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hmcl281 11-16-2012 03:46 PM

paintball stuff for sale: cocker - tibs - loaders - reg
if u have question or need more picture email me at
i take paypal, money order and check but will place a hold on mo and checks
prices does not include shipping cost, the minimum i charge for shipping and handing will be $3. the shipping does not include insurance, if u want it insured there will be an extra fee. i mainly ship through usps.

i'm willing to ship out of the country but paypal payment only. no insurance or tracking number, u r purchasing on your own risk. i am not responsible for non delivery, all the package i have ship have been received by the buyer. all i will provide is the custom number. if u want insurance shipping is going to be about 30 to 40 plus the cost of insurance.

sorry only trade i might be interested in is a 05 cyborg or cheap black cocker threaded freak back

if i have multiple items i have a tendency to raise the price on the what is left. if i get a message and we discuss the item i will honor the price we discuss about. i will only place pending notice because the payment for the item is being mail to me.

ttt has first dibs

click to enlarge
$125 for 05 cyborg
missing the lpr, valve stem and valve spring
sold $135 for incomplete gxe sold
never tested, being sold as is
$175 for sim4
shipping will not be cheap, very heavy
sold $3 for each dye lock lid pod all sold
$5 for each of the 2 tank reg on the left, not sure if they work or not
sold $10 for the maxflow reg on the right, need rebuild and gauge is blown sold
sold $20 for half black / half blue revvy sold
sold $110 for rotor sold
sold $1 for each revvy door sold
sold $5 for each motor sold
sold $5 for each board sold

hmcl281 11-16-2012 03:47 PM
sold $100 for t8 sold
$175 for t9.1
$15 for the t9.1 shroud
$20 for the t9.1 stock
$8 for each barrel tip
sold top barrel tip sold
$8 for each undermount rail
sold $5 for the side rail sold
$10 for t9.1 top rail
sold $20 for tib 9.1 qloader parts sold
$10 for each empty tib case
$5 for each molle pouch
sold 3 bottom pouches sold
$15 for each remote line
$15 for 50 reballs, regular or glow in the dark
$4 for each barrel cover
$25 for each kaner back
sold $20 for each ul tip both sold
$15 for each of the proto barrel
sold top proto barrel sold
$20 for the otp barrel
sold $30 for the one piece boomstick sold
$35 for the javelin barrel
$40 for the sm3 barrel with one insert
$25 for each freak tip
sold top tip sold
$12 for each older style kaner tip or back
sold top black kaner back sold
sold green kaner back soold
sold green kaner tip sold
sold bottom short tip sold

hmcl281 11-16-2012 03:48 PM
$3 for each drop in the left pic
sold red drop sold
$5 for each drop in the right pic
$4 for each duckbill/asa
sold both duckbill sold
$15 for the black st on/off
sold $35 for the red cp on/off with rail sold
$15 for the black on/off in the middle
sold $10 for the blue on/off sold
sold $15 for the black wgp on/off sold
$12 for each quick disconnect
$20 for black reg
sold $30 for red cp reg sold
$20 for the silver center flag reg
sold $15 for the chrome ans reg sold
$10 for each sidewinder shot top
$1 for each gauge port plug
$4 for each burst disk
$4 for each fill nipple cover
sold red cover sold
sold chrome cover sold
$4 for each macro fitting
$2 for each quick disconnect
sold both silver quick disconnect sold
$5 for each mini gauge
sold bottom right gauge in the right pic sold
$2 for each visor
sold bottom visor sold
$5 for each mask
sold skull mask sold
$20 for the grill lens in the left pic
$3 for each used profiler lens in the middle pic
$2 for each JT Axiom FX10 in the right pic
$15 for the green black lower part of the jt mask
$10 for the black lower part of the jt mask
$5 for the green lower part of the jt mask
$1 for the jt visor

hmcl281 11-16-2012 03:52 PM
$20 for the empire pack
$8 for the 5 pods pack in the middle pic
$35 for the q loader pack

bodies do not include internals, you get what is pictured
sold $125 for the blue karni body, older style body with notch on top of the front block. top of front block is crack sold
$100 for mid block ss bodies with karni front block
$75 for mid block orracle body
$60 for black half block body, rear frame screw has a helicoil
$40 for blue 04 prostock body
$40 for each body
$40 for the 2k rt feed hb body, was cut to deep
$25 for the pre 2k rt feed body
$25 for each body
$75 for trilogy hb body and pump kit, kit is worn
$4 for each pre 2k banjo bolt
$10 for each 2k banjo bolt
$20 for each merlin banjo bolt
$20 for each 2k lpc

hmcl281 11-16-2012 03:53 PM
$4 for each front block
sold grey ans 2k fb sold
$10 for each back block
sold orracle back block sold
$20 for each ego feedneck in the left pic
$18 for each merlin feed int he 2nd pic
$15 for each cocker thread feed in the 3rd pic
sold top right cocker thread feed sold
sold black bottom aka feed sold
$4 for each cocker thread feed or collar in the right pic
sold all back feed sold
sold collar all sold
sold $30 for yellow ram with trv sold
sold $40 for black eclipse ram sold
sold $33 for black mp4 ram sold
sold $15 for black wgp ram sold
sold $15 for black lpr sold
$10 for each 3 way
$3 for each 3 way internals
$8 for each of the top 2 cocking rod
$12 for the bottom cocking rod
$10 for each timing rod
$10 for each qev or trv
sold both ans qev sold
sold $20 for the race frame, has not been checked to see if the electronic function sold
$10 for each race noid, has not been checked to see if the electronic function
$10 for each race bats, charge fine but never tested to see how long the charge hold
$50 for each race data or charger cable
sold one charger cable sold
sold one data cable sold
$25 for the chrome samurai trig
$8 for each worr blade trig
sold $15 for the system x grip sold
$20 for each e2 grip
sold right e2 grip sold
$10 for the ego grip
$5 for each yellow/black worrblade grip

hmcl281 11-16-2012 03:53 PM
$5 for each grip
the dye grip has the top part of the front cut
$10 for each grip
the dye sticky has a notch cut out for race data/charger cable
$5 for each bare swing frame
sold the fb frame need holes drilled to mount the grip sold
sold the dye frame looks like a project frame sold
$40 for the slider frame
$3 for each sear, trigger or trigger plate
sold black swing trigger sold
$15 for each jersey
the yellow should be an xl and both blue should be xxl
$8 for each red detent in the left pic
$15 for each detent in the right pic
sold kapp detent sold
sold $3 for each metal pull pin all sold
$8 for each delrin pull pin
$12 for each valve
$10 for each ivg
$.50 for each valve set screw
$86 for the karni ics
$.50 for each screw

hmcl281 11-16-2012 03:54 PM
$8 for the 2 and a half tubes of first strike round. most of the fins if not all are cracked
$550 for the sfl
$800 for the nexus
$125 for the sr
board led screen went blank

jason_finnie 11-17-2012 03:54 AM

$3 for each dye lock lid pod

I'll take these, PMing

bigbrew44 11-17-2012 02:21 PM

Is that Grillz lens clear or smoke?

Funny Man 11-17-2012 09:29 PM

I would like two of the opsgear digital wood land pouches.

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