your offers and I'm sure we can work it out. Paypal only please!


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Ill take the bob long frame and all three valve check nuts. Send me your info and ill send cash.
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I like Guns and Cigars.
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Does the black pump guide work with the pump arm?
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It depends on the rest of the set up but its just a little shorter than the other one so you would have slightly less spring tension when used with an internal return spring.
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whats the exact lenght on the mini drilled pump arm?
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still have the eblade solenoid?
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wdp silver reg

I'll take it. Pmd
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Pmd for both pair warr grips
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ill take the rat valve if you still have it let me know
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